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Getting back into it

You could say I am a quite new angler, starting just last June. I used to fish my local park lake, Lake Meadows Billericay, for silverfish but discovered a species completely new to me, carp. It was a warm night so many people were fishing it and as I watched someone reel in the first carp id ever seen I knew what I wanted to go for next. Me and my dad, who I frequently fish with, further enquired with the angler and he recommend I try an easier, match fishing lake that wasn’t to far from there.

The next week went over on our budget rods and I caught a 11 lb carp off the surface with a piece of bread. From then on I visited it a few more times but wanted to achieve a bigger carp like the one id seen earlier that summer at the park lake. I heard there was plenty of big fish but was very difficult in daylight compared to at night. It shut at 7.30 but had been told by the bailiff it was alright to stay just after 9 if it wasn’t too busy. Me and my dad fished there often for a while catching nothing until November when I unfortunately broke my leg in 2 places.

I let everything clear up before I began fishing again which was around mid may. I decided to expand my knowledge on carp fishing as it was very amateur and basic before. This brings me to about 2 weeks ago when I decided to get back into the swing of things and fish my local lake once again. 

It was nearing the end of May when I decided to have a walk around the lake after school at about 4pm to re-familiarise myself with the swims, features and locations of each part. The lake is 5 acres and holds a very low stock of carp so I was keen but not too confident. I came over alone at about 5 o’clock after travelling light with only the bare essentials so I could maximise my time fishing and be able to walk the short half a mile with everything i needed.

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I was using simple hair rigs as an experienced local angler had told me regular bottom bait boilies seem to work for him over wafters/pop ups and other types of bait. I had some hair rigs prepared as well as some spinner rigs for pop ups. As this was my first proper session over there with my new knowledge gained from the break I used different rigs and bait on both of my rods. 

I decided to go for a nice open swim with room for casting considering it was my first session back which had and island straight ahead and a fountain in-between but a few meters to the left. I had a rod casted tight to the island under a bramble bush on a single hook bait Spinner rig using Nash claw hooks and a Sticky Baits Mulberry pop up and a mainline banoffee boilie surrounded by some 4mm pellets and some banoffee boilie crush which was cast out in a solid PVA bag on an inline lead just right of the fountain which turned of about 6/6.30pm. I decided to switch to a mainline cell balanced wafter on my right hand rod(spinner rig-mulberry pop up) with a blow out rig after little action. 

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After some waiting and re casting of the solid bag rig I decided to pack it up and leave at about 8 after a few liners and bait movement from the high stock of bream which had been sniffing about the freebies around my hook bait. This was also the reason I decided to only use 15mm plus bait to avoid these as these were not what I was targeting.

A day to two later I decided to return with a friend on another short evening session which also resulted in nothing, both using similar tactics on swims very close to the one previously. I had 2 days off fishing to revise for upcoming mocks in late June but returned alone to revise by the bank with some rods out. I arrived at 5 once again and planned to leave at 7.30-8pm that evening. I was feeling confident using hair rigs and basic boilies on both rods on a fresh swim. At about 6 I heard a sound but thought nothing of it but about 30 seconds later I realised it was my line being taken rapidly through my bite alarm which I had forgotten to turn on. By the time I picked the rod up the fish was in the snags, a fallen tree off the island, I felt it pulling and saw it jump but it then became heavily snagged and it found its way free. I was gutted on losing my first local park lake and specimen carp.

I was feeling down however I was still feeling confident as I did some revision. As I had lost one I decided to stay until 8.30 and was ready to pack up when my left rod in-between a close island and the bank ripped off. My dad had arrived just 15mins earlier to pick me up as it was nearing dark and helped me net the beautiful common carp. It weighed in at 22 pounds which beat my previous personal best at 11lb which I mentioned earlier. My hard work had finally paid off and I could finally relax in peace knowing I had a carp from my local lake. 

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You would guess the story ended there however it doesn’t. I had a half a week plus off from the lake and fishing because I had achieved my goal and wanted a short break. It was a great 18 degree evening after a Friday of school and decided to test my luck once again at lake meadows. I used the same tactics I had before and turned up at about 6pm this time in a swim opposite the week before capture. It had a perfect fallen tree covering the entire way from one side of the lake to the other. I had it cast a meter to the side of it and one in-between 2 islands. At about 7.30 the rod in the snags went off and I sprinted towards it, luckily making it before it had made it too far into the tree. I was nervous as it jumped on the other side of the tree but managed to reel in a bit of line which got it away from it. I landed it and weighed it in my sling. It came in at 22.8 lb and was a stunner of a fish. The rest of the night was uneventful but I didn’t care one bit after a pb had been once again beaten.

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Great story and 2 cracking fish Jair, i used to love the boathouse hedge swim you’re in and had many a memorable fish from there many years ago. Meadows – Park Life at it’s best!!

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