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I was asked a question the other day, which really made me think (I know a vein did pop out on the side of my head). I was asked, what does fishing mean to me?

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In France 2019, Harry chose fishing as our day activity.

At first, I thought what a silly question, then you ponder on it and what does it mean. I believe it might be different for everyone. I feel fishing is my life, yes, my life. I can always rely on it and turn to it at any time. It never gets old or tiring, it remains the same. Yes, you have different techniques and styles. But the basic is still fishing. From boy to man I can always go.

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A very good friend Steve, who is no longer with us. Miss you mate.

No matter how much stress you’re under from work and home you can always reflect whilst fishing. Once you are in those surroundings, whether it be a lake or river, you can be at one with yourself. I’m not trying to be all philosophical (big word), but it’s true for every angler. Otherwise you wouldn’t go if you didn’t enjoy it and unwind.

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Man love out at sea, good old Jeff.

As I said you can reflect on whatever’s on your mind at that time. From finding out you’re going to become a parent or that argument you had with your partner. You can make sense of it all. Some anglers might even give advice when needed or just listen. I always come away from it refreshed and positive.

Sophie’s first go at fishing with her big brother James. 7 years ago

Out in the fresh air and with nature around you. There’s no better place in the world than being next to the water. Then you go and catch, it makes it even better. I think that’s why I like going with my family or friends. Every time is different, one minute you’re trying to get your kids line out of a tree or reed, then the next you’re having a good old laugh (usually at my expense).

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Fishing in Norfolk, with some amazing friends Feb 2020.

I honestly think that fishing is good for your mind, body and soul. Take care out there and see you on the bank.

Tight Lines…….

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