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Day Ticket Action and Tidal River Blanking

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to go fishing on both Saturday and Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I went fishing two days in a row. On the Saturday, I fished my local lake Rochford reservoir, it doesn’t take too long to get to and I’m also a member. On the Sunday, I wanted to try something a little different and completely out of my comfort zone, river carping. The venue in question was the river crouch.

On the Saturday, my mum dropped me off around 9, and after a quick walk around I decided to fish from the disabled platform on the road bank. I had never fished this swim before, I would have preferred the swims further down the bank. It was a tricky cast to the island with willows overhanging both above me and on the island. I set up my rods, one in the margins to my right with a 15mm sticky baits signature popup on my jcm rig. Over this rod I scattered about half a handful of pellets and around half a dozen crumbed boilies. The other rod, after about four attempts landed perfectly within 2 feet of the island. On this rod I used the same rig but with a 10mm white popup.

Graham, the bailiff came round to check my membership and have a quick chat and just as he started off again my rod tip wrapped around in a savage take. After a short battle I netted my first carp of the day, a beautiful 12lb 12oz mirror carp. This one came from the Island. A fellow angler kindly took some photos for me and we slipped her back.

IMG 4198

I went on to catch another 4 carp that day bringing the total to 5. Two were from the margins, and three were from the Island, all were caught on a jcm rig. Now if your wondering what exactly a jcm rig is, it stands for Joe Chappell’s Multi Rig. I’ve been testing out a new way of tying the multi rig, you will be hearing more of this soon.

3 smaller fish 1

Sunday came, and after a nice lie in and mowing the grass me and my mum set off on our adventure. While preparing the gear, I noticed a crucial bit of kit missing. I had left my polaroid glasses in my dad’s car, which was currently two hundred miles away in Lancashire, this was a bit of a setback as I knew these would be important for spotting those carp in the muddy depths of the river Crouch.

We got to the river at about half 12, left the gear in the car (big mistake) and went for a walk. We were walking for about an hour, checking out likely looking spots and looking for carp. We managed to spot numerous different butterflies, grasshoppers and even a slow worm, but no carp for now. On the way back, walking through the tall grasses that cover the banks of the river, my mum fell in a hole, luckily it wasn’t too big, but she did get covered in mud.

IMG 4329

We were almost back at the car when we saw a little roach or something skip across the surface, after a short look around it became apparent there was something bigger in the swim too, a carp, probably around 8lb. It had its head down in the clay and was clouding up the water. Now you see why it was a mistake leaving the gear in the car. Well I grabbed the car keys off my mum and ran back to the car, grabbed a net, mat, rod, reel, pack of hooks and loaf of bread. I came back to the swim, but the fish was gone.

We spent the next hour or so walking up and down, looking for fish but found nothing. My mum was getting tired, so we decided to settle down in a swim. There was an area of flattened grass, which looked like someone had been fishing. I hoped that maybe I could jump on their spot which they may have been pre baiting. We sat and waited for a few hours, but the alarms remained silent. We did however, manage to spot a little field mouse who had a taste for my boilies, as well as buzzards, a sparrow hawk, a pair of kestrels and some goldfinches and greenfinches. We may not have caught anything, but it was a nice day out in the sun, and we spotted some wicked wildlife too.

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This all brings back lots of memories, .as I am an ex bailiff on the res and helped nick north to build that the fish still get transferred naturally in the floods.coz I like fishing the river best.but moving on to the crouch.that hole your mum fell down nearly gets me every and I think I know it’s there.(funny).something that’s not funny is the carp situation because they are not there any more.yes they have been eaten by human ,s ..big time!!!!!!

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