Gutted at Grays

Good morning everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Headed off down to Grays wharf again Sunday 12th July 2020. I was armed with frozen squid, razor clams and some frozen black lugworm – these black lugworm was really really sticky making my finger tips go black.

So I got my set abu 484b rod set up with my penn fathom 12 mark 1 reel., which I must say is a very nice set up to use for most venues I have fished. The Penn fathom is a very smooth reel to use and will pull in big clumps of weed and big fish. I then got my other rod set up which is a cheaper brand of rods called Eurostar fitted with my new abu 6000 converted, the level wind has been taken out and gave been mono magged. This is another great reel to use for casting and with the mono mag seems to run for ages.

Today choice of rigs was the trusted 3 hook flapper size 1 hooks with black lugworm on tipped with half a squid head on each hook and the a single 2/0 hook pulley rig baited with anything from a whole black lugworm to a cocktail of squid, black lugworm and razor clam all together and mixed up.

The water was very calm when I had got set up and so out when my baits at around 50 yards for the pair of them as the tide hadn’t quiet reached the wall so was fishing in very shallow water. The day went on and I was still waiting for a bite when 2 other lads came down. I spoke to one them and I see him catch a small flounder and was the only fish caught on sunday.

Another blank it was for myself stroll on Thursday when I get out after them smoothies again.

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