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Drenched at Newland Hall Fishery

Today we had a little bit of an Essex Anglers social! Myself, Tom, Joe and Paul headed to Newland Hall Fishery in Chelmsford to see how we could do. We booked this in advance so didn’t expect the rain that came down! Certainly wasn’t expecting a lot after the huge downpour we had and was having! Myself and Tom Fished on the Moat lake and Joe and Paul were on Brook Lake, in a future blog/review you will be able to see how they got on, however, this is how I faired in the rain!

On Arrival it was a rush to get my box setup and get the brolly up, luckily the shelter of some trees and a short jog down to my peg got me set up all dry. My method today was in fact the method! The method feeder on the trusty garbalino rocket picker! A exploding fishmeal groundbait mixed with crushed Bio Baits Boilles was the mix, swapping between corn and boilles for the hook bait.

It didn’t take long at all before I had my first pull round into my first Fish, which was a surprising sign as I didn’t expect a lot from the heavy rain, so to have the quick Fish was settling. It was a lovely condition small common (2lb ish) and the bites through the rain continued!

All the Carp caught were in great shape, no mouth or fin tares, almost scale perfect Fish so was lovely to catch them. Eventually the rain did stop, although only periodically, and whenever the rain did stop I struggled for bites, and it did become difficult. I must say too, all of the bites were absolute rip rounds on the tip, so was great fun watching that!

I did eventually swap over Rods, however set it up in the same manner, the Rod was from Rigged and Ready, and it is a Travel Rod, the X5, it fits down tiny and is perfect to sneak away on a sneaky trip somewhere or if you do need to Fish light! I’ve heard a lot of positive stuff about the Rods on the Lure/Fly side of it, which I do look forward to trying! (Keep an eye out for that blog), however not much said about the quiver tip on it, so wanted to see how it compared to my trust Garbalino, what I personally think is one of the best Rods I’ve used for the tip. I knew the quality of the tip wouldn’t be able to match the Garbalino, and wasn’t comparing it too, however was interesting to see how the Rod would perform.

It’s a lovely Rod and will all the parts you can really chose how you want it setup. I really like the colour of the tip too, having green sections on it. It isn’t as sensitive as a full normal quiver tip, however, I thought it performed really well and will definetly use this setup of it again, even on the smaller Carp the bites were clear and you could see each sniff and knock, I ended up using this Rod for the rest of the day, the build quality I thought was great and even with it having so many parts it’s a very sturdy, but light rod.

The Fish did continue to come as I plugged away on the method feeder, the highlight of the day was the one lonely mirror carp I had, which looked lovely!

And for a little bonus photo is the smallest Fish of the day too! A nice surprise, a perfect little Carp, great scales on it too! Although some battle wounds!

IMG 20201003 122157

Overall in the session, I ended the day on 20 Carp, and thought I would leave before more possible Rain! I would probably guess they came to about 80lb, however was an enjoyable day nether the less, with plenty of Fish caught, however the Lake did Fish hard and was very on and off as some people really struggled. But that’s Fishing!

Personally, I really liked the set of Lakes, they looked great, and I think the Moat Lake (In better conditions), is a great place to teach people how to Fish and bring in youngsters to the sports, which is what it is all about!

Also, if you do decide to visit Newland Hall from this, try the cafe! Had a fantastic breakfast french stick from there!

Some of my Tackle used and venue:

Rigged N Ready X5 –

My Maver Venue Seatbox –

Newland Hall FB –

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