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Please Note that this fishing trip was done pre lock down 3.0 and as a blogger I follow the guide lines set out by the government concerning travel and fishing locally.

Well arriving at the lake at about 3 pm to set up for a few nights fishing with a glorious sun dropping behind the trees I was on for a good couple of days, what happen should have been expected.

As usual I set the rods out with one 14mm pink pop up and one 14mm white pop up both on multi rigs.  The pink one casting against the side of the dead lily pads and the white one about a rod length from a dead tree branch that poke out of the water. Both were topped over with about 10 soaked up winter boilies. With the average depth being only 3 foot across the whole lake I was not expecting much action, but I believed I could pick up at least one bite.

The first bite came at 7 pm on the white pop up and after a short battle a small mint mirror was in the landing net. After a picture I put the rod on the same spot and retired for the night.

I was then woken at 2 am with a single bleep off the same rod. So, I went outside to check and found that the lake was frozen, I lifted the rod and in did there was a fish on the end. I only manage one rotation of the reel before everything locked up in the ice on the lake.  As much as I tried I could nit get the line through the ice. So, I returned to the bivvy accepting the fact that the fish will discard the hook as I was using barbless and deal with the rod in the morning.

Waking up at 5 on the next day, I checked the lake and was still frozen (funny that). I checked the weather, and it was due to have some sun in the morning so was hopeful that this would defrost the lake. So, as I waited drinking coffee after coffee contemplating how, if it did not defrost how to get the line out. 

At 11 in the morning with the lake still frozen, it was time to try and get my line and rods back. The idea was to get the spod rod and put a 5 oz gripper lead and cast onto the ice to break through.

After a few casts around the first line, I slowly broke the ice, with a small gap at least I would be able to get the rig back, So I retrieved the first rod lifted into it to find that the fish from 2 am was still attached to the hook, it must have just sat there all night.

 Now my work was on to break the ice to form a channel from the line entering the water to the bank, With over half an hour of casting I managed to create a 1 foot wide by 24 foot channel to be able to land the fish, As I picked up the rod the fish now decided to have a scrap underneath the ice as I slowly bought it back towards the back as it got closer I could watch it going left and right under the ice which made playing the fish in all the easier as I navigated it towards the landing net.

After 15 minutes it was in the landing net, a small common graced the bank for a photo.

After releasing it I now cut another channel across the lake to the second rod and bought it in.

At this point I packed up and went, no not home but to a deeper lake which I knew would not have frozen for the rest of the session.

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