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Farlows in the Sun

Once again adult life takes a firm grip on my fishing and unfortunately I haven’t been able to hit the bank again this week before the blog is due, however i shale be on the bank tomorrow trying my hand on the river! Woo!

So this week’s blog is a very quick re-cap of a trip me and Jack had earlier this Summer. With the trip to Farlows booked a few weeks in advance we wasn’t overly pleased with the very hot weather heading in, 30c+ we was set for a scorcher!

Arriving at the venue around 8am we wasn’t surprised to see the Lake basically full apart from a couple of pegs, Farlows is known as one of the Mecca’s for Carp fishing in the country and for that reason it is always very busy.

Off we headed around Lake 2 to see if we could squeeze in somewhere if possible, with two of our mates turning up later in the day it looked like our social would have to be put on the back burner in order to all being fishing sensibly.

Luckily me and Jack had managed to find 2 pegs next to each other along the left hand side of the lake, not our preferred swims but sometimes you have to work with what you have.

Farlows Pegs
These are the 2 pegs we managed to jump in to.

With the weather already being hot and only seemingly going to get hotter our approach was always going to be fishing zig’s and keeping an eye out for any cruising fish.

Rods out and bed chairs out for some lounging in the sun we was set for a very hot and sweaty day!

The day pretty much passed uneventfully and with only 2-3hours before sunset my rod was off! HOORAY! After a short battle I was rewarded with this lovely little mirror, having fished Farlows a couple of times before and not catching anything I was over the moon with finally landing one of its residents, even if it was one of the babies.

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Perfection scaled down!

We headed into the night with nothing else to show for our efforts, unfortunately for us the hot weather seemed to turn the fish into a randy mood and they started spawning through the night, in came the rods and we packed up first thing in the morning. Cutting our session short but allowing the fish some room to get on with the deed.

Hopefully I can get a fish or two tomorrow and have something new and refreshing for next weeks blog!

As always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,



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