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Getting Ziggy with it!

This week’s blog isn’t what I was hoping it would be as I was hoping to show you some glorious fish from a trip to the river I was planning. Unfortunately, like all of the best made plans this never came to fruition, a few things came up at home and alas my net was kept dry (I know, I know, I’m hurting too) 

So, in reflection of that today’s blog is a recap of a day session myself and Jack had over at Chase Lakes in Dagenham in which we decided to try Zig’s as the weather was perfect for it. 

Now as I have stated a few times, myself and Jack are fairly novice when it comes to fishing, we know a fair bit now but wasn’t too great in the past. We had never really used Zig’s properly until this day but neither of us are scared to try new things that may increase the chances of a catch. 

I chose to use an adjustable zig as it would mean less hassle tieing and re-tieing rigs if I wanted to fish at different depths throughout the day, Jack chose the opposite approach of plumbing the depth then tieing a rig to the length he wanted. We hoped that doing this could give us an advantage between us and could increase our catch rate. 

With the hot summer sun blaring down on us Jack decided to do some surface fishing in the bay next to us to see if he could tempt a carp with some bread. After a few attempts he managed to hook into this beautiful carp of 23lb, our biggest from the venue and at the time one of only a few twenties we had ever caught between us. 

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Cracking 23lb Mirror Carp Jack caught on the surface with some bread, Awesome!

Now with confidence up having had a fish under our belt from a venue we hadn’t really fished before we went on our way concentrating on the zigs, not long after Jacks beautiful fish from the surface my adjustable zig was away! A few short bleeps on the bite alarm led to me picking up and reeling into a lovely small common, Success! My first fish from the venue and my first ever fish on a zig! 

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My small but very welcoming Common Carp.

Not long after slipping my fish back Jacks rod roared into action, another small but lovely common, with this one slipped back it was only an hour or so till we had to leave and unfortunately that was the last fish of our trip. 

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Jacks second fish of the day and first from the Zig rig.

So, with that all wrapped up I think this goes to show never be too scared to leave your comfort zone if things aren’t working or another method may seem better, we have used Zig’s to great success since and will always go back to them if the conditions show they may give more of an advantage. 

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