Khan Emin Lure River

Evening predator fishing

So the start of the session going down to how mill lock chucking around some crank baits after some perch or chub! 

3 small wasps on the Rapala shadow rap so not too bad! Switching over to a cheb rigged reggie in real ale colour caught a few larger ones, one being close to 1lb 1/2.

Getting a bit quiet as I’m walking up and down the stretch, as things go not a bad start but they all seemed to have switched off. A couple of my mates turned up to do a bit of float fishing so I switched up to free lining some worms I had in the box a few nice roach and a couple of gudgeon was a nice change, one of my friends hooked into a nice small chub looking over  a pound, as he was reeling it in a large pike decided it was lunch time. There goes a nice chub and for the pike a nice dinner. 

So me being a lover of a good pike scrap I go and grab some of my pike floats and deadbait sardines! Time to rig up.

Casting it right where I saw some bait fish jump I waited about an hour before any movement on the float I was fixated on getting that fish. Then the float starts bobbing up and down and shoots under, what a fish and what a fight. Every time I got him to the net he shot off so great sport on the light pike gear. 2 attempts and he was In. 

Coming in at 8lb he’s no monster but it’s a great start to the pike season! 

Tight lines to you all!

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