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Essex Tench Fishing

Today’s session brings me back to Parsonage Farm, the BDAC water in Chelmsford, after some Tench. A lovely hot day (maybe a bit too hot for fish to feed properly!) and a few fish was on the cards, as well as a sunburn!

My tactics for the day was my 8ft quiver rod and a simple setup of a berry groundbait and corn on the hook in a small hybrid feeder, with hand feeding a few balls of groundbait over this. Simple method, and in the right day, can really do well catching fish.

Casting just past the reed bed on my right, a route the Tench in this lake like to patrol, I was confident a few fish would get onto my feed.

And it didn’t take long of fishing before my tip was ripped round for the first time, and pulling into a heavy fish, it was definitely going to be a Tench. However, it managed to spit the hook during the fight and was gone before I knew it! Devastating losing a fish so early on! However plenty of time to get another chance or two!

A few more balls of feed, and a few missed bites later, I was in again, to another good feeling fish! Keeping this one under control I soon got it’s head up, and it was a lovely green Tench! Nothing big, but a welcome catch!

tench 1

While fishing on a hot day, it’s important to make sure your landing mat is wet, and you keep the fish out of the water for as little time as possible! No matter how big or small the fish is! Unhooked, photographed and swiftly back into the lake!

As the sun kept shining, a huge shoal of Rudd appeared in front of me. Swarming anything that hit the surface of the water, it was a joy to watch, however made fishing hard with how aggressive they were!

I did have a run of a few untargetted fish, a few Roach and Rudd, and a surprise small Perch!

With one of the roach being quite a nice size! However not what I was after!

It wasn’t long however before a few Tench came back into the swim, first a smaller one, which unhooked in the net and I only got an awful photo off! So sorry!

tench 2

And then not long after, a much better one, which put up a fantastic fight and a great bite!


The method really seemed to pay off with some lovely fish caught! The last being the best of the day.

We was getting towards midday now and the heat was building up, I decided to head home as I felt it was a bit too hot to fish at that point! But a good mornings fishing regardless!

Hope you enjoyed! And below is the video of that session!

A few of bits of the tackle used in this blog:

Tight Lines all…

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