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Getting Back on the Float

‘About having a float fishing day’ – this was a comment from my good friend Andy.

Now I have not used a float in probably 40 odd years, I agreed, as I still have my teenage float rod and reel, so going into the dark depths of the garage to retrieve all the float gear I need for this session. Blowing off the cobwebs and cleaning off the dust and here is how it went.

Firstly, let us start with the set up.

  1. Diawa Sensor 10’ Carbon Feeder Rod. This was a 13th Birthday present (God that was 1981)
  • Isusu Charger RDX-10 reel (Did anyone else have this reel)
  • Lineaffe Float (The only Float I own)
  • Pack of Kamasan Size 16 Pretied barbless wide gape hooks (Found in the odds and ends)
  • 1 pot of Maggots (Actually bought the day before or they would be a bit dead from 1981).

I would say that we arrived at the lake, but I was already there from the night before where I was in pursuit of carp.  With the carp rods pulled in I set to work setting up the rod. Well, my eyes are definitely not what they used be and trying to thread the line through the eyes of the rod took some doing.  I got there in the end after several times letting go of the line, and it is finding its way back down through the eye’s so having to start again.

I threaded on the only actual float I own which is probably around the same date as the rod. With a couple of shot either side I dropped it in the water where sank all the way to the orange tip, perfect.

Put on the pre tied hook and a couple of very small shot down the line then set the depth around eight foot as the lake was around nine feet deep, attached a maggot then threw (sorry precisely cast it in).

Watching the tip do a little jig before being dragged under the small waves of the lake, I was in and bought a little Roach to the surface this was all in about 30 seconds, happy days.


At this point it was on with a maggot out with the float and in with a fish, I had hit a shoal of perch, some fell off and some stayed on to reach my outstretched hand after an hour of this we had breakfast a fry up is always good for the soul. Anyway, I digress.

Back at the swim we continued the ritual of maggot, cast, float disappearance and then fish on the bank. After 3 hours and 7 Roach and 49 perch, it was decided to retire the rod for another day.


A great couple of hours fishing as I did when I was a teenager and with very basic equipment. You never know I might invest in another float.

Tight lines one and all


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