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The River is Back

As I retrieved the lure up through the margin it appeared. Suspended in mid water staring at the creature bait. I held the lure suspended for a single moment then gave a little twitch, with a movement of its tail it attacked, I stuck. Fish on.

For a while I have need to increase the weight of my rod, I have been using a 0.5 to 6g but struggles casting bigger lures, so I have purchased a Spro Light Jig up to 14g.

rod 1

Along with some Lmab Kofi Bleak lures to start with and some Lmab Finesse filet craws I was good to go. All these were purchased from Predator tackle.

bleak shad

With the river season now open I was back on the Chelmer for my first session. With my new rod and new lures to try out, I had been looking forward to this session for a while. Starting late Saturday morning and walking through a few locks was on the agenda.

First on was the Kofi Bleak as I walked up the river, except a few knocks I had no takes, until I dropped down the side of one of the locks and on the retrieve, it went limp, no, bitten off probably by a jack lurking in the depths.


So, a change of lure to the craw and I continued walking,

With the river flow on the fast side due to the rain for the past few days it was hard going with no actual takes until I had almost got back to my starting point and was desperate for at least one bite.

I found a little deep spot against one of the margins where a small flick into the still water and as with my starting statement one in the net.  A new PB of 27 cm was landed. Well happy after a photo then an upload to the lure competition. UK Lure Series.

perch comp

 I moved to the last spot where I unfortunately lost one.

Tight lines

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Guest Lure

Fishing in Sweden: The Life Changing Fish!

Fishing isn’t a sport or a hobby it’s a life choice. And yes I’m not afraid to say it, I am, 100% fishing and aren’t we all?! 

But seriously, fishing is a sport like no other, anglers experience special moments on every trip. But one trip, one morning, one mad experience all through fishing, may perhaps of changed my life forever. 

November 18th 2020, the UK is manifested in its 2nd COVID-19 Lockdown. Thank the lord for the Angling Trust for allowing fishing to continue. On this very same day, I was in a place called Storuman. A town in the North of Sweden; which I’m sure most of you know, didn’t lockdown and cracked on (each to their own I guess?). Nevertheless, I’m sure with snow dancing off the Pine leaves, Storuman looks magical. Alas for me, it was a solid 5 degrees and looked like a 70’s built council estate. Weirdly had the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had here – which makes things even weirder.

unnamed 1

I was on day 12 of a very rogue fishing road trip around the country. I’d quit my job and gone. Scandi Airways to Stockholm from Manny Manchester and I was away! From there, the plan was to drive around the country fishing everywhere I went. Which if you haven’t seen my YouTube, is where this all started (link below!)

Storuman, was a pit stop before heading further North. Arctic Charr fishing in the North Pole, how random?! But November 18th is a strange day for me. It’s the anniversary of my dad and November 18 2020 marked 2 years since he passed away. 

My old man was the man who got me into fishing and why I’m so passionate about the sport to this day. He told me to never stop fishing, it might save your life/marriage one day. He’s been right about one part! The fish that really turned his rod on though was the Sea Trout. For those who haven’t caught one…the sheer power. Pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish. He never managed to catch that special 8ib+ fish and it eluded him to the day he died. Although if I’m honest he landed numerous 5-6ib Sea Trout so why was he grumbling?

For his anniversary I planned to throw a line in the morning and get driving in the evening. Luckily, this tiny remote Swedish town had a tackle shop. You guessed it, the Swedes are more fishing crazy than us! I got a day ticket to fish the Ume River, which flows between Lake Storuman and many others. Known for its Charr, Pike, Grayling, Lake Trout, White Fish, Perch, Salmon and Sea Trout (if you hadn’t guessed fishing heaven imagine being renowned for that many species!), I felt the chances were in my favour in terms of a catch. I parked Renault Clio up on the side of the E45 and walked down to the bank side, where the lake narrows and starts to form more of a river. With my Rigged and Ready Adventure X5 in toe I set up a light Perch rod, hoping to jig a deep hole next to an unused bridge. 


However, I’d purchased this Roach like jelly lure that I would wanted to test the action on. So I lobbed it out in to what was a shallow bay in front of me. The water was crystal clear; perfect for a tester.  I started my retrieve after a couple of seconds letting the lure slowly sink, one jerk, two jerk, three jerk, then a sudden reality in my tummy set in that could only mean one thing…

Before I could blink the fish was charging into the major flow of the river. My heart was pounding, line streaming out the real, my clutch was loose and that wasn’t the only thing. Before I could gain some composure the fish erupted out the water. A bar of silver in the sky! My mind went salmon. That time of year, this weight and size, I WAS OVER THE MOON!

After a good 5 minutes of back and forth with the fish I finally got a glimpse of my prize. The spots below the lateral line the square tail, it could only mean one thing. Sea Trout. And not just any Sea Trout, but a BIG Sea Trout. A million attempts later trying to fit this colossal beast in my far from adequate Aliexpress travel net the fish was in the net, with the net bursting at the seems.  

I got the fish on the bank and just WOW! The large black spots reminded me of a day after a hike in the Trough of Bowland in the October prior and this fish took my breath completely away. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT TROUT! 

IMG 9359

It topped the scales at 9ib and I couldn’t have been more surprised or just taken a back! This is a one in a life time fish for any angler!! I got the fish back and watching it swim off was just as satisfying as catching this awesome fish. A strong tail kick and back into the Swedish wilderness it went.

As the hype/Adrenalin/Madness wore off the reality dawned. 9ib Sea Trout, 2 years to the day he passed away, coinciding with me getting my act together in life and the fish he’d tried to catch all his life? 

Sorry but some things happen for a reason.

Hope you enjoyed this and honestly no words can explain. Big thanks to EssexAnglers for wanting me to share my fishing journey! Love and peace – Bangaveragetravelandfishing!

Check out my first ever video and this awesome fish and fight over on my YouTube channel or Instagram now and make sure you suffice and follow to keep up to date !

Brian Holland Coarse Lure

The Nine Pit Challenge

Well after a night carp fishing which I caught a couple at stupid o’clock in the morning, I had already decided to make the Sunday a perch session on the lake. As I was packing up a knew I need content for a blog, why not turn this into a challenge.  On the club waters I was at has nine pits. So, I decided I need to catch at least one fish from each lake. So, starting at seven in the morning and having to get away at two in the afternoon, I had seven hours to catch from nine lakes ‘simples’.

As I was going for Perch originally on the day, I decided to stick with them in hope that they would be in all the pits. My weapon of attack for this would be my six foot 0.5-to-6-gram rod, 1000 reel loaded with 5lb braid and a 4lb fluorocarbon leader with a size 6 Gamakutsu 325 hook and a 1-gram weight on a Texas set up.  I went small as size was not going to be an issue in what I had challenged myself to do. In fact, I hoped that it would help. First lure of choice was a Gunki Tispy lure.


Bear with me on this as the pits will be out of order and there is no pit 7.

My starting point was pit 9, I had fished for perch and caught out of here before, the lake is shallow full of weed and with lilies at one end, I started walking around casting on the margin’s deep spots and through the holes in the weed. Always the way is that it is full of small carp that were cruising the surface and making their way to the sunny end of the lake where all the lilies are. Typical I am not carp fishing and they must know it. Anyway, after a frustrating half an hour and no fish I moved to the second pit.

pit 9

Pit 5 is the next one to pit 9. This is extremely small and an underarm cast you could cover the lake. At about four to five foot deep and has cut away trees and large roots going into it, these were my first port of call. Dropping the lure in on the first retrieve I had a knock, second cast a large knock but no take at this point I decided to remove the tail of the lure just in case it was too large and quickly has a take that fought and then fell off.  I moved slight around the corner and casting against some reed and a hit on the drop. This time no mistake and the first perch and the first pit down. One hour down six hours to go.

5 perch

Pit 4 was next along, this is u-shaped and just solid with weed and again the carp were cruising through the upper layers, with two lakes with carp cruising I should have gone back to the car and got out the stalking rod with some bread crust, but I did not. So, after about twenty minutes I went onto the next pit, to returning later thinking I would get as many pit’s out of the way quickly.

Pit 2 is just a small bowl that has weed and swims that need repair, not actually sure if anyone fishes it, had a few casts but did not get the feeling that there was fish in there. So on to the next one.

pit 2

Pit 1. This is the main carp lake of the complex with weed around all the margins but clear in the open water, at one end there are some snag’s, so I headed there first. Nothing hit the lure, so I started heading around the lake trying all the margins. Getting frustrated I pulled off and headed back to Pit 4.

Once back at pit four, I decided to drop the lure in between the weed and the edge and blow me got hit and taken by a little fellow, so with two and quarter hours of fishing I had two fish. Woohoo. Now I headed over to Pit 8 which I believed would have been the hardest pit.


Pit 8. This is a large reservoir that is just clogged up with weed, down the far end there is a little inlet that has a few snags to cast at, so I was hopeful a nicking one there. First cast snagged on the retrieve at about a foot out, it started moving slowly as a small branch appeared slowly into view. At this point intuition played a vital role as I had the urge to flick my head to the right as the hook hold gave way at the rig flew past my head imbedding itself into the hood of my coat. Wow that close to another hospital trip. The hook snapped as I removed it from the coat, so I had to re rig my set up. Now I downsized the hook to an 8 and put on an FFS finesse lure. I moved a couple of swims down and caught another little fellow. So, at three hours in I had three fish. On to the next pit.


Pit 3. This is a small pit which predominantly is carp but the day before I had a few knocks on the lure rod so I headed to the spot by a few lilies to see if I could nick one, after half an hour and one knock I trudged off to pit 6.

Pit 6 being a long pit which has a few lilies at one end and a small reed bed the other I headed for the lilies first, had nothing so I went to the reeds and again I had nothing. Time was now really against me, but I was to have a bit of luck as the morning had been sunny, but it was now clouding over and a little bit of drizzle. With this I headed to the last lake that I had not visited which is a small reservoir with and island where I had carp fished the night before.

I cast close to some snags and got a hit and bought the little devil to the surface and to the bank so that was four banked only five to go.

With a bit of hope and with only one and a half hours to go I went back to pit 3, again to the spot by the lilies and after a few casts I had another hit followed by another on the bank. With a spring in my step, I went back to pit 6 to the lilies again and bagged another.

I was now with fifty minutes to go and three fish to conquer. So back to pit 1 and the snags and the weed. I was now just dropping the lure in between the weeds in hope a bite and after a few sessions of removing loads of weed from the lure I had another take.  I was now down to half and hour with two perch to go.

perch 8

Back to pit 2 and casting into the snags dropping it through the weed time was running short, then I had a knock, so I recast and bought the lure back through the same part of the water and this time it was taken. So, I only had one fish to go and ten minutes left.

pit 5

I ran to pit 9 to where this all began and started casting in the weed around the snags. I had a take I was going to do this but unfortunately it came off in the fight, I believe that it was not on the hook and only had the tail.  So, I failed my challenge but what an enjoyable way to spend so time.

Maybe next time I will set up various rods to target various species.

This is all good practice for the #uklureseries that I have entered.

Tightlines to all

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Bailey Payne Lure

Spinning for Success

Myself and Tom both took a Thursday off, and headed down to the local res! A fairly known one in the world of trout fishing.. Hanningfield! Our aim…a few rainbow trout though the res is known to have very large Perch to around 5lb! We were walking around the dam on this session, trying a variety of spinners. And just a good old chinwag like myself and Tom always have while fishing.

IMG 20210429 093137
The tackle for the day – Rigged & Ready X5 Rod!

We started having a chat to the rangers by lodge, and having a cheeky look at the spinners on sale there, and even got one or two for our session. Quickly setup and we started our walk along the dam wall.

The weather started horrible, strong bitter winds didn’t make the day very comfortable, and we worked out way down to a bit of a cove out of the wind, and we’re joined by a family of geese.

IMG 20210429 124621

I’m sure they found out spinning technique comical! I varied retrievals but made sure it was still spinning well, in hope I would nab one, and it wasn’t long in the little cove I did! Nothing special, but my first lure caught rainbow! So was a nice moment!

IMG 20210429 095636

We soon took a lunch break, heading to a local pub to have a rather cold outside lunch, a beer and a burger! And to discuss the morning and our afternoon approach.

Clearly the beer got the better of us, as we failed to catch another fish between us that day, and still need to refine our spinning technique to increase our success!

We bumped into a few nice anglers who managed to jump on the new stock bashing and caught quite a few, while we were the other side of the res! And it was nice for the sun to eventually come out later In the afternoon.

Tight lines all…

Joe Chappell Lure River Sea

The River Crouch Bass Adventure

I must have caught a few dozen sea bass in my life before. Nothing massive, the biggest probably a couple pound. Most were caught on bait and a few were caught jigging feathers. I’ve always wanted to catch one on a lure, the light gear and constant movement involved in lure fishing is what drew me in. A couple years ago I bought myself a designated lure rod, for pike, perch, and bass. It’s weighted at 8-20g, although I have thrown heavier lures without any issues.

I finished school at half twelve and the plan was to do a few chores around the house while my dad finished working from home for the day. After my chores were done and my dad finished work, we jumped in the car and headed out. The tides were perfect for late afternoon and we estimated that we could probably fish until the light faded around 8.30pm. The venue in question was the River Crouch. It’s only 10 minutes away from us and we’ve had mixed results there before. We’ve probably fished at South Fambridge 5 or six times in the last couple of years, always using bait. We’ve never really bagged up there, blanking a few times and catching a few schooly bass, eels and whiting on other occasions.

IMG 4372

We arrived at the river for around 5.30pm, and we were fishing within minutes. That’s the beauty of lure fishing, you just attach a reel to the rod, a lure to the line and cast out. High tide wasn’t until 22:20 so initially, there weren’t many places to fish. We started by fishing just by the steps as you can walk right up to the low water there. Elsewhere along the river with a few exceptions, its mostly thick horrible mud that sucks the shoes from you’re feet if you step in it. I was looking where I was stepping due to the uneven rocks and out of the corner of my eye saw a flash of gold. I went for a closer look and it turned out to be an iPhone, it had obviously been there a while as the battery had expanded and the screen popped off, but it was still pretty cool to find a phone that some poor soul had probably dropped in the water.

IMG 4359 1 1

We walked for a little while stopping and fishing every few minutes wherever the shoreline allowed. It was nice and cloudy but still warm and flat calm with a nice breeze, perfect fishing conditions. We stopped for a drink and tasted some fresh wild samphire that grows along the river before fishing at the last spot which is the Saltings – a long, deep grassy bank that pushes out into the river by 30m or so. I kept casting my lure, trying different retrieves, fast, slow, stop and go.

IMG 4388
Wild Samphire

I then cast a lure out really badly which went out about 20 yards. Unhappy with the distance I reeled in as fast as I could so that I could recast. As I was reeling in there was a flash of silver in the water and an eruption near the surface. Fish on! My heart was beating out of my chest and the fish kept zigzagging left and right. It was a precarious descent to the waters edge and I prayed that the fish stayed on. I brought it in and found only one hook remained, clinging onto its bony mouth. I grabbed it by the lips and pulled it out of the water. We took some quick photos before putting it back, ensuring it recovered and swam away strong. I estimate it weighed around 2lb but gave an excellent fight on my light gear.

IMG 4391

We continued fishing for a couple hours, making our way back towards the car. We saw a few fish show in the marginal weeds, but our lines remained slack, and there was nothing else to report. Although we only caught one between us, (and it was my dads eighth blank in a row for both sea & course) it was still good to get out for a few hours in the evening and we both learnt a lot on what was our first lure session in UK waters. Anyway, his luck was about to change on our next session, check back tomorrow to find out how he beat three PB’s in one session.