Guest Blogs

This is where we get Guest Anglers who are friends of the Blog from anywhere around the Country to do a blog! This way we can see how other places around the UK are Fishing and learn from different and new Anglers.

  • Hartlepool marina.
    Hartlepool is situated on the north east coast of England. Its a small town with a beautiful coast line, passionate football fans, a memorable nickname (monkey hangers) and a marina. The marina can hold up to 500 boats, hosted the tall ships event in 2010 and is again in 2023. It has pubs, restaurants and […]
  • South shields
    Setting off at 8 a.m with a friend, heading towards some rockpools that we’d never fished before. Expecting nothing but hoping for everything, or at least a new species. It turned out to be harder than we thought it would be, more frustrating than we thought it would be, warmer than it was meant to […]
  • Brixham and Plymouth LRF
    During my long and awful 10hr drive home from Brixham to Hartlepool, I had time to think about the fishing I had done and the people I had met. While my family slept and gazed out of the windows at mostly stationary traffic, my mind wandered to the week we’d just had, specifically the fishing. […]
  • The Elusive Silver Bream
    Spring 2021 has been a season of fascinating rediscovery of my local fishy riches. As predominantly a river angler, but also a scientist working on water systems globally and particularly over recent years in Asia, I have generally saved up my long research trips for the weeks after the Ides of March.  At that time, […]
  • A new venue, a new challenge
    Last Friday a lake that was previously open last year re-opened under new ownership and with a fresh look. I never really took the time to fish it other than a quick 12 hour session. It was winter when I discovered and fished it and before I could go back it had closed. I had […]
  • Fishing in Sweden: The Life Changing Fish!
    Fishing isn’t a sport or a hobby it’s a life choice. And yes I’m not afraid to say it, I am, 100% fishing and aren’t we all?!  But seriously, fishing is a sport like no other, anglers experience special moments on every trip. But one trip, one morning, one mad experience all through fishing, may […]
  • Getting back into it
    You could say I am a quite new angler, starting just last June. I used to fish my local park lake, Lake Meadows Billericay, for silverfish but discovered a species completely new to me, carp. It was a warm night so many people were fishing it and as I watched someone reel in the first […]
  • Catching At Frant Lakes And Feeling More Like An Angler.
    Frant Lakes is a beautiful fishery on the border of Kent and East Sussex. It has eight lakes-two of which are the speci lakes (lakes 7 and 8). It will always have a special place in my heart as it is the first fishing venue my other half took me to. My last two trips […]
  • LRF – Flounder On A Bladed Jighead
    Flounder just epitomise LRF (Light Rock Fishing) to me… Quirky looking, surprisingly aggressive and fight so well on light tackle. Knowing that they start to come back from spawning in May, could I catch an early one? A trip to Cornwall was on the cards… Flounder return from their spawning grounds in deeper water, hungry […]
  • Carping On with Steve Quinlivan
    My Fishing Journey, by Steve Quinlivan My first memory of ‘fishing’ was crabbing with my father and brother. Ok, not what you would call fishing today, but that was nearly 30 years ago. I then got into fishing a bit more seriously at school where we had our own lake, mainly stocked with silvers and […]
  • A Passion for Tench
    I began fishing with my late grandfather when I was six years old. Usually, I played gilly in the earlier days but even that was a right buzz for me! Just spending precious time with my grandad was enough but the fishing was an extra bonus. We’d usually fish the Basingstoke canal or a local […]
  • A Season to Remember
    As an all-round angler, the start of each season brings excitement and new challenges. Plans that have been made, start to become reality, as tickets are purchased and new bits of tackle are unpacked in hope they will be the tools to help me achieve my dreams.A couple of seasons ago I prepared more than […]
  • The Night Chub
    Even though we are at the end of January and the days are getting longer, by the time work is done it doesn’t leave much time for midweek forays to the river bank. It’s not very often night fishing is required. I seem to do just as well, if not better, in the daylight hours. […]
  • Fly Tying – Montana Nymph
    The majority of angling career had been for carp and coarse fish….until quite recently. For years I’d always been intrigued about fly fishing, so just over a year ago I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself a cheap off the  shelf fly combo. After catching a few decent trout on flies tied by a […]
  • Using Bread as a Fish Finder
    Bread is such a cheap bait to have on your side tray or even have a couple of slices in your bag it always gets me a few extra fish on these winter days where the fish are not moving around much and you need to search around your swim to find them. Back to […]
  • Lady Fishing Beginners Luck
    Thanks for reading guys, This is my first time doing a blog, so here goes….. I started fishing back in June 2020, and didn’t have a clue about any thing to do with fishing, just used to go for something to do….I met my partner and started to go with him all of the time. […]
  • Chalking it down to experience
    Having unexpectedly relocated back to the area I grew up in, one of the biggest challenges I had faced was finding places to fish! I’d moved to London some 15 years ago having given up fishing as a teenager. I didn’t really get back into fishing until I was in my early 30s, but I […]
  • A Day in the Life
    Hello-my name is Dan James. I am extremely fortunate to live in the countryside. One of my favourite places to fish is the River Windrush and it is a tributary to the River Thames. I started fishing at the age of 8, but I stopped for about 10 years. Life became busy. Then I realised, […]
  • Post Lockdown Match
    Thank you Essex Anglers for allowing me to share a blog, hope you all enjoy. My name is Nathan Mills I am located in Clacton on sea Essex, I have fished ever since I was 8 from a range of fishing to sea , rivers and lakes. I am 18 and now I am a […]
  • Mystical Unicorns in the Crouch? Surely not.
    I’d like to start with saying thank you to Bailey for allowing me to share this blog with you all. On Tuesday I fished a familiar and local venue that suited my needs – The River Crouch. I live about 10 minutes from South Fambridge which as I am sure some of you know, on […]
  • The migration back to hunting Cyprinids
    It’s had been almost 4 months since I stepped foot on my syndicate, those that have read any of my previous blogs will understand the bass took over my summer with a final tally of over 500 ranging from fish smaller than the 130mm lures to just over 4lb.The river hadn’t had me as hooked […]
  • A Week In LRF
    Hello Essex Anglers and thank you for inviting me to write for your site. My name is Ben Bassett and I’m based in Plymouth, Devon, fishing ultralight with lures for a myriad of sea species. I’m hoping my fishing may help inspire yours, whether that’s based locally in Essex or across the UK. Recently I […]
  • The humble bass addiction
    As I stated in my first blog I’m relatively new to lure fishing and lure fishing for Bass was something that i had never even thought of.It all started around this time last year after meeting a rather good local lure angler. In the lure world he is pretty well known and has even fished […]
  • Lake District tarn fishing
    Now then, my names George Lamb and I run Bong’s fishing – an instagram community/youtube channel. When it comes to fishing everyone has their preferences regarding species and methods, and unlike most when I fish it’s not size I’m after. In my opinion the epitome of fishing, and what it means to me, is fishing […]
  • Budget Angler – Friday Night Out
    4pm on a Friday used to mean ‘Put the laptop in the pannier, and leave the office and head to the pub.’ Now since covid closed the office, 4pm on a Friday means leave it on the dining room table, jump on my bike and do some fishing. Which is exactly what I did on […]
  • The time is ticking
    We join Peter Baker in his campaign back into the match fishing scene. Not only is it a new venue for him, but also his first team match. How will he fare against the seasoned match anglers? I thought I would take a slightly different approach to this blog, with this being not only a […]
  • Don’t ignore the surface
    I managed to grab a few hours between being rushed off my feet. Luckily one of my club lakes is literally on my doorstep, in fact I can see it from the bedroom window. But don’t be fooled by how picturesque the lake is, its not an easy lake. A blank is more often the […]
  • Can’t win them all
    ***Can’t win them all*** Last night I entered a two hour match, what a long two hours it was.I will first explain the situation of the lake as its very different.Normally when fishing for F1’s which a shoal feeders, you catch a few then they start backing away so you have to follow them to […]
  • Back to the Match scene.
    After a very long break from match fishing, I decided to give it another go. I found out that there was a match on a local lake, I just couldn’t resist the urge to give the match scene a go again. Arriving at 8am to see a busy car park full of keen matchmen ready […]