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For the love of Tench

So, I love Tench/Tinca’s, what a fish and what a fighter. There’s nothing like seeing the fizzing in the water and know that the green beauty is down there. I usually fish for them early morning or late afternoon. From 11am to 3pm I never have much luck.

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Now over the years I have caught some amazing fish and I’m very lucky in some of the places I get to fish. Its all about knowing the water and what works in that particular place.

Now when I’m at a certain lake, I use a method feeder rig with Squid and Krill red size 10mm boilies or an inline feeder with maggots. Now there is no need to bait the area to death. Just a small amount of ground bait with around three boilies stuck into the ground bait, so it looks like a traffic light. Once casted in the desired location, a few more boilies around the area near your bait.

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Now I’m not teaching you to suck eggs or anything. So, find what works for you and try different rigs/setups. Trial and error are always the best way to learn. Even when you want to give up, keep going and one day it will pay off. It took me 7 years to catch from my local river, now I know where and what to do in my location.

See, on the River where I love catching these majestic creatures, I find a simple float set up works with mixed maggots on the hook. Few mags and ground bait chucked out around the float. They seem to love the margins, right under your feet.

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Now I use Barbel rods for Tench fishing 1.75 lb test curve. That’s what I have been showed and used time and time again. It’s a better fight and seems to keep the fish on better. But again, do what works for you.

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I’m sure you will catch some amazing Tinca’s and enjoy the amazing colours from deep dark green to a golden colour. The big fan tale and the red fiery eyes. Everything about this fish makes it all worthwhile.

I would love to see your Tinca pictures, so please put them on Essex Anglers Community and a little background of how you caught the beauty.

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