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Dropshot for Perch: Easiest way to catch?

Well, in this session I make a big step in the right way on my dropshot learning road! I head back to the River Chelmer in Maldon, to fish around the bridges for the Perch. Using the dropshot technique, and worms and a variety of different lures on the hook, I head to get going.

The first provided the usual wasps to good numbers, however unlike the session before, the perch didn’t seem preoccupied anymore, and really wanted the worms, which have been the most successful bait for me.

These little perch really provide some great sport! After catching a few of these around this bridge, I took a stroll down to the next bridge, where we instantly saw a few bigger Perch swimming around, so was really eager to get one!

I straight away stuck a FFS INBE in Junebug on, and hoped it would tempt one of the bigger Perch.

Itr didn’t take long till that was true and one of the bigger perch nailed the lure!

And what a fight this Perch put up! Really put a lovely bend in my Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180! As I netted this one, an even bigger Perch had followed it in! However clearly learning something, he turned away from the lure, quickly swapping to a worm, and avoiding the smaller wasps, this big perch enhaled the worm! And I was in again!

This is the biggest Perch I have had on the dropshot/lure methods and am chuffed to bits with it!

The funny thing, when netting this, there was another big Perch following it too!

Isn’t it amazing how the Perch follow each other almost into the net?!?

I went straight back in after the pics and tried to nail the bigger Perch, however still a chunky size, but not to the size I saw quickly bit!

IMG 20210626 092303

This bridge soon went quiet with all the commotion! So I headed back to the first bridge, to have a few chucks and then go on to a few bridges further down, however it didn’t play out that way…

I soon got to the first bridge, and I was catching constantly, from small wasps to much chunkier perch, and before I know it, I had ran out of worms!

And it was only 11:30! Now, some good perch where feeding and taking lures, I could’ve stayed, however, I wanted to end on the high of just over 2 hours fishing, and 20+ Perch falling to my net in that time! It was a great session and I am really loving this style of fishing for Perch! It’s great fun! I have also recorded a video on this session! So be sure to check that out below too! And please subscribe to the channel to see more videos of my sessions!

Till next time, Tight Lines!

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And this is the Rod I have been using!

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