Bailey Payne River

Good Chub from TINY Essex River!

Well this after work evening session brings me down to the River Crouch again, a small river which has really produced some lovely fish for me during this season so far, including some very nice Roach and Dace.

I have found that bread seems to be the best bait to get more bites and from better fish. So I went with some old blitzed bread from the freezer and stole a few slices from the loaf in the house! (shh!)

I started by hand feeding a ball or so of the blitzed bread in a few of the swims I fancied fishing in this session, to try and get the fish actively feeding and searching for food.

Sitting in the first swim I had a few knocks and a few missed bites, so clearly a few fish where on the feed, just my typical luck of not quite connecting to the bites.

I moved onto the next spot after 20 minutes or so, and again it wasn’t long before my hook bait was getting some interest. I had huge bite, my rod fully bent round, the type of bite you can only dream of! And connected to the fish, this was no Roach or Dace, it felt bigger and more powerful than the fish I normally catch from this small river.

It tried to dart to the inside undercut bank, and I managed to keep it up and out and quickly into the net. It was a Chub, a nice one from a small river too, just over 1lb. A proper powerful fish, although did look a bit skinny for its head size and length, so probably needs to fatten up a bit!


I continued to work my way down the few chosen swims, where I had luck previously, or have just fancied. Didn’t get anything quite to the size of the previous fish, however managed a few nice Roach and Dace still.

So far that is the only Chub I have managed this season from this River. In the previous season Chub was all I could catch, just shows how things can change.

Here is the video on this session if you enjoyed the read. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube too!

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