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Fishing fun!

The local pond: 

So my first session was only a short two hours, on a local pond close by which has had some decent tench and small carp but I’ve been trying to figure it out for years with a different range of baits, methods and morning and night sessions where I’ve only had lunch with roach and Rudd and surprisingly a small perch but the perch was only a year ago! This session wasn’t looking up and I was float fishing with worms and loose feeding chopped worm and groundbait and I only had a small roach for my efforts. No matter next time I go early morning and hopefully it warms up enough for the tench! 

A12 cuton lakes: 

Float and method feeder methods where on the go this time! First ever time checking out these lovely lakes and I shall be coming back! But I was using a flat bed method feeder with my quivertip feeder rod and float fishing in the margins! But sadly for myself it was a massive blank.

A friend of mine who was testing out his cast was lucky though! No bait on his hook just casting in towards the middle and as it dropped into the water it was off and a good 20 minute fight was on! We thought it had been foul hooked but as we netted the fish the hook was in the corner of the mouth which was surprising. A decent looking common and at 13lb It was a solid fish!

Newlands hall (the park lake):

So this was probably one I’ve the most fun/stressful sessions I’ve ever had. Started off the day on the method feeder and float! Me and my friend Reece both had a few fish in only a couple of pounds mirror and common carp  and I had a few roach and rudd as I cast my float rod in I turned around for only a minute to speak to Reece and my rod shot off the rod rest into the lake after a few attempts of casting over and dragging it in I managed to get a hook on it and as i got the rod in the fish was still fighting and pulling line got it in a bit closer and a massive crucian was on the other end around 3lb+ but sadly got off the hook.

But at the end of the day it’s been a good few sessions and I had a lot of fun a few carp and good roach and rudd next week hopefully I’ll be getting on blasford hill! So looking forward to that!

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