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First time on the River

So, as the title says I have never fished a stretch of River in any of my fishing, I have always fished lakes and mainly for carp, however with the Essex Anglers Species Hunt coming up soon I thought I would try my hand at other variations of fishing.

I believe I have mentioned before that I sadly no longer reside in Essex, I currently live in Lincolnshire and have never utilised the lakes and miles and miles of river surrounding me, all of my fishing has been with Jack & Family members in Essex, as that is where they all live and its easier to relocate myself then its to get all of them up to Lincolnshire.

With this in mind the current Lockdown seemed to put an end to any social fishing trips, and with myself living well outside the County any chance of me travelling to Essex for fishing is a huge no no.

Now with that, I decided to utilise my local river stretch and join my local angling club. Today was finally the day where I took advantage of my membership and took a long overdue trip down to the river. I have taken a few walks up and down the bank to find a few spots etc but again with my knowledge of rivers being non existent im not too sure what im really looking for.

After finding a spot I liked the look of I set about my day having 1 rod out for carp (Cant take the carp fisherman out of me) and a waggler rod out for anything and everything that would entertain me in preparation for the Species Hunt.

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Todays choice of bait was ye olde maggots (Sorry for the blue tint my wife left a sticker on the new lense 🙄)

Just over an hour into the trip the Bailiff turned up to check my book and have a nice chat, as I stated before local knowledge is one of the best sources of information anyone could ask for, with that in mind I picked away bits of information that I could get, unfortunately it turns out that I was in the wrong place for the day and he gave me some valuable advice that I will take into my next trip which is hopefully next week!

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Lovely sunny weather for the short trip today.

Taking that on board within the next 30 minutes i was packed up and the wife and fishing gear returned to the car, unfortunately there was some very heavy rain last night so the field where you park your cars was a little boggy (Huge understatement!), so obviously the car got stuck and needed a helping hand, this would be fine in any normal circumstances however my wife decided to give the car a lovely wheel spin and gave me a VERY unwelcome mud bath from head to toe! Whilst she found this highly amusing I can tell you I wasn’t best impressed.

So that is the end of this week’s blog, nothing to report other then mud is quite good for your skin. I have a good feeling that next week will be more successful so make sure to tune in for that.

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As Always,

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