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Chelmer Piking!

Well today meant for something I haven’t really done before! Well two things I haven’t really done before! Lure Fishing, and Pike Fishing! Having never caught a Fish on the Lure or caught a Pike, this would be a good chance to do something new! Luckily fellow blogger Thomas Baird offered to take me out and show me the ropes! Lucky he still liked me after beating him at Newland hall fishery a few weeks back!

We met at one of Tom’s favourite parts of the Chelmer for Pike, and we were both excited and hopeful. I was actually using my Rigged n Ready X5 Max Rod, and used the normal lure configuration of it, with a wire trace and a savage gear small natural look roach.

On our walk down the River, we soon passed another group of Lure anglers, who had the guts to get up a bit earlier than us! And it seemed they were catching a few Fish too, in-fact as we passed, Russ managed to get himself a lovely stripey!

IMG 20201024 WA0009
Russ Eason with his Perch

We walked for quite a while without any luck, with the odd cast in a likely looking spot, however at about 11, we finally had a bit of luck, and Tom was into his first Fish, he landed a small Jack Pike of around 1-2lb, was good one of us had at least caught!

IMG 20201024 111718

While Tom had to untangle his Lure from the net, I cast in a similar area to where he had the Fish, and instantly, I had my first bite and was in! The Pike dart straight to the weeds and after a bit of a fight, and before Tom had managed to free his Lure, he had to net my Fish! My first Lure caught Fish, and my first Pike! And not too bad of a size either at around 3-4lb!

Was a great catch for me, and really made my day! I was chuffed with it, and hopefully there will be more to come.

After this excitement, we walked back to where we parked, with the odd chuck every so often, and before we moved to our next spot, had a quick bite at a nearby cafe which topped up the energy for hopefully a few more!

Unfortunately, the rest of the session was uneventful, I did however hook into two more Fish on the next stretch of the Chelmer, however lost both, first one not long after hooking, and the second as Tom was running with the net, a small Pike, under 1lb, so a baby!

However, was a great day, and chuffed I managed to catch! Hopefully there will be a few more to come!

Rigged and Ready Travel Rod X5 Max:

Tight lines!

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