Fly Tying – Montana Nymph

The majority of angling career had been for carp and coarse fish….until quite recently. For years I’d always been intrigued about fly fishing, so just over a year ago I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself a cheap off the  shelf fly combo.

After catching a few decent trout on flies tied by a friend,  I decided to jump in two feet first and buy a basic fly tying set up from a well known Scottish angling shop, and some basic tying materials and got to work. When it comes to tying flies a lot of people say to me they haven’t got the patience or finesse to tie flies. but as my friend Julian says nature isn’t exactly perfect and the trout aren’t going to know.

After a few youtube videos and reading a few books I was well on my way to tying my own flies confidently. So during lockdown 1 I was happily tying flies most days and when we were allowed to go fishing for the time I put them into action either for trout or carp! 

It was a feeling of great satisfaction catching on my own flies, the same as carp anglers feel catching of home made rigs or bait. As I never thought I’d be able to tie flies I thought I’d run a quick tutorial on how easy it is to tie a fly. this one isn’t the simplest of all flies but easy enough even for an amateur.

Fly – Montana Nymph
Hook – long shank size 8 or 10
Thread – black 8/0
Tail – black marabou
Body – lead wire, black chenille
Thorax – yellow chenille and black cock hackle
Head – build up of thread and varnish

  1. Start by thread medium lead wire up the shank (this adds a good amount of weight to the fly)
Picture1 2
Step 1

2. Wind your black thread starting at the eye up the shank over the leader. Take a small pinch of black marabou and lock it in by thread a few turns over it.

Picture2 2
Step 2

3. Take 7.5cm of medium black chenille. Lock it in by taking a few threads over it. And start to wrap forward towards the eye. Tie this off by doing a few turns and snipped the waste off.

Picture4 2
Step 3

4. This is probably the trickiest bit of the whole fly. Take a smack cock black hackle feather. 5cm of yellow chenille. And 5 cm of black. Lock them all in in-front of the body just where you snipped off the last bit of chenille.

Picture5 1
Step 4

5. Lastly wrap the yellow chenille around towards the eye. Follow by the hackle. Then take the black over the top. Tie off and whip finish you can snip off excess and neaten up as required. And put a blob of varnish on. People spend a fortune on varnishes but nail hardener works well at a fraction of the price.

Step 5

The finished fly should look something like this.

Finished Product!

Don’t feel that your limited to yellow. I’ve seen black and green. Black and red. Black and pink. The world’s your oyster.

After a year of fly tying I’m still on a learning journey but one piece of advice I will give to anyone wanted to try it is. Have fun. Enjoy it. And be creative.

Stay safe everyone. And tight lines.


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