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Fishing in Sweden: The Life Changing Fish!

Fishing isn’t a sport or a hobby it’s a life choice. And yes I’m not afraid to say it, I am, 100% fishing and aren’t we all?! 

But seriously, fishing is a sport like no other, anglers experience special moments on every trip. But one trip, one morning, one mad experience all through fishing, may perhaps of changed my life forever. 

November 18th 2020, the UK is manifested in its 2nd COVID-19 Lockdown. Thank the lord for the Angling Trust for allowing fishing to continue. On this very same day, I was in a place called Storuman. A town in the North of Sweden; which I’m sure most of you know, didn’t lockdown and cracked on (each to their own I guess?). Nevertheless, I’m sure with snow dancing off the Pine leaves, Storuman looks magical. Alas for me, it was a solid 5 degrees and looked like a 70’s built council estate. Weirdly had the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had here – which makes things even weirder.

unnamed 1

I was on day 12 of a very rogue fishing road trip around the country. I’d quit my job and gone. Scandi Airways to Stockholm from Manny Manchester and I was away! From there, the plan was to drive around the country fishing everywhere I went. Which if you haven’t seen my YouTube, is where this all started (link below!)

Storuman, was a pit stop before heading further North. Arctic Charr fishing in the North Pole, how random?! But November 18th is a strange day for me. It’s the anniversary of my dad and November 18 2020 marked 2 years since he passed away. 

My old man was the man who got me into fishing and why I’m so passionate about the sport to this day. He told me to never stop fishing, it might save your life/marriage one day. He’s been right about one part! The fish that really turned his rod on though was the Sea Trout. For those who haven’t caught one…the sheer power. Pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish. He never managed to catch that special 8ib+ fish and it eluded him to the day he died. Although if I’m honest he landed numerous 5-6ib Sea Trout so why was he grumbling?

For his anniversary I planned to throw a line in the morning and get driving in the evening. Luckily, this tiny remote Swedish town had a tackle shop. You guessed it, the Swedes are more fishing crazy than us! I got a day ticket to fish the Ume River, which flows between Lake Storuman and many others. Known for its Charr, Pike, Grayling, Lake Trout, White Fish, Perch, Salmon and Sea Trout (if you hadn’t guessed fishing heaven imagine being renowned for that many species!), I felt the chances were in my favour in terms of a catch. I parked Renault Clio up on the side of the E45 and walked down to the bank side, where the lake narrows and starts to form more of a river. With my Rigged and Ready Adventure X5 in toe I set up a light Perch rod, hoping to jig a deep hole next to an unused bridge. 


However, I’d purchased this Roach like jelly lure that I would wanted to test the action on. So I lobbed it out in to what was a shallow bay in front of me. The water was crystal clear; perfect for a tester.  I started my retrieve after a couple of seconds letting the lure slowly sink, one jerk, two jerk, three jerk, then a sudden reality in my tummy set in that could only mean one thing…

Before I could blink the fish was charging into the major flow of the river. My heart was pounding, line streaming out the real, my clutch was loose and that wasn’t the only thing. Before I could gain some composure the fish erupted out the water. A bar of silver in the sky! My mind went salmon. That time of year, this weight and size, I WAS OVER THE MOON!

After a good 5 minutes of back and forth with the fish I finally got a glimpse of my prize. The spots below the lateral line the square tail, it could only mean one thing. Sea Trout. And not just any Sea Trout, but a BIG Sea Trout. A million attempts later trying to fit this colossal beast in my far from adequate Aliexpress travel net the fish was in the net, with the net bursting at the seems.  

I got the fish on the bank and just WOW! The large black spots reminded me of a day after a hike in the Trough of Bowland in the October prior and this fish took my breath completely away. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT TROUT! 

IMG 9359

It topped the scales at 9ib and I couldn’t have been more surprised or just taken a back! This is a one in a life time fish for any angler!! I got the fish back and watching it swim off was just as satisfying as catching this awesome fish. A strong tail kick and back into the Swedish wilderness it went.

As the hype/Adrenalin/Madness wore off the reality dawned. 9ib Sea Trout, 2 years to the day he passed away, coinciding with me getting my act together in life and the fish he’d tried to catch all his life? 

Sorry but some things happen for a reason.

Hope you enjoyed this and honestly no words can explain. Big thanks to EssexAnglers for wanting me to share my fishing journey! Love and peace – Bangaveragetravelandfishing!

Check out my first ever video and this awesome fish and fight over on my YouTube channel or Instagram now and make sure you suffice and follow to keep up to date !

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Lovely piece. That’s what fishing is about. The unexpected fish of a lifetime and inevitable thoughts about your old man or the person that first took you.

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