Hartlepool marina & Middleton pier.

This time of the year on our piers we tend to get codling, coalfish, some flatfish, lots of whiting and the odd rockling. Together with the ever present LS scorpion fish and shannys we were hopefully in for a good night’s fishing armed with plenty of lures and some rag worm that was kindly donated to us.

A session that started in Hartlepool marina when it was light and ended in the dark on Middleton pier produced plenty of fish but sadly nothing that stands out as a “rare” catch or anything substantial. Saying that though it was a really enjoyable night, warm with a slight breeze, really high tide and great chat.

At 3pm my daughter and I started fishing in Hartlepool marina, we were soon joined by Aidan and his daughter. Fishing with ragworm and squid we all caught a good number of coalfish, whiting and small codling. Aidan and his daughter couldn’t stop catching coal fish with his daughter easily out fishing him.

4pm and my daughter and I had caught quite a few between us, she’ll cast out, reel in and I’ll unhook the fish for her. She likes to throw them back but for some reason she doesn’t like little codling.

It got to 5pm, Andrew joined us and Chloe got picked up to go home. Aidan left and Andrew and I moved to a different spot. After not getting a bite in 30 minutes we decided to head to Middleton pier. It was almost high tide and we were straight in to fish. Dropping down the side in to some rocks we started catching coalfish, they take you by surprise and put up a great fight on a 5g rated rod.

The scorpion fish and small codling showed up soon after and casting out a little bit helped us get a few whiting. The whiting were small and after an initial fight they seemed to just give up, its  still good to catch them and see them go back well. All fish we caught look in great condition and seemed to be feeding well.

It started getting dark so we called it a day. Everyone had a great night and its really good to see our daughters catching fish and enjoying it. 

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