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First Winter on the Roding

In this post I am going to be looking back on my first winter Fishing the Roding. Sadly I didn’t manage loads of trips to Fish the River due to conditions, the River spent most of the winter flooded and un-fishable.

IMG 20191214 081535

As you can see here, it was a bit high, and this was a good day! A lot of the time you couldn’t even get on the field and the water was going over rather than under the bridges! I would say I probably had 3 sessions of actually Fishing this stretch of River during my first season there. In which I learnt a lot about the River, and feel prepared going into my second season in hope of catching more than the first! However you never know how these things go!

IMG 20191130 123641
The swim which gave me my first Chub from the River

The picture above is the swim I managed my first Chub from this River in, since this photo the tree has fallen and is no longer fishable sadly. I was lowering my link ledger with a tail of a juicy lob worm right under my feet in the midst of the branches of the tree, and it wasn’t long before I found out someone was home, producing a lovely clean example of a Chub. (Ignore the awful picture, not sure why it’s that big!)

Screenshot 20191123 093138 edited

It was good to get my first Fish so soon into my first trip on the River, especially since this was my first time River Fishing for quite some time, to get a Fish this quickly made me think I wasn’t doing anything too wrong! The rest of the day brought some frustrating, having lost a Fish which took my bait as I was reeling back in, suspecting maybe a Perch or small Pike!

My next trip the Roding, I swapped up my method and went from lob worm to bread flake and blitzed bread to feed. I always believe that bread is the best Chub bait. I don’t think they can ever resist a nice flake of it! This trip proved me right as I managed another lovely Chub, perfectly timed as a passerby was able to help me out with a few photos!

This trip provided quite a few bites, however didn’t connect with a lot sadly, maybe was smaller fish just pecking at the bread!

My Final trip of the winter, sadly with no photos, the River was still high, but I was able to get to the bank, although avoided some of the swims as it was still quite flooded, and I couldn’t see where I was stepping, in the winter on a flooded River it’s never smart to take any risks!

This trip I had some maggot with me seeing what I could catch in terms of other species. From the spots I could get to the River! Unfortunately, all this brought me was a few more missed bites and lost Fish!

These trips built a lot of confidence, I was getting bites! The Roding isn’t once what it was, but there is a few Fish left, hopefully this coming winter will provide me with some good sport now I have learnt more about the River, and improved my general River Fishing. But we shall see!

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Dont forget you caught that Chub on the Saturday before the match on Sunday and a seasoned Roding angler blanked in that swim in the match.. Those of us that caught , we only caught Roach but I did have one 6.5 ozs and a eyeball. 9ozs won with 7ozs second and I cant remember 3rd. Your Chub would have won

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