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Farewell Rivers, for now

Well, the end of the River season is now upon us, and for me, it’s been my first full season Fishing Rivers. And I think I have learnt a lot through this, and developed further as an Angler. With the help of people reading and sending advice I am incredibly confident for next season.

Looking back at this season, I started off Fishing a local stretch of the Wid which I scouted in close, catching small Chublets. Using a light link ledger and typically bread, which has really developed into one of my most reliable baits on Rivers for a range of species. I also went to my club stretch of the Roding, and caught a few slightly better using the same tactics.

However, from here, I got my first pin, and had a few sessions trotting with it, catching small roach, perch and even a lovely Rudd! The pin is a great method to use, and since invested in an old school speedia pin I plan on using when the Rivers open again for a few more fish!

I also had great success fishing for Perch using lob and dendras in a lot of places along the Chelmer, something I will be doing again, such brilliant bites while Fishing for these Perch!

Then, I started getting into the Roach on the Chelmer, possibly the the thing I have enjoyed most is learning these Roach, and figuring out how to catch them. And amongst the way, I have had some great captures, including my 2lber! Which I aim to try and beat in the coming season.

And then of course, the first Pike I got with fellow blogger Tom, a fish I treasure, and really made me love fishing for Pike, although sadly I haven’t had one since so far!

20201024 115127
First Pike

Sadly the Covid restrictions have really stopped my end of season Fishing on the Rivers, with the highlight been a nice Chub caught my small local very polluted River!

IMG 20210123 115410
Lovely Chubly

Overall, some nice catches through the season along with the still waters I have fished too, although this is a River blog! Certainly leaves me aware of what my aims for next season are.

  • Another 2lb+ Roach from the Chelmer (3lb If I can!)
  • Consistently catch more Chub to a better size. 3lb Chub.
  • First River Barbel (Covid permitting, myself and Tom may have a trip to Kings Weir Fishery)
  • First River Tench
  • First Wild Brown Trout
  • 2lb River Perch
  • 10lb River Pike

I think all of these are achievable goals for the next season, and I hope to continue to learn from Fishing and from comments I get from readers. Hopefully at the end of the next season I can look back and tick a lot of these off, however this is my aim. Hope you enjoyed looking back at this season with me, and hopefully you look forward to my future River blogs.

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