Brian Holland

First time making a lure during lock down 1.0

During the first lock down in march 2020, I decided to have a go at making a lure out of anything I could find in my shed. And here is how it turned out.

First I got a piece of wood.

I marked out the shape of the lure in pencil

Then I shaped it with a chisel and a plane, This is because I only had 1 blunt chisel and a plastic plane and some wet and dry paper

I then added weights to the bottom used AAA leads and a bit of brass then filled it in with filler. As i did this I tested it in then sink to make sure that it floated upright.

I then added 3 U nails to either end and the bottom

Being Happy with that, I marked out the decal.
Then added paint. I found some water color paint at the back of the shed
Then I coated it in lacquer
Added the treble hooks
Luckily I have a small pond to test it in, so I attached it to my lure rod

Then happy with that I added feathers from some old sea fishing tackle

Hey Presto. Not brilliant but shows what you can do when bored and with little equipment. Just try making one it is fun


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