David Porter

  • Bass Fishing Using a Sliding Float
    In this weeks blog, the focus switches back to those hard fighting bars of silver, the bass and float fishing in saltwater. It’s been really difficult for me this week to synchronise available fishing time and the local tide table, but tides and weather were favourable for a spot of float fishing at one of […]
  • A Surprising Result
    My angling life has always been full of surprises and last weekend was no exception other than the fact I struggled when all around me caught fish; and good fish at that. I arranged to fish with my son, Tom and a friend, Kevin Bullen to fish my local North Suffolk beach , as Tom […]
  • Bank Holiday Moody Blues
    I have always enjoyed bank holidays for the extra fishing time it allowed, but now being retired it is not such a longed for event because I am no longer constrained by the responsibilities of work. Over the years and even during my school days I can remember angling milestones passed and secured for posterity […]
  • Bass Fishing From The Shore In North Suffolk (part two)
    The weather has been extremely frustrating with frontal systems sweeping in that seem to produce air temperatures more applicable to early Spring than mid May. Normally by this time we would expect that the summer visitors, such as the bass and smoothhound are well settled in our coastal waters. The signs are good with the […]
  • Saltwater Small Fry and the odd surprise
    The long school holidays of my youth are times when I developed my unrelenting enthusiasm for sea angling and one particular fish comes to mind from those early days of angling and that is the humble and unfashionable Pouting. I recall a lovely little deep bodied fish that fed voraciously down the sides of my […]
  • Bass from the Suffolk Shore
    As Spring arrives and the inshore waters begin to warm up, my thoughts turn to the prospect of seeking out that game and handsome bar of silver, the Bass (Marone Labrax), that populate our coastline and estuaries on the East Coast during the warmer months. After a hard season of poor cod fishing it is […]
  • An Angling Memory of a Forgotten Fishing Club, a Bitterly Cold January Evening and a Codling
    Most anglers at some point in their angling lives will join a fishing club and depending on their individual circumstances and interests, some will happily remain within a club structure for many years, or others will decide to move on and fish solely freelance. For young anglers and beginners it was and still is always […]
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