Khan Emin

Carp fishing on blind lane fisheries!

So we had a bit of a late start on this one because my mate Nathan was running a bit late! 11:30am we got there already with our rods set up and baits prepped! 

As soon as we got on the bank we could already see the carp swarming the surface as we chucked some liquidised bread and groundbait in as feed.

I casted my feeder near some overhanging trees packed with some frenzied hemp/caster groundbait with a big lob worm as hook bait and on my float a piece of sweet corn just off the bottom close in near the margins! Didn’t take long as my float shot under 5minute in and I was into a lovely small common carp only a couple of pounds but a good fight! 

Then after I put him back the feeder bent around and nearly slid off the rest and into the lake as I struck in I knew I was into a good fish as I reeled in got it to the net it was another nice common around the 4lb mark! 

My mate Nathan was pulling out nice Dace, roach and f1’s and 2 nice common carp sadly one large fish snapped him off and he was deflated after that.

I carried on as he sulked in his chair and was into a few nice fish, then my feeder rod again bends round horrifically and as I strike the fish zoomed off in the opposite direction and took about 15 minutes before I even saw her, got in close and she looked around 10lb+ but I sadly lost her at the net. 

I set down my feeder rod and stuck to just the float again a few decent fish but biggest of the day was around 5lb. 

With 12 fish in total I was happy to call it a day. 

I’m not usually the carp fishing type but that session saved me from a big few blanks! Hopefully get back there soon and go after the larger fish!

Tight lines to everyone getting out and have a good week! 



10ft Shakespeare match rod

Shimano FX XT

8lb Daiwa line 

1.5g waggler 

Size 12 Drennan barbless hook 

Quiver tip: 

Sundridge proton

Shakespeare omni reel 

8lb Daiwa line 

1.1oz Flat method feeder

5lb hook length 

Size 10 Drennan barbless hook




DYNAMITE Frenzied hemp/caster groundbait

Khan Emin

Pike/perch galore (with a few extras)

Started off the day on sixteen foot drain!

Was full of other anglers on the day a mixed bag of carpers and pike fishermen because in the past few weeks a 30lb carp had been pulled out and a 19lb+ pike 

So understandably it was packed! 

Day started off slow for a few hours but I only landed a decent 5lb+ jack but it wasn’t too bad as I nearly landed a big one but she got off near the net looked to be a high double! Went away feeling a mixture of defeat but also adrenaline and genuinely pleased that I at least caught a fish! 

Next session was on the river nene going between a float setup then ending on some light jigging had a few nice wasps on some micro lures and a good amount on the float! But then as I switched to a larger squirm on a cheb rig first cast out I landed this lovely 2lb chunk! Really good fight so I was pleased with that last fish of the day. 

The next session was on 20ft drain with a mate of mine! As I was new to the stretch my mate showed me a few decent spots and we cracked on with the day was loads of pike jumping and after the baitfish I’ve never seen anything like it, we both lost a fish so just dampened our spirits but we pushed on! Time went on with nothing to show for it my mate went home as he had bits to do I pushed on for a couple more hours and I was gifted with a lovely 10lb beast so that was my Cambridgeshire PB broken which as you could guess I was over the moon with! 

I was back on the 20ft drain again 2 days later only floating for pike! Trying out my new circle hooks I was into a nice fish on my first cast but she got off but on my second cast the bobber shot straight under baitfish scattered in all directions and I was in with a good fish 8lbs of solid pike she was a bit beaten up from another larger pike or a cormorant so quick release and she swam away fine!

Last session of the season! 

So me and my mate went about planning where to go and what to go after we decided on the river nene and to target the good ol perch! He was into a few lovely perch through the day but sadly I missed a few that took between my float and lures. So ended up just floating a worm for a moment one good roach and then the next cast In my waggler pauses then starts going the other direction slowly dipping up and down then it shoots off!! Struck in and for a few seconds I didn’t know what I was into.. then it came up, me and Simon couldn’t believe our eyes a big beaten up bruiser of a Rudd only coming onto 1lb but its the biggest I’ve caught so I was really happy! 

What this season’s taught me is to have patience, enjoy every moment of this relaxing sport and not to cast into bushes and trees so much they end up looking like Christmas trees! 

Targets for the upcoming closed season I’ll be moving to lakes and canals and I’ll be looking into some reservoirs too target trout! 

But target species for the lakes ect 

  • First reservoir trout 
  • First lake pike 
  • First lake perch 
  • First tench 
  • Break my 10lb carp pb   

And for when rivers open 

  • break my perch 3lb pb 
  • Break my chub 4lb pb 
  • Break my brown trout 5lb pb 
  • Break my pike 26lb pb 

At the end of the day I’d love to do all the above but I’ll just go and enjoy every bit of fishing I can! Even the blanks teach us something!

But I hope you all find joy and tight lines whilst the rivers are closed!