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Is The Ned Rig Worth The Hype?

IMG 8363

I saw the pressure and it just screamed perch! i grabbed my rod and went off to do a test that ive wanted to do for a long time, is the Ned rig really worth it!? is it as good as people say it is? So with the pressure low, spirits high, overcast weather and mild i got the z-mans hooked up and went to visit my favourite mark. Upon arrival i went to a boat which always has a steady shoal of perch below i, nothing big but to get the blank off the table was a brill thing. The pike were EVERYWHERE and didn’t show any signs of wanting to do pike things, so i lost about 4 lures to pike and throughout the day about 7 to snags. When the bite dried off on the z-mans i decided to change to a slick shad in young perch colour this was because id seen perch hitting bait on the surface and the bite rapidly increased, even tho the river was low the fish were on the feed hard! The day slowly got more and more annoying as kept getting bitten of and snagged but the ned rig was killing it as soon as i found the shoal id just wipe up taking what felt like the whole shoal one by one. I stuck to margins and slacks all day really as its very tidal and i cant get 7g to stick on the bottom however one mistake cast ended up seeing the z-man bugz getting crushed in the middle of the chanel by what felt like a solid fish, unfortunately there wasn’t much fight as the tide was pulling too hard when i got it into the net i saw its shoulders and realised this was a big girls child, hopefully shes out there, besides that this fish was already a pb! i don’t do too well on the perch aspect i cant get big ones to save my life but i managed to pull this one out and she was the end of the day on a lovely PB fish!

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Rigged & Ready – Fish Rig 180 Review – The best telescopic rod?

Today, something a bit different, a rod review, the Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180 (This blog as nothing to do with the Car, although a lovely car it is!), when I was first told about this rod, I was very intrigued and had to give it a go. It’s a semi telescopic ultra light rod. Perfect for light lure fishing for Perch or LRF. I saw this Rod as the perfect rod to target Perch.

As usual with Rigged and Ready, the rod comes in a quality hard case, with beautiful embroidery on, this is something they don’t go cheap on with the cases, they make travel rods, and you need a good case for it, I really wish more companies packed their rods in lovely cases like this. It just screams quality.

IMG 20210716 101252 scaled e1626427439860

Firstly, lets take a look at the specifications of this Rod. It is as above, semi telescopic, the only section not telescopic is the main tip, and it come’s with two tips giving you two different lengths and strengths. The main tip is 0-15g and will make the rod to 180cm, the second tip is 15-30g and makes the rod to 160cm. Really gives you a nice range of fishing.

IMG 20210716 101310 scaled e1626427468347

The rod also only weights in at 90g! Yes…only 90g! With a balanced reel, the rod will balance perfectly on your finger, it’s a breeze to carry all day fishing, you’ll barely notice you’re holding it! Normally with travel rods, or telescopic rods with different parts, you do think it the quality will maybe be bulky, maybe a bit heavy, or it will break easy. Really not the case with this rod, as light as it is, I’ve never thought I’d break it, you need to be careful when building it with each of the sections as you would any rod, however once in full piece, the build quality is fantastic.

IMG 20210716 101357

If we move onto the look of the Rod now, because let’s be honest, as anglers we like tackle that looks good! I feel it definitely delivers on the style front, the previous Rigged & Ready rod had the lovely stamp just above the reel with the brand and rod name, however that was the extent of it. This time Rigged & Ready have really upped their game in my eyes. The design of the handle is lovely, with a lovely cork handle, and the typical light lure rod look now with a thin carbon part going into the butt of the Rod.

And well, the butt of the Rod is finished with a lovely Pike with the Uk logo designed into, really screams quality.

IMG 20210716 101430

I guess we should move onto what is the Rod like to use? I have personally used this rod for Dropshot targetting Perch of any size. And my usual worry is that the Rod will be too heavy for the small Perch, it’s nice to see a bend in your rod for any size fish, but also when you get those bigger Perch, it to handle them, and this rod truly does, it makes the small perch enjoyable, until you hit into a bigger one, and it really shows it strength, as you can really handle the bigger fish.

The best thing, this Rod only costs £59.99. which is an incredibly low price. If anyone was interested, we can also offer a 10% discount code to make this an even better price too! “ESSEX A+R&R

If you want to see the Rod in action, here are few videos of myself using the Rod for Perch, and also George from Adventure Fishing UK’s review of the Rod (Prepare for huge enthusiasm as you go into George’s video! He catches some great fish in it!).

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Using the Salmo Slider to find big chub.

Last year I received a 7cm Salmo slider for Christmas after hearing this lure was a must-have for pike I decided to pick one up in real roach colour, and to say I’m impressed is an understatement!

As I have learnt more and progressed through my fishing I have come to realise that its also an outstanding big perch and chub lure! After starting freshwater fishing last October I have been determined to master the fresh and catch everything from dace to salmon. And this chapter is on chub.

I started the day by waking up at around 6:00 and got to the river at 7:00, the lure got a lot of attention from small fish and within 10 mins a follow from a big chub and not only big but my first! she took the lure and missed the hookup. Heartbroken. Anyway, after trying to find her again it proved unsuccessful so I carried on moving to what I like to call my honey hole. Every time I come here there is some sort of fish be it chub, dace, trout, perch there’s always something to save the blank. And that I very much did, a specimen perch showed its face and took a liking to the Salmo with a spectacular fight to put a massive grin on my face!

GPTempDownload 1

After this I spent the rest of the day trying to find another chub in the crystal clear urban setting, unfortunately, I spent most of the time pulling hooks out of my fingernail or net, what a pain. But I didn’t let it get me down I swiftly ripped the hook out and carried on fishing, after my repositioning proved unsuccessful I went back to where I got my follow hoping the fish had come back and was ready for another go. And there she was sat in the flow sunbathing I dropped my net and pitched a perfect cast to her face after the follow and a few twitches of the lures I felt it. BANG. Reel screaming, rod shaking adrenaline making me feel bulletproof, this was my first chub. As she neared the net I prayed she would stay hooked and everything came to plan.

GPTempDownload 2

I have recently been down to the river and noticed a massive population of chub and super big ones mixed in with the average size ones, due to the slider being 21g I cannot cast it with my UL set up but I will be picking up some rattling hornets and lighter Salmo crankbaits and getting some real fun on the chub, remember to check back in then!

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Maver Venue Seatbox Review: Is it worth it?

Today we are looking at the pack-down seatbox from Maver, the Venue. An interesting seatbox aimed for those who are unable to store a full seat box. I’ve owned this seatbox for a few years now, and have got a good idea about it. Hope you find this Maver Venue Seatbox Review helpful!

maver venue seatbox review

The box comes with the main seat with one rig tray, a large tray, legs and an outrigger and bag to put on the back to store a few bits and bobs in. All this stored in one nice size bag. One thing to note, with everything in the bag it can be fairly heavy to carry, however, it is a seatbox at the end of the day, the strap on the bag can make it easier to carry if you don’t have a trolley. However, carrying this along with a pole bag, rollers and bait bag could be a bit of a challenge. I’ve always used this with a small trolley and have been fine.

IMG 20210610 174058

Putting the box together the first time can be slightly challenging, but once you have got a method it becomes quick and easy. One issue can be getting the box level and even each time. As there is no point of reference on the legs as to where to set them. This is in my view a bit of a let down, of course it would be different for different people. I highly recommend using some electrical tape or a marker of some sort to mark each leg with where to screw in, this will hugely reduce the time it takes you to put the box together. Make sure you attach each leg nice and tightly or you could slip down through the day!

IMG 20210610 174110

The outrigger is easy to add on too, add it on to one of the front legs before you attached that leg to the box and then adjust to be where you need it to be.

IMG 20210610 174114

The bag is a nice size to store a few bits and bobs, personally I keep pole cups, pole socks and other misc tackle in. You get a single tray level on the box, however you can buy more. Although for just a pleasure angler the one tray means you can get plenty of different rigs in. It also comes with a fantastic size side table, which is huge. most of the time I find it hard to fill it up, also has a nice soft foam top kit holes in, just to separate your top kits a bit easier.

When you’re on the box, its a nice and comfy seat, can easily sit and spend 6 hours on it. I have pleasure fished with it, and even several club matches and it’s never caused me an issue, for that I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you don’t have the room for a fully built seat box. I personally drive a Mini, so fitting a normal seatbox in along with all my other gear can be a tough game of Tetris. However this slides quite nicely into my car.

It’s priced at an affordable price too compared to other boxes. I personally would suggest this box to others, however, the cons of it are there, it can be tedious to put together each time and take down after a session. However you can soon get fast at this, and without marking the legs, I would be sitting a bit wonky!

A nice benefit is, you can get a lot of other brand seat box add-ons to fit onto this box. I use it with a Preston rod rest when feeder fishing, which makes life a bit easier. Although not all add-ons fit on, so always double check before purchasing!

Hope this helps a few newcomers in looking for a small box which can be broken down!

Here is a previous blog where I am on this box catching Crucians!

Tight Lines All…

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Wychwood Riot Rods – Tackle Review

With the freezing temperatures having rolled in over the last couple weeks it has been very hard to get over onto a lake where it hasn’t frozen over and with only 1 lake in my local district as per Government guidelines my options are limited. So, with that in mind today I’m going to write a tackle review on my Wychwood Riot Rods. 

I’ve been using these rods for over a year now, there seemed to be a small uprising of using smaller rods a while ago and after giving Jack’s Nash Dwarf rods a go and seeing the benefits I decided to jump on the band wagon myself. 

After looking around at the different rods available I decided to go with the Wychwood Riots 9ft 2.75lb EVA handled variety. With the lakes I usually fish, I don’t fish at long distances and as I previously stated I like to fish the margins a lot so the 9ft rods are perfect for how I like to fish. 

87387520 2642696422516720 8423317705188179968 o
The Wychwood Riots 9ft Rods, the tackle of choice for myself.

I can honestly say I am so happy I made the move from using 12ft rods to using 9ft rods, the only thing that I really needed to change was how I would cast, sometimes when you want to fish that little bit further you have to give it that little bit more umph. 

However, this isn’t to say the rods can’t do what you need, these rods are perfect for all situations I have put them in and I am very happy with them, they also give you the advantage over bigger rods that they can get you into some more of the overgrown swims or just the smaller swims where the 12ft rods possibly couldn’t go. 

100621201 2841250215994672 4738682407459225600 o
Sometimes these smaller rods can get you in them little holes where the bigger rods may be a bit harder to handle.

They have a strong backbone too, I’ve played catfish multiple times on them and never had a moment where I thought the rod wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

I would recommend partnering these lightweight rods with a smaller reel so to balance out the weight of the rod and reel combo and making it less demanding on yourself over time, I partner my 3 with the Fox Eos 10000 reels which work perfectly for me. 

One of the most attractive and best things of these rods are the price point, at around £55 a rod these are very much affordable for most people and like I said are perfect carp rods, when I purchased mine, I got them on a deal of 2+1, so basically buy 2 get 1 free and with that my setup was complete. I have left a link below for the deal I got myself so you can revel in the savings you’ve made! 

The rods themselves come in 12ft, 10ft and 9ft variations so even if you do not want to downsize your rod size Wychwood cater for that too, also with the 12ft variant it comes with 50mm butt guides to help with longer distance casting. 

There isn’t much more I can add to describe these rods other then they are perfect in my eyes, Ive not come across a reason to believe these rods couldn’t handle any situation I put them through and with such a cheap price point they are perfect for beginners and experienced anglers alike. 

So, with that review complete I hope you all stay safe in these crazy times and fingers crossed we can all soon go about our normal lives and hit the banks and catch those dream fish we all wish for 🤞🤞 

As always,   

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,   



Wychwood Riot Rods 2+1: 

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Advanta Discovery RVS Rod River Ambush 5.5ft – Review

After attempting to fish today in the -3c weather, with my rod tip freezing, made placing a bait very difficult, along with the freezing wind chill, I didn’t last very long. So today, I decided to have a look at the Advanta River Ambush rod, at 5.5ft its a tiny rod capable of getting in those overgrown swims in the summer, and it’s a rod I have had since the start of the River season, so I have had some use out of it, and the big question is, is it any good?

IMG 20200716 090904

The first thing to note, this is an Angling Direct own product, and is priced at £24.99, making it a cheap option. For those just wanting a small rod to use occasionally for those specific swims and venues. It has a 1.5lb test curve, which for most of my Fishing, is stronger than I would usually use and is a two piece rod.

The first thing adapting to with this rod, is casting with such a small rod, and it really does change casting, however a few chucks and you are quickly adapted to it. I found this rod great in the summer, with the overgrowth, getting into tight swims, and catching small Chub of up to 1lb. It had more than enough power to bully them out, and the Fish weren’t bite sensitive at all, so kept trying to drag the rod in. It was great fun to use it catching these Fish.

However, I did also take this rod with me to a weir pool, catching Perch of around half a pound and other small Roach too, later in the season, and I found the rod was just to heavy, I think the strength of the tip made a lot of the Perch spit the hook and worm out.

I have also took this rod to my club lakes to give it a power test, dealing with Carp of up to 6/7lb, and they have some Barbel tight in the margins to see if the Rod was up to the challenge of bullying them out.

The rod dealt with this quite well, and did manage to land one of the Barbel (I know Barbel shouldn’t be in lakes too). Even had a nice bonus Tench.

Overall, the rod has got the power behind it, which I think can hinder it in certain situations, especially going after the smaller species when they aren’t just properly having it. It would be a great rod for a lump of cheese paste or meat, waiting in a swim you know will provide a good fish, the rod will be able to deal with handling them. I would also say this would be a nice rod for a kid looking to get into River Fishing, a nice small size, doesn’t break the bank and will definitely have a few Fish caught on it, but has the power to deal with bigger Fish too. It would be a nice addition and at the price not too noticeable, however I would not solely rely on this Rod on Rivers.

Link to the Rod:

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Winter Warmers

Welcome back to another blog! Sadly no time for fishing this week with all the home tutoring for my 2 children. However I thought I would go over a few essential items to take on a Winter sessions fishing to ensure you are comfortable and safe at all times.

  1. Head torch 

For me this is a vital piece of kit during the winter months. As the mornings start later and the evenings come in sooner you may find yourself setting up/ packing up in the dark. This can be a very dangerous time as you are constantly beside the lake when doing both of these things and without proper equipment you could be putting yourself in a bad situation without even realising it. A decent head torch is a must! 

This is the current head torch I use and its a wonderful piece of kit.
  1. Stove & Kettle 

Whether you like hot drinks or not, nothing can beat warming your hands up next to a nice warm stove, obviously being as careful as possible to not burn yourself. Not only is it useful for making lovely warm drinks but if you want you can take a hot water bottle to give you that little boost, I don’t myself but I see myself getting ever closer to the age where this seems very appealing. In addition, a stove can help you shrink your shrink tubing if need be so is always handy to have it with you. Personally, after seeing a video with a segment from Frank Warwick in it I do not shrink my tubing over the hot steam as this can weaken your rig material, I like to shrink mine inside the hot water itself, this only takes a few seconds to shrink plus saves the material from being weakened and also keeps your fingers away from the hot steam! 

  1. Warm clothing / Appropriate footwear 

I think this one is pretty obvious but can be overlooked. Making sure you have enough layers on or with you can turn that cold miserable day into a slightly less miserable one and may encourage yourself to have that extra hour on the bank with the possibility of a bonus fish! 

Appropriate footwear, I cannot stress this one enough, leading up to winter last year I myself made the mistake of not taking the correct footwear on a 48-hour session and this proved to be a very hard session for me. I didn’t take into account the weather leading up to my session and the lake was completely swamped, I didn’t have the right footwear and was left with soaking wet socks and trainers for two days, not only was it uncomfortable it can prove to be very damaging to your health. 

highgrade thermo suit
  1. Shelter 

Again, this may seem obvious but if you don’t take it into consideration then you may end up cutting your session short. A good day shelter can be the turning point from having a miserable time and potentially becoming ill and keeping yourself away from the elements and safe. I have had my same day shelter for 5 years and it’s still going strong, some may seem expensive but trust me these are major investments and you will never regret it. 

61sBMGqk7L. AC SL1000
  1. Power bank 

Living in the world we do; technology is a huge focal point in our lives. Whether it be for important phone calls or browsing the ever-awesome Essex Anglers website for brilliant blogs everyday covering all aspects of fishing 😉 you need battery in your phone. A power bank is a massive must for me and not just any power bank, you have to ensure you have a good one, power bank capacities are measured in mAh (mAh means milliamp Hour and is a unit that measures (electric) power over time. It is commonly used to measure the energy capacity of a battery. In general, the more mAh and the longer the battery capacity or battery life.) So as stated the higher the mAh the more capacity the battery has and the more times you SHOULD be able to charge your devices (Always keep an eye out from scam suppliers who may quote higher mAh then they actually provide) 

The last point for me you must have Passion for the sport and a little bit of a screw loose to fish in the winter conditions, I personally LOVE fishing in the winter, yes, it is harder to catch at times but the fish seem to be at their heaviest weights and with so few anglers fishing, the serenity of being in the outdoors with your own thoughts is perfect! 

You can find most of the above items mentioned over at our sponsors . 

Remember people be safe whilst on the bank at all times but especially in these colder months when things can get a bit harder on the bank. 

As always,  

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,  



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Tackle Box Darent Valley 8ft Quiver Review

I have had this Rod for a little while now, and used it in a few different situations and venues, so have been building this Review for a while, one of the reasons it has took so long, as I really wanted to really give it a test. And I have to admit, I am very impressed, so much so, this Rod has dethroned by trusty Garbalino Rocket Picker as my main tip rod.

On un-boxing of the Rod, I was instantly impressed with the firm build quality. The rod comes with two tips, a lovely and soft 1oz tip, and another tip of 1.5oz, however the rings on this tip set it up for float fishing or even lure fishing with dropshots! However you can still use this as a quiver, for those areas you think you may have some bigger fish about! It comes in a nice rod bag too, nothing fancy but a nice initial bag to keep it in.

The first use of this Rod, was a very memorable day for myself. I started the day playing around with the heavier, float fishing tip, doing some waggler Fishing on a slow River/Canal. I was after the Roach held in this stretch, and was flicking in maggot and mashed bread with maggot and bread flake as hookbait. The Rod was lovely to play those small few oz Roach on and kept it a very fun day.

I decided to swap to the softer tip and fish a small bomb and bread flake, to see what Fish where mopping up the feed on the bottom. In 10 minutes, I had two great bites, strong indications on the tip, and set myself two new Roach PB’s, with a first of around 1lb, and then a warrior of 2lb!

The Rod dealt with both Fish great, and was just right, not over gunned, but still powerful enough to be confident playing bigger fish, while making these Fish put a nice bend in the Rod.

I next tested this Rod on small commercial size Carp averaging around 3-5lb. This was chucking out a method feeder of 20g filled with micros and watching the tip smash round. The small rod done well for itself to chuck this feeder out, and was very impressive how such a small soft rod dealt with this.

On the day, I managed 8 Carp of all around that type of size, and was great fun on the Rod with the softer tip, leaving me confident this Rod could deal with whatever is thrown its way.

What I leave you with is this, it’s a small soft Rod, however it packs a punch for it’s size, well built and strong, can survive a dog attempting to vault over it, and passer-by’s distracted by your catch and accidently tread on it! (Sadly, not tests I wanted to do, however the Rod was fine each time!), this Rod is priced at £46.99 currently on the Tackle Box, and for this price, it’s an absolute gem. A super rod which performs amazingly and it comes with their lifetime warranty, and their support is second to none! If you are in the market for a quiver, this Rod is a must.

Tackle Box Darent Valley 8ft Quiver:

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Tackle Review – Tackle Box CF-X 18m Telescopic Baiting Pole

If you’ve read my most recent blog, you would have already heard what I’m about to say. If not then keep reading!

When I say this piece of kit has doubled my catch rate, I’m not lying. I mentioned it above, yep that’s right, it’s my baiting pole from The Tackle Box. I absolutely love it. I’ve been using it for a few months now and in that time 90% of the carp I’ve caught have been while using it.

IMG 6459
A recent victim of the baiting pole.

What I love about the baiting pole is how stealthy it is compared to a bait boat. With a bait boat, it may be half an hour or more before fish return to your spot after getting your bait back out. While using the baiting pole, if your careful you can drop your rig right on top of feeding fish without disturbing them at all, meaning you are fishing effectively for longer. Another advantage of a baiting pole is its reliability. A baiting pole doesn’t run out of charge like a bait boat. It doesn’t have lots of little parts which can be expensive to fix and replace and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a boat.

IMG 6365

One obvious drawback of a baiting pole is its range. I have the extension kit which is fantastic and gives the pole an even greater range. It has been crucial to reaching those nooks and cranny’s just past the reach of the 18m telescopic section alone. You can add as many extensions as you like, meaning if you wanted to, you could reach distances of over 30 meters and drop the bait exactly where you want with good few hand fulls of free offerings around it. The baiting pole eliminates the need for a perfectly accurate cast which may end up snagging in a branch.

IMG 6349
The baiting pole and extension kit fully extended in our 30m long garden

The baiting pole and extension kit fits perfectly on the side of my rod holdall, so I don’t need to haul around any extra luggage and its super light. If you’re thinking of buying a baiting pole, then stop thinking and go get one, you won’t regret it. If you are thinking of buying a bait boat, think again. Unless you’re going to be fishing at silly long distances like 100 yards plus then a baiting pole may be the better option. The Tackle Box are also offering £25 off their baiting pole and £10 off their extension kit. Check them out here: Baiting Pole Extension Kit

tacklebox 728x90 1
tacklebox 728x90 1

Here’s a few of the fish I’ve caught while using the baiting pole these past couple of months.

IMG 6383
IMG 6429
A fish caught my my friend jack when he borrowed my baiting pole.
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Tackle Box Darent Valley Specialist Rod


I was asked to test out this particular rod which is one of 10 in this range of Darent Valley. As an active angler I decided that I would test the rod with Carping and Float fishing. So, over the last four weeks that’s what I have done.

First let’s look at the design of the rod. When you first pick it up you notice it’s a very light rod. I like that its light, this makes it easier to carry if walking a River or equally a large Lake. The slim line length and the carbon black finish really sets the rod off in the sun. The Cork handle gives it a bit of class whilst fishing. I do like a cork handle. Its like fishing with history with you. Also, when you’re reeling in you have that soft but durable handle.

20201104 092731

The eyes go from 25 near the handle to 8 at the tip. The line moves freely and smoothly through the eyes. Just before the cork handle is a hook keeper, which allows ease when moving swims or location depending where you’re fishing.

20201030 163824

When transporting the rod, it folds well into two sections and comes with a rod sleeve, which has a Velcro strap near the reel area. I would like to see an extra strap at the top end of the sleeve to make it a bit more secure. 

The length is 11ft 9inches which is a good size for Carping and moving up and down a River. The 2.25lb test curve is powerful and still allows that amazing bend and play for the fish. The thought in the carbon technology in this rod really does show when landing that prize.

20201030 163730

So, the first test was Carping on one of my club waters. I used a bolt rig with a 4oz weight. The cast was good and I felt comfortable in the flex of the rod. After an hour I was in with a 7lb Common. It was a great play and the bend was good. It took me back a few years to when I caught my first Carp.

Next was the float test. Out came my Guru 0.14oz torpedo float, which goes far. There was a good flick on the cast and was fishing at about 6ft depth. I was fishing for Roach and they were coming out thick and fast. Again, a good curve in the rod and a great play bringing them in. I had 42 in total and the rod performed well with every fish.

20201104 223902

This rod is usually £74.99 on the Tackle Box website, but at the moment there is 20% off, making it just £59.99; an absolute bargain.