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Chub Fishing With Crazy Surprise Catch!

Today I somehow managed to get up at 6:00 to get down to the river to get the early morning bight, but today proved that whether it’s at 6:00 or 9:55 in the morning the bite is hot! I got down to the swim and got my waders on I jumped in and started walking downstream I got no response from any fish until I got to the first corner of the river which was where my first ever brown decided to smack the Salmo minnow 5cm. The water at this spot was absolutely steaming and was covered in weeds which made a difference from the rock and gravel all over the river. it was an epic fight with the trout jumping and splashing all over the place. was an awesome fight unfortunately I didn’t do my research and kept the rod tip high which brought the fish up and he got off.

I tried to keep walking down but got threatened by a swan that hissed at me! I didn’t even know they hissed! so I swiftly ran in the other direction. As I got round to the next side of the launch swim I managed to almost fall in I had to stick to the margins as the middle was soo much deeper. The first cast around the next bend I had a screaming smack down bite and was hooked into something big! which almost ripped the rod out of my hands! at first, I thought it was a chub due to the silver flashing of the fishes flank, I then saw the hump it had on its back then I got very excited thinking it was a salmon as there has only been 2 salmon caught in the river officially. after it tried burying itself into the weed and scared me by making me think I’ve dropped it suddenly emerged to the surface docile as ever, wow this was a big fish as well as being a sea trout which only run for a week and the river covers more than 15miles I felt blessed to hook into this fish. she barely fit into the net so I knew she was bigger than 40cm, unfortunately, I don’t weigh or measure my fish anymore so I can’t give an exact weight. After getting some good shots and releasing her she gave me one last splash and swam off the depths.

IMG 7284 1
IMG 7278 1
Check out those blue spots!

I continued to push down towards to wier pool at the end of the stretch, I swiftly came across a corner of the river i like to call chub corner for its huge shoal of chub that never seem to move! I had a few casts around here with not much interest which was surprising considering these fish had most likely never been fished for in the past, I hooked one at the bottom of a weak waterfall trickling down the side of the riverbank, guess they must have been attracted to the extra oxygenated water. It was only a little juvenile but was still fooled by the Salmo minnow, smashing the bait and inhaling it before swiftly spiting the hook just after I got it in the net! This fish was super lively and would not chill out and behave like the larger adult chub usually do. I tried to get a photo after setting up the tripod but failed miserably as it jumped out of my hands.

IMG 7286 1

As I got closer to the wier the water got shallow and very fast I immediately thought “trout”. And how correct I was! unfortunately, because I was uneducated with trout I kept the rod tip high and lost them all.

I pushed past the wier and carried on walking up the river I eventually reached another little stream where I picked up an even smaller chub which I didn’t get a photo of. The only action I had after this was a brown trout with half of its back out of the water chasing the lure down hard and fast! hope you guys enjoy I haven’t made the video yet but when I have I will tag it below.

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