Khan Emin

Thornwood on the fly  

Started off tying on a white fly sort of a small silver fry imitation a few awful casts later I actually saw some improvement with getting some distance!

With no luck on the white fly I changed to a sinking bloodworm and after two casts I was into a lovely little rainbow trout which got away very quickly after a photo

Moving round the lake I tried going after some big brownies and tigers that I saw surface and they obviously new I was a novice because they made sure to nip and follow every cast but not take the bloody fly just to spite me

Changed over to a black and gold fly which was a slow sinker and slowly pulled it in and boom a lovely rainbow again probably just over a pound which was a lovely again lovely fight and jumping everywhere like the water was a bouncy castle! Another cast and again I was into another beautiful rainbow around 3lb 

Wandering around having a few more casts and losing a big fish which looking like a big tiger trout. 

But it’s all a learning curve at the end of the day but as the trout season draws closer I’m very much looking forward to getting out and casting a fly around!

But to everyone out this weekend I wish you the best of luck and hope you catch the fish of your dreams!

Khan Emin


started off the morning at totham pit getting there for 8:30am trying to walk around to get a idea of what the situation is, found a couple of decent swims and then me and my mate decided to stay at the best ones in our heads, he ward carping and as usual I’m after anything with teeth or that will go for a lure but I decided to float fish a lob worm as I’ve heard of a few good perch coming out of that water but if the accidental carp was to take it no worries as I was using 8lb line and boy was I lucky to be using that as I waited for that float to dip for around a hour chucking out the odd few maggots ect the float started bobbing very oddly then slowly slid away I struck in and I thought I was into a large eel as it was a very strong fight but as I got him closer it was a very nice jack pike only a few pounds but a welcome fish to my net and luckily hooked in the scissor but with only a size 10 hook! So fair to say I was very lucky!

Decided to get out my heavy rods, for my ledger setup

Shimano fx Xt reel with 30lb mono 

30lb treble trace

Bait: half a large bluey

And the same for my pike float set up!

Only had to wait about ten minutes before the ledger rod was off and wasn’t she a beast! Really good fight and back and forth head shakes and a bit of jumping what a lovely fish! Sadly I had no scales but she had to be low double! And then ten minutes after I released her she was sulking in the shallows my float started sliding away and I was in again this time her big sister decided she wanted a chomp again really nice fight as she graced my net the size of her head and body had me in awe! Cleaned the leeches off her flanks and got her straight back 

Caught 3 more on the float good jacks but I was hoping for the mother! Then last fish before I left answered my prayers and she was a mighty one and a gash in her tail but she swam off fine as she was released!

Honestly one of my favourite fishing sessions ever with the big 3 definitely being double figures fish! But aside from that I had a blast of a day!

Tight lines to you all if you’re out at all!

Khan Emin

Blasford hill pike fishing

So first ever overnight session me and my mate Reece got down at 8:30 am lugging all our gear, food and sleeping stuff down, found a really nice swim with some overhanging trees looking really good for what we are after! 

Decided to cast out a float with a roach deadbait had a few nibbles and something really ripped up the roach, sadly no fish. Cast out again and the float went down after 5 minutes good fight on the fish but it went under a snag and I lost my rig and float but thankfully got them back as I saw them floating around!

Switched to a ledgered roach deadbait and after 20 minutes of silence the alarm starts screaming and rod slowly bent round and I struck into a nice fish, really got fight and pull him into the net got him unhooked and rested, got a weight on him at a solid 9lb he was a really nice fish!

Cast back out and chucked some cut up roach as loose feed every so often and another hooked this one only 6lb but a nice fish and that was the general thing afterwards 5 more fish between 5lbs and 8lbs 

Everything went quiet for a while no bites though the night and our baits got nicked during the night which was a shame!

The morning comes around I decided to cast out a float again instantly as the bait goes down the float bombed away and had a really nice pike at 8lb and had 2 more at 5lb 

One last cast before I left and the biggest fish fell to a small herring what a fight and at just over 10lb it was the biggest of the session but what a good bunch of fish and the bad nights sleep was worth it!

Will Defoe going back there to see if there’s any larger ones lurking out in the depths!

Tight lines everyone.

Khan Emin

Roach fishing on the river can!

Only a short hour session in the evening as that’s when it’s been most productive!

Walked down to the river and it’s flowing a bit fast but nothing awful and a bit of colour.

Setup was my 10ft Shakespeare match rod paired with a Shakespeare reel with 8lb line down to a 2g float with a size 10 hook, bait of choice was large dendrobina worms.

Fishing about 4ft deep in the slacks catching a few gudgeon here and there and a couple of nice dace, one fish I lost felt like a half decent chub but ah well.

Crushed up a few hallibut pellets in a pellet grinder and threw it out as ground bait had a few knocks and lost the worm.

2nd attempt I struck into a really nice fish but it got off and obviously 3rd times the charm hooked into the largest roach of this season really deep and thick set fish put up an amazing fight and as I had him resting in the net I had another decent roach but half the size of the large one! 

Think the float stuff will be calming down and I’ll be moving onto lures and deadbaits for the predators this season! 

And if you’re out this week, tight lines everyone!

Khan Emin Lure River

Evening predator fishing

So the start of the session going down to how mill lock chucking around some crank baits after some perch or chub! 

3 small wasps on the Rapala shadow rap so not too bad! Switching over to a cheb rigged reggie in real ale colour caught a few larger ones, one being close to 1lb 1/2.

Getting a bit quiet as I’m walking up and down the stretch, as things go not a bad start but they all seemed to have switched off. A couple of my mates turned up to do a bit of float fishing so I switched up to free lining some worms I had in the box a few nice roach and a couple of gudgeon was a nice change, one of my friends hooked into a nice small chub looking over  a pound, as he was reeling it in a large pike decided it was lunch time. There goes a nice chub and for the pike a nice dinner. 

So me being a lover of a good pike scrap I go and grab some of my pike floats and deadbait sardines! Time to rig up.

Casting it right where I saw some bait fish jump I waited about an hour before any movement on the float I was fixated on getting that fish. Then the float starts bobbing up and down and shoots under, what a fish and what a fight. Every time I got him to the net he shot off so great sport on the light pike gear. 2 attempts and he was In. 

Coming in at 8lb he’s no monster but it’s a great start to the pike season! 

Tight lines to you all!

Khan Emin

Blasford hill carping

So the day was going to be a chill one of showing my mate Daryl and his son how to fish, set them both up and myself with float rods (I bought my feeder too incase I wanted a tench)

Straight away as they both started casting in not even 2 minutes roach and Rudd left, right and centre and some being near the pound mark! Was really please to see them both catching loads!

Strangely enough Daryl caught himself a few gudgeon which I didn’t know were in the lake!

We caught a few perch and a small bream, but I decided to set up the feeder rod, flatbed feeder with a mix of meaty further ground bait and some small shrimp and krill pellets! With a hair rigged soft hookable shrimp and krill pellet!

10 minutes In the water the rod bent round double and I was into a very big fish which sadly got off, keeping itself to the bottom and got off the hook also bending it up.

Set up another hair rig, more pellets and groundbait and same large hookeable on the hair, waited a bit longer before I was in again on another big fish, as soon as he was hooked he went straight for the reeds, having to bully him out was a headache but what a fish when we got him in the net. 

Really thick set fish with a LOT of muscle, honestly my heart was pounding and Daryl and his son were shocked at the size of the fish.

Just a few pounds away from 13lb he’s my record carp! 

Really enjoyed this session and it’s made me wanna get on to the BIG carp. and now my mate and his son have the fishing bug to so that’s another good achievement.

Khan Emin

Predator fishing galore

Starting off the day on the micro crank baits in roach colour! Had 3 nice chublets absolutely bomb them one after the other! 

I then changed spots and changed to a rattling hornet in brown trout colour, bringing it through slow and then speeding the pace up a bit, I felt it come to a halt and then I struck into something decent a fight ensued for over 5 minutes and I thought I was into a big chub but as I bought the head up I saw it was a pike (around 5lb) not a massive fish but get on UL Gear! After that I had some bad luck with a massive trout followed in and went for the rattling hornet and then swam off! 

The Next day was even better, same tactic of jigs and crank baits but the jigs worked even better catching me a chunky 1lb+ perch and loads of wasps and a little jack pike! Decided to move on to float fishing tactics as it was going quiet and I got into a few nice Chub and a few decent size roach, biggest was close to a pound! 

Onto a session on the chub stream in st Ives, very picturesque venue and a beautiful little stream teaming with fish

Me and my buddy Simon started off on the micro lures! Landing around 30 wasps between us and the biggest being near half a pound! Switched to free lining a worm and had 5 more perch! My mate Simon has the biggest fish of the day by free lining a big cube of spam and ended up catching a decent size eel from this little stream! 

The past few days fishing has been amazing and hopefully keeps on being that way! 

Hope you all catch something and tight lines to all of you!!!

Khan Emin

The two trips to rook hall

Down to rook hall again! going after my first tench! 

So I went down with a short float set up (7ft rod and 8lb line) bait was just large dendrobina worms! Getting through the small perch (biggest was close to a pound) and roach and Rudd! Changed the depth to 5ft and cast it towards a few sunken logs where I saw some fizzing..

Instantly my float shot under and I was into a massive fish about a 10 minute fight but sadly shot straight under the logs and snapped me off .. either a massive tench or a decent carp.

Cast back towards the same area and I was in again was a little chunky baby tench less that a pound which I was please about proper nice fight for a small fish! 

Chucked out a few loose pellets and ground bait and cast out and it took about 20 minutes but I was into a good fish really nice fight and my heart was pounding got it to the net and what a beautiful sight real orange belly and a golden brown colour.. 5lbs of gorgeous tench, I was amazed at the power and size of her. 

Last hour caught a few more perch and a 3.4lb tench which was proper dark! All in all an amazing session! 

2nd session was a shorter one and the same setup loads of little perch and roach all day which was good fun! And a lovely 

3.6lb tench which was a amazing fight! 

Last cast in I hooked into something massive bought it too the bank and it was a huge common carp zoomed straight off and snapped me clean on 8lb line thankfully I still had my float ect but I’m going there next time with heavier gear for those big carp! 

Looking at the upcoming river season I have a lot too look forward too as I’ve seen some big perch, chub, trout and chub ok the local river and some nice looking pike! So can’t wait to go after them! 

And on the list this year my first ever barbel!!! 

Khan Emin


So this is my 2nd time coming to this venue my 1st wasn’t too successful lost a few decent fish and caught a couple of nice roach in a few hours.

I came down with my method feeder rod and my float set up! Using a worm kebab on the method and using worm or corn as bait on the float.

Cast out my feeder with the worm kebab and my float fished worm and straight away was into a decent perch! After I got him back in the feeder confidently bent round and I had a big lovely roach on possibly over a pound!

Went quiet for a bit and I set down my gear to change spots the bailiff came round and told me that a group of about 8 carp are swimming about in the margins near some reeds, I went over there with my float rod and hooked up a big lob worm, by the looks of them they weighed between 6-15lbs, I cast right in the middle of the group and after a few seconds it shot under! I was into a lovely scrap either a nice looking mirror weighed about 6lb+

Got him back and again was quiet for a hour with the odd tiny wasp caught on the float.

Was at the last half hour of my session when my float rod nearly came off it’s rest!

Again into a good fish and put up a good 5-10 minute fight when I got her In the net bit of a warrior with a chunk out of her tail and a few scars! Really nice fish going around 8lb+

All in all was a really good session again sadly no tench yet but I’ve seen them swimming and fizzing about and hear about 7lb+ being pulled out of there and a few golden ones too! So I’m the mission to catch my first tench I will be going back ASAP!

Tight lines to you all and I hope you have a great week!

Khan Emin

Fishing fun!

The local pond: 

So my first session was only a short two hours, on a local pond close by which has had some decent tench and small carp but I’ve been trying to figure it out for years with a different range of baits, methods and morning and night sessions where I’ve only had lunch with roach and Rudd and surprisingly a small perch but the perch was only a year ago! This session wasn’t looking up and I was float fishing with worms and loose feeding chopped worm and groundbait and I only had a small roach for my efforts. No matter next time I go early morning and hopefully it warms up enough for the tench! 

A12 cuton lakes: 

Float and method feeder methods where on the go this time! First ever time checking out these lovely lakes and I shall be coming back! But I was using a flat bed method feeder with my quivertip feeder rod and float fishing in the margins! But sadly for myself it was a massive blank.

A friend of mine who was testing out his cast was lucky though! No bait on his hook just casting in towards the middle and as it dropped into the water it was off and a good 20 minute fight was on! We thought it had been foul hooked but as we netted the fish the hook was in the corner of the mouth which was surprising. A decent looking common and at 13lb It was a solid fish!

Newlands hall (the park lake):

So this was probably one I’ve the most fun/stressful sessions I’ve ever had. Started off the day on the method feeder and float! Me and my friend Reece both had a few fish in only a couple of pounds mirror and common carp  and I had a few roach and rudd as I cast my float rod in I turned around for only a minute to speak to Reece and my rod shot off the rod rest into the lake after a few attempts of casting over and dragging it in I managed to get a hook on it and as i got the rod in the fish was still fighting and pulling line got it in a bit closer and a massive crucian was on the other end around 3lb+ but sadly got off the hook.

But at the end of the day it’s been a good few sessions and I had a lot of fun a few carp and good roach and rudd next week hopefully I’ll be getting on blasford hill! So looking forward to that!