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Great Essex Species Hunt (so far)

2021 with regards to Angling is for Essex Anglers an interesting exercise to highlight how many coarse, game and sea species our humble bunch of bloggers can produce within the Essex area, now some species will be a big ask like a fresh run Roding Salmon, Chemler Grayling or a Southend Sailfish.

But that leaves a huge scope of very catchable species to be had, if you follow the species hunt section on the blog you can see the species caught so far which isn’t too bad all factors considering what 2021 has thrown at us up till now.

So far myself my fishing trips have been restricted to Redbridge Lakes, but so far I have managed 8 different species from Redbridge alone with still quite a few more to get. Gibel Carp, Fantail Carp, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream and Tench

For me personally I love this challenge and have always been happy catching a good mixed bag of species regardless of size and fishing simple tactics my favourite so far being on a 3BB waggler in approx 6 feet of water just on the bottom with 4 x #8 stots spread out down the line for a slow drop through and hoping to get a few bites on the drop if fish are are moving higher up. I have been using stot shot weights for 18 months or so now on my waggler fishing as I was finding regular split shot was pinging off playing fish etc and a bit of a pain to be honest, this does not happen with stots and and can be moved / spaced out easily on the line without damaging it I use sizes 1,4,6 and 8 sizes this covers majority of all my fishing needs. Double maggot or chopped worm my go to hook baits the majority of time.

I also favour a feeder set up also fishing a simple helicopter rig using a 20 gram medium open end feeder size 14 or 16 hook with 3 maggots or worm and maggot cocktail hook baits and as water clarity been fairly clear using a dark groundbait mix with maggots plugged in the feeder always produces bonus decent quality fish also.

Now the weather getting warmer been fishing the pole in close 5-6 metres over where the lily pads grow and still in a few swims where last years lily pads still present this method accounted for a good number of decent ide up to a 1lb roach, perch and skimmers.

If you have any decnt fish catches large or small feel free to share them on the Essex Anglers Community Page

Good luck and tight lines to all.

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