Brian Holland

Don’t forget the Margin

Arriving on dusk Friday, I took a walk around the lake to see any signs of carp, even though it was a flat calm lake nothing showed. The swims to the main bowl was taken so I set up on the corner of a reed bed with the intention of putting a line down the side and one into open water. It was dark by the time everything was set up so I flicked one yellow pop up down the side of the reed bed and the other into open water for the night, except an odd bleep of the alarm nothing throughout the night.

I woke up Saturday morning pulled the rods in and watched the water whilst having a coffee. Nothing was showing which is not surprising being the beginning of November. Opposite me was a bank of overgrown bushes and trees which was accessible with a small cast but to the left is a bridge that goes over the water to the bank the other side. The trees in the water was the furthest away from the bridge which if I was to get a run I would have a chance of getting to the rod as I could not let the fish get under the bridge.

Baiting up with a handful of boilies from the bridge, I then proceeded to wrap up to make sure I hit the mark all the time.

I will admit that like most anglers we cannot afford to have different sets of rods for different situations, unfortunately I can short range on three acres to long range on seventy acres so mine are over the top for casting short range so clipping up is a must to stop the overcast, with the first rod set I now could look for a spot for the second rod.

Now even though videos on YouTube by Nash, Korda etc harp on about margins how many people do it, I do but do you. The amount of times I see fishermen punching out the rods to the middle of the lake or further when within a foot the fish happily swim through. Look at it this way if you fish a lake that have multi species in it and is fished by non-carp anglers the chances are the will be fishing close in and will at the end of the day throw in their left over bait.

Now back to the second rod, with the above in mind, I had to my left lilies where between them and the bank was about two foot, It looked a good pathway for the fish to swim around the lilies, So I baited with a handful of whole and crushed boilies and placed the ever trusted yellow pop up on top. It was not long, and the rod was away, it was a short little fight as the fish darted into what was left of the lilies and then popped out again into the waiting net. A nice dumpy common of about twelve pounds. With him safely back in the water the rod was reset, and some bacon put on for a nice little breakfast then I remembered should have photographed it (duh!).

The rest of the day went quiet, changing the pop up to a boilie on the margin rod to see if I could entice another bite, not a bleep. At four o’clock I decided to take the yellow pop up off and change to a 14mm pink fluoro and put it on the spot at 8 o’clock this was to pay off with a small common, rebaited and wrapped up I placed the rod back to be woken at 2 o’clock with another small common, at least that spot paid off.

Sunday morning waking up on daybreak I pulled in both rods and changed hooks and put both out in the same positions and waited with anticipation.

After a couple of hours of nothing happening I put on the sun glasses and stood there studying the water, whilst other anglers stay bivvied up watching the water will hopefully give you the edge for that one extra fish. Seeing a couple of bubbles in an alcove between the dyeing lilies, I pulled in the margin rod and being only a rod length out carefully placed the pop up over some crushed boilies.

It was all quiet so deciding to reel in both rods and go for a stroll around the lake to see if I Could spot anything, down to the left is a large lily area and as I watch small signs of movement could be seen, collecting one rod , Landing net and a handful of boilies I headed down. Placing the rig in a pocket then putting crushed boilies on top, resting the rod on the landing stage, and placing a copper queens head on the spool I sat back and waited. I gave this an hour before heading back to my swim with nothing to show.

Putting both rods out again, one on the snags and the other I placed into mid water and baited whole boilies over the top.

Even though nothing else came of the day I was happy with the three I caught. Roll on next weekend.


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