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Getting Ziggy with it!

This week’s blog isn’t what I was hoping it would be as I was hoping to show you some glorious fish from a trip to the river I was planning. Unfortunately, like all of the best made plans this never came to fruition, a few things came up at home and alas my net was kept dry (I know, I know, I’m hurting too) 

So, in reflection of that today’s blog is a recap of a day session myself and Jack had over at Chase Lakes in Dagenham in which we decided to try Zig’s as the weather was perfect for it. 

Now as I have stated a few times, myself and Jack are fairly novice when it comes to fishing, we know a fair bit now but wasn’t too great in the past. We had never really used Zig’s properly until this day but neither of us are scared to try new things that may increase the chances of a catch. 

I chose to use an adjustable zig as it would mean less hassle tieing and re-tieing rigs if I wanted to fish at different depths throughout the day, Jack chose the opposite approach of plumbing the depth then tieing a rig to the length he wanted. We hoped that doing this could give us an advantage between us and could increase our catch rate. 

With the hot summer sun blaring down on us Jack decided to do some surface fishing in the bay next to us to see if he could tempt a carp with some bread. After a few attempts he managed to hook into this beautiful carp of 23lb, our biggest from the venue and at the time one of only a few twenties we had ever caught between us. 

Cracking 23lb Mirror Carp Jack caught on the surface with some bread, Awesome!

Now with confidence up having had a fish under our belt from a venue we hadn’t really fished before we went on our way concentrating on the zigs, not long after Jacks beautiful fish from the surface my adjustable zig was away! A few short bleeps on the bite alarm led to me picking up and reeling into a lovely small common, Success! My first fish from the venue and my first ever fish on a zig! 

My small but very welcoming Common Carp.

Not long after slipping my fish back Jacks rod roared into action, another small but lovely common, with this one slipped back it was only an hour or so till we had to leave and unfortunately that was the last fish of our trip. 

Jacks second fish of the day and first from the Zig rig.

So, with that all wrapped up I think this goes to show never be too scared to leave your comfort zone if things aren’t working or another method may seem better, we have used Zig’s to great success since and will always go back to them if the conditions show they may give more of an advantage. 

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As always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,



Jack and Terry

First time on the River

So, as the title says I have never fished a stretch of River in any of my fishing, I have always fished lakes and mainly for carp, however with the Essex Anglers Species Hunt coming up soon I thought I would try my hand at other variations of fishing.

I believe I have mentioned before that I sadly no longer reside in Essex, I currently live in Lincolnshire and have never utilised the lakes and miles and miles of river surrounding me, all of my fishing has been with Jack & Family members in Essex, as that is where they all live and its easier to relocate myself then its to get all of them up to Lincolnshire.

With this in mind the current Lockdown seemed to put an end to any social fishing trips, and with myself living well outside the County any chance of me travelling to Essex for fishing is a huge no no.

Now with that, I decided to utilise my local river stretch and join my local angling club. Today was finally the day where I took advantage of my membership and took a long overdue trip down to the river. I have taken a few walks up and down the bank to find a few spots etc but again with my knowledge of rivers being non existent im not too sure what im really looking for.

After finding a spot I liked the look of I set about my day having 1 rod out for carp (Cant take the carp fisherman out of me) and a waggler rod out for anything and everything that would entertain me in preparation for the Species Hunt.

Todays choice of bait was ye olde maggots (Sorry for the blue tint my wife left a sticker on the new lense 🙄)

Just over an hour into the trip the Bailiff turned up to check my book and have a nice chat, as I stated before local knowledge is one of the best sources of information anyone could ask for, with that in mind I picked away bits of information that I could get, unfortunately it turns out that I was in the wrong place for the day and he gave me some valuable advice that I will take into my next trip which is hopefully next week!

Lovely sunny weather for the short trip today.

Taking that on board within the next 30 minutes i was packed up and the wife and fishing gear returned to the car, unfortunately there was some very heavy rain last night so the field where you park your cars was a little boggy (Huge understatement!), so obviously the car got stuck and needed a helping hand, this would be fine in any normal circumstances however my wife decided to give the car a lovely wheel spin and gave me a VERY unwelcome mud bath from head to toe! Whilst she found this highly amusing I can tell you I wasn’t best impressed.

So that is the end of this week’s blog, nothing to report other then mud is quite good for your skin. I have a good feeling that next week will be more successful so make sure to tune in for that.

Just a quick side note, we are holding a giveaway over on JT Carpers Facebook page once we hit 1000 followers (Currently at 970+) so be sure to click the link below and get yourself involved!

As Always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets



Jack and Terry

Slough House Lake Review

So unfortunately on our last trip myself and Jack weren’t as successful as we would of hoped, we was hoping that we would have enough content to put over 2 blogs as we were fishing for around 50 hours on our last session, thus we had no fish to talk about and the last blog wasn’t as good as was planned.

So this week we have decided to do a fair and honest review on a lake we have visited many times over the years, Slough House Lake which is located in Bulphan just outside Upminster, Essex, as I would presume most of the people reading these blogs are from the surroundings areas you may have heard or even visited this lake, in which case we hope you would agree on our next few points, however if not we would love to hear your opinions on Slough House Lake.

We will be breaking the review down into 3 main points and rating each point our of 5, with a total score out of 15, the points we will be covering are: Cleanliness/Upkeep of the fishery, Facilities at the fishery, the Quality of Fish, now again this review is of mine and Jacks own personal opinions and doesn’t necessarily share the opinions of anyone else.

Shale we begin?


Now as I stated earlier in the blog, myself and Jack have fished here on and off over the last 5-6 years, so we have seen a huge transition within the fishery from the previous bailiff and owners (I believe it was previously owned by someone else) to its current ownership by Hayes Carp Fisheries, We highly recommend checking their facebook page out, they provide constant updates from Slough House Lake and also their other syndicate lakes, We will put their link at the end of the blog.

The Cleanliness of Slough House in our opinion has always been top notch, we very rarely see any rubbish left around the lake and if it does happen the owner/bailiffs do a fantastic job of clearing it up (Which they shouldn’t have to do, ALWAYS take your own rubbish home!). So defiantly top marks for cleanliness/tidiness there!

Upkeep of the lake over the last few years (This is when we believe new ownership may of taken place) has been phenomenal. A new cafe/food bar has been built in recent months, new water pumps have been installed and general maintenance of the fishery has been brilliant, broken pegs being fixed and footpaths being relayed to make sure they are safe. This fishery is genuinely a really well looked after place and we would recommend on visiting it for these reasons alone.

Cleanliness/Upkeep – 5/5

Now we move on to Facilities:

The Facilities here are very good, as we stated before, a new cafe/food bar has been built and is open during the warmer months of the year and only at weekends I believe (This could vary during the year).

The owner runs a small tackle shop out of a portakabin on site which has a very good standard of tackle, including bait for the Catfish, anything you would need for a session, also a few extras from time to time at very reasonable prices. I believe this is open all year round but again i could be wrong and it would be best to drop them a message before arriving if you need to use the tackle shop.

Lastly there are some toilet facilities on site, unfortunately the last time I visited a few weeks ago these weren’t very nice to use so will lose a mark due to that, however this could of changed since then so take my opinion with a pinch of salt, but they do get a point for actually having toilet facilities available.

Facilities – 4/5

Lastly we look at Quality of Fish:

Now again we have been fishing here for a fair few years so have seen a huge change in how the fish are doing, it used to be very much a runs water with every fish being between 5-13lb and a fish higher then that being considered a good fish, however the big Catfish have always been there and are known to go 100lb+.

However this has changed over the last couple of years and in our opinion for the better, the average size of fish now is very good with them mainly going 15lb+, with a very good head of 20lb+ and the lake record carp being out over 30lb+ recently, this in hand with Catfish regularly going 40lb+ makes for a very good days fishing, in addition some of the mirror carp in this lake are beautiful, I have placed some pictures throughout the blog which shows this aswell.

Quality of Fish – 5/5

A 74lb Catfish caught by my cousin Stuart & a 20lb Common Carp for myself.

Now once again, we must stress that this is just the opinions of myself and Jack.

I must add though if you are looking to get yourself a good swim you may want to hire a very fast 100m sprinter for the morning, the race to the pegs of a morning can be quite daunting so get yourself prepared!

So for an overall score of 14/15 based on the 3 topics we have spoken about we would recommend for people to give Slough House Lake a good try and have a crack at the lovely fish.

Here are a few more of our favourite fish from the venue, so i hope you enjoyed our honest review!

As Always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets



Hayes Carp Fisheries:

Jack and Terry

Whites Lakes – Its not all about the fishing

The title above is the slogan for Whites Lakes, which is the club complex we have been guesting on this year and myself and Jack will be members of next year (insert giggly girly screams here).

Now unfortunately for us the title couldn’t be anymore fitting then it is today, after a 50 hour session unfortunately we blanked, I lost 2 fish in the process which makes it an even harder pill to swallow.

So this is going to be a very short blog but I’m just going to touch on 2 things I think everyone should take into their fishing as sometimes they are over-looked.

Weather – Now this may seem like an obvious one but Weather has so many variables which could contribute to a good or bad session, the air pressure, wind, rain, sun, so many different things can be overwhelming but will defiantly help with your catch rate.

Me and Jack tried to implement this as much as possible during this trip, after the first 24 hours we decided to move due to the wind blowing into the other end of the lake, with the fish also showing alot down that end, this seemed to show that the fish seem to follow the wind in this lake and so with that information we will implement that next time into our swim choice.

Another huge factor for me in the weather is the cloud cover and rain, my best sessions have always seemed to be with a very cloudy day and lots of rain pumping into the water, whilst alot of people will avoid fishing due to the bad conditions I feel these are some of if not the best conditions to get yourself out in.

The next thing I try to implement as much as possible is local knowledge, you can easily overlook this as you may not want to talk to people etc but sometimes itis vital, even the slightest bit of information can be a benefit.

Mike the owner of Whites Lakes is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to his own fish and he takes huge pride in them and who fishes for them, this can be a huge advantage when fishing someone’s lake, with Mike being the gentlemen he is, he has gave us little snippets of advice which has helped us in the past, however he gives one bit of advice regularly that we seemingly overlooked this session. There is a regular who fishes the lakes called Bob and Mike always gives the advice ‘Be like Bob’ we really should of taken this in consideration as Bob left and went home an hour after we started our session! Moral of the story, take advice and be like Bob.

Unfrotuantly that brings an end to this week’s blog and possibly an end of our trips to White Lakes this year, but with membership under the belt (Insert another girly giggly scream here) for next year you will hear about plenty more of our antics here and with Mike too!

As always,

Tight lines & Wet Nets.



Jack and Terry

Tylers Common – Wagtail Review

Last week, myself and Jack, accompanied by my dad, brother-in-law and cousin made a visit to Tylers Common Fishery, I had fished this fishery on numerous times but not properly for over 5 years I’d say, other than a short session recently for a few hours with my children to try and entice them into the sport, we fished on Ash lake as it has smaller fish and is fairly easy to catch on, granted they was more interested in playing with the maggots but they did enjoy themselves! 

So, having fished it previously I had some understanding of the complex and that it consisted of 3 match lakes and 1 specimen carp lake, we had decided to target the specimen lake for the day, I set the day off aiming for carp on two of my rods and had a little setup for perch with my other rod (As I had seen a picture of a lovely perch on their Facebook page). 

Arriving at the lake at 6:35am expecting the gates to open at 7am we was pleasantly surprised to see that the opening times on the website were incorrect and the lake was currently operating to a 6:30am-6:00pm opening times, this did make it somewhat challenging as it is still pitch black that early in the morning and the carpark is on top of a big hill that leads down to the lake, having a barrow loaded up with 3 people’s gear for the day did make for an interesting beeline for the lake, luckily for me It didn’t pick up too much speed and I managed to make it down the hill in one piece. 

Upon deciding on which swims to fish we set-up with the light levels slowly rising and showing us the beautiful lake in all its glory, I must say the complex is very clean and swims are nicely spaced apart and each has a nice bit of water to fish into, this being said if you are planning on going 2-3 days after any rainfall, then pack your wellies as it can get very boggy in the swims. 

We didn’t have to wait too long for our first bit of action as Jack had a screaming run on one of his rods, unfortunately the fish came off, however not long after Jacks lost fish my future Brother-in-law managed to land this small but lovely little common/ghost carp. 

Two more takes followed for Jack which see him land his first fish of the day and unfortunately loose one to some snags. A lovely little common to start the day off for Jack! 

The day continued with a fish for myself, again a small common carp but it was a very welcome fish as it was a blank saver! 

The action very much continued all throughout the day, especially for Jack as it wasn’t long in-between each indication on his rods, Jack has found a new love for the method feeder as of late and has really been trying to use it to his advantage, knowing the background of the lake and knowing a lot of match anglers use it, Jack decided to use the method feeder and this seemingly paid off for him as he continued to have indications and fish on the method all day long, fishing with a small Spotted Fin Classic Corn Wafter and using the Spotted Fin Classic Corn Method Ready Pellets the fish seemed to home in on it straight away, obviously seeing the success Jack was having I had to switch one of my rods over to the same method and try and get in on the action. 

Unfortunately, whilst I was getting some action on the Method rod my Perch rod was very quiet, only having this one Roach on it early in the day and nothing else all day long, however with a new method learnt and advice from Bailey in the days leading up to my trip (Appreciate it mate) I will be using this method in the future and hopefully landing a lovely stripped beauty to show you all! 

Anyway, with that out the way we continue with how the day ended up going, with the action pretty frequent all day the captures looked like this: Jack – 9, Brandon – 5, Myself – 4, My Dad-1 and unfortunately Stuart didn’t get a fish despite his best efforts all day long. 

So, a very nice day regardless and topped off by this lovely 17lb common for Brandon which is also a new PB for him so congratulations! 

This brings our day session to an end, I would just like to say that if you ever get the time, I would defiantly recommend giving Tylers Common a visit as it is a lovely lake with some lovely fish, very clean and tidy and also has a little cafe on site at the weekends for hot drinks etc so defiantly worth a trip! 

Here are the pictures of all the fish caught that day that haven’t already been posted, enjoy! 

As always, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets! 



Jack and Terry

Slip-D Rig

Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog. As always we try to post interesting content, however we STILL haven’t managed to hit the bank recently. BUT we are due out this Sunday for a day session so fingers crossed we will have something to update you all with next week.

Until then I have decided to do a step by step guide to my favourite and most effective rig at the moment, the Slip-D rig. You may see it tied other ways or other variations on the Internet, mine is no way more superior or anything, its just the way that I tie it

Step One: Firstly, these are the materials you will need to make the rig the way I do: Baiting Needle, Scissors, Bait Screw, Rig Material (I prefer coated for extra stiffness), Stripping tool if using coated material(Not pictured), Hooks (I use sharpened hooks from J Precision hooks and I can honestly say these are amazing) and finally an anti tangle sleeve.

Step Two: Cut a length of the material dependant on the rig length you use.(I usually cut between 8-10 inches just so I have material to work with) then strip around 2-3 inches of material to reveal the subtle braid underneath.

Step Three: With the subtle braid you just exposed, bend it over on itself to form a loop then pass the loop through the front of the eye of your hook.

Step Four: Thread the Bait screw onto the loop and the pass the loop over your hook point. Pull gently to form the ‘D’ as shown below, then make between 5-7 wraps up the shank ensuring your keeping the loose tag-end away from your wraps. Finally, cut the loose tag end off.

Step Five: Finally tie a figure of 8 loop knot at the other end and cut the tag end off. That is your rig complete!

With that, your ready to go! I personally use a wafter with this rig. My favourite wafter at the moment is the Spotted Fin Smokey Jack Glugged Wafter, these things smell and looks perfect.

With that all done, I hope you liked this blog and found it either interesting or learnt something from it. Either way, thank you for getting to the end 😁. To finish the blog off, here are a few of the fish caught on this rig lately. Nothing massive, but some lovely fish none the less.

Thank you for your support and we wish you all the best.

As always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets 



Jack and Terry

Park Lakes Continued

So once again unfortunately we haven’t been able to hit the bank since our last blog so we are doing a recap of some previous trips to a different park lake then mentioned before, we did do some vlogs on these trips so feel free to check them out on our YouTube channel, the link is at the bottom of this post. 

So, Jack originally come across this Park lake with a friend I believe and fished it once with this friend and had a little surprise with this Jack Pike on his carp rod, to this day this is the only Pike which has been caught between us so it’s a nice little memento, I will be looking into doing some Pike fishing in the coming months if I can learn how to and get the gear so that should be fun. 

We visited this beautiful little/long lake a handful of times during the winter months so results weren’t spectacular but were pretty good given the circumstances, just as with the other Park lake we mainly fished it before we started work at 2PM and we did also fish 1 whole day when we both booked the day off to give it a try, the lake was always very quiet from other fisherman and the only disturbance were the dog walkers etc that walked through the Park, but these were never an issue and always seemed interested when we had a fish on the bank which is quite nice. 

The lake itself is very narrow but is a fairly long stretch with plenty of features and a fair bit of weed whilst we were fishing it, this made the fishing hard but rewarding when we did catch a fish. 

Over a period of a few weeks we managed a handful of sessions, with a couple of lovely dark commons for Jack and an awesome old Mirror when we decided to book the day off of work, so that was well worth the trip, I only managed one of the lakes carp but it was a lovely dark common, as was the typical stamp of fish due to the weed. 

We enjoyed our short time fishing the lake but unfortunately it was brought to a bit of an abrupt end when the Bailiff informed us that the lake has had pollution problems due to the industrial estate nearby and also a pair of otters were seen close by, so having not fished this lake in the last couple years we have no idea how it would fish now so I believe we may pay a visit back here soon to see if we can carry on from our small success previously. 

A short but sweet blog this week, we hope to be hitting the bank very soon and then have a lovely 60-hour session booked on the Guest Lake at the end of October so be sure to tune in for the results of that one! 

As always, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets 




Jack and Terry

Blown away at the Guest Lake

Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, this week we finally managed to hit the bank recently and got another trip to ‘The Guest Lake’ under our belts, with the weather up and down every day leading up to our trip we had no idea what to expect, from low wind, no cloud and high air pressure to the very next day showing high winds, overcast and low pressure so it was keeping us on our toes. 

Unfortunately for me and Jack, as I live 2-3 hours away, trying to do spontaneous trips based on the weather conditions is a bit difficult, also with both of us having children this cancels any chance of week day trips so we have to book them in advance and hope for the best! 

With this trip it seemed like the conditions themselves were perfect apart from the very high winds, we got to the complex as early as possible and upon arriving we had a little chat with the owner Mike, who informed us that a member had caught a 37.8lb carp and two 29lb from the small members lake that weekend, we honestly cannot wait to become members here and have a go for these beasts! 

So, after pulling up to the lake and selecting our pegs we unloaded the van and went on our merry way to try and persuade one of the lakes residents to pose for a nice photograph. With the high winds seemingly going to be a problem we decide to fish closer in then what we were originally going to do so we could bait more accurately and not have to use the Spomb which could prove to be a bit of an issue. 

The shape of the lake is in a rectangular shape and with 8 swims every swim has a nice bit of lake to fish without interruption from the other pegs, Jack prefers to fish the corner swims as this gives him a nice corner margin to fish into where you can regularly see and hear the fish moving about, I decided to fish the swim to Jacks left so with only two other people on the lake and them being on the opposite side of the lake this gave me the whole left half of the lake to myself. 

With this rod in place and on the end of the wind I baited up with two 15mm Spotted Fin Classic Corn on the hair rig and then ever so kindly asked Jack to walk down to the swim furthest away and bait up via catapult for a more accurate bating. 

The day passed very un-eventful for us both with the wind seemingly putting a stumbling block on our fishing, luckily for me about 2 hours before we were due to pack up and leave my left-hand rod that I had placed right down the left side of the lake as shown above roared into action! I was attached to a very hard fighting fish, so this added in with the high winds made for a very interesting battle. 

Finally, after a short but worthy battle I was rewarded with this pristine white tipped common carp, with only one other fish being caught in the lake that day and the conditions not being the greatest I was very happy with this beautiful carp. 

So, that ends this week’s blog, but first some awesome news! Myself and Jack have been offered a membership on these lakes as of next year so be prepared for some lovely carp and more blogs about these trips, so as always if you’re out fishing then…. 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets! 



Jack and Terry

Park Lake Adventures

This week we visit a Park lake me and Jack fished a few years back, this being Belhus Country Park, now at the time we were both fairly new to carp fishing and was trying to find our feet and after seeing a few of the beautiful fish in these lakes we decided to give it a go. 

Now as I said before we were fairly new to carp fishing as a whole but we had a good understanding of the basics and always wanted to improve, so we thought fishing a lake with a fair bit of weed would be a steep learning curve but also a valuable one, we only managed to fish the lake itself around 5-6 times before work, so short session of around 4-5 hours in the morning before sadly going to work. 

As every fisherman knows local knowledge can be a huge helper so we went about doing some research on the internet, unfortunately for us there wasn’t much information on the lakes on the internet so we went about speaking to anyone who was fishing it when we visited, luckily we bumped into someone who was very friendly and proceeded to give us a few pointers which we really appreciated and took into our own fishing. 

Upon arriving on our first session we embarked on the longggggggg walk from the carpark to the ‘Back Lake’ which was notably the harder of the 2 lakes at the Park but also had the better fish, we decided to fish in a double swim which gave us a good vantage point of the lake as a whole and good accessibility to most spots we had found amongst the weed on a ‘spot finding’ session the week before where we didn’t cast a single hook bait/ rig into the water just a bare lead and took notes as to clear spots and fish activity. 

With rigs set and the excitement of fishing a new lake in we took it in turns to watch the rods whilst the other took a walk around the lake looking for any signs or anything that could work to our advantage, with nothing showing to us and only a couple hours left before work we (Jack) took advantage of a tall tree next to us and proceeded to climb it to get a vantage point, whilst up the tree his rod had a single bleep but nothing materialised. 

After returning from his trip of being the next Tarzan we noticed one of Jacks lines had gone slack (In our infancy of carp fishing we hadn’t used swingers/bobbins before) so Jack wound in the slack line and to our surprise he was attached to a fish, Excited like 2 little girls receiving new barbie dolls we had huge grins on our face as we wasn’t expecting anything on our first trip to this tricky lake. 

With the fish nearing the bank and it breaking the surface our excitedness turned into nervousness as now we had seen the fish we knew it was bigger than anything we had hooked into before, with me in his ear constantly adding weight to the fish ‘Jack its defiantly an 18lb, Jack I think this could break 20lb. JACK LOOK AT THE SHOULDERS ONIT THIS IS DEFO BIGGER THAN 20lB!!’ I’m sure Jack was nervous enough as it was so I wasn’t helping, after what must have felt like an eternity the fish was in the net. 

Scales set and ready to go we weighed the fish, to our surprise it was a beautiful 23.12lb old mirror carp, this was an awesome fish and something we really didn’t expect on our first trip to the lake. Sadly, with the fish returned it was time for us to pack up and make our way to work, funny enough work didn’t seem so bad that day with us endlessly talking about the fish Jack had caught. 

So, with that we finish this week’s blog, I will be re-visiting Belhus in future blogs with our previous trips and hopefully with future trips, obviously covid permitting 🙁 but until then me and Jack have a trip planned on the ‘Guest Lake’ this weekend for a day session so hopefully we will have something to report!  

Until next week, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets! 



Jack and Terry


Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, unfortunately we have hit the bank since the last blog however it didn’t quite turn out how we wanted (Blank city 🙁) so this week’s blog is another blast from the past, this week we revisit a trip that was interesting to say the least. 

So, we visited Carpdell Fisheries in Watford after the bailiff who looked after us at Carpers Paradise, Lake Chira, Gran Canaria had moved back to blighty and became the bailiff at Carpdell, after hearing some really cool things about the lake we decided to book up a 48-hour visit and have a social with Chris at the same time. 

Firstly, I would just like to say how beautiful this lake is, set within a private farm/zoo and amongst some beautiful foliage it really is an awesome place to be, there is also an onsite cabin with kitchen facilities for the anglers to use, with toilet and shower facilities as well, wild peacocks and parrots flying/running around is also a bit surreal but makes for a very unique fishing trip, as with the last blog I will leave the web address for Carpdell at the end of this blog so you can go and take a look for yourself and I really do recommend you do so. 

Onto the fishing! With Chris giving us some information on the lake it was apparent that the Crayfish could be an issue and we would need to tackle this within our tactics, the lake isn’t huge so we had the whole lake covered from all the different swims we were fishing in so we did feel confident. 

After admiring the lake and surroundings with Chris (Free visit round the private zoo was pretty cool) we set rods into place and was heading into the first night, just after the light had faded my dad had a few single indications on his rod which was followed by a ripping take, after a very short battled he was met with a lovely 14lb mirror, the lake doesn’t have a huge stock but the stock that’s in there is awesome (Biggest fish is a 40lb+ Ghostie called Triple B (Big Bad Barry)) and the average fish being 18lb+ so this one was on the smaller side, so much so that it was actually the smallest fish in the lake and had the name ‘Fireball,’ this was quite fitting for my dad as he is a bit of a smaller gentleman. 

With the rest of the night passing uneventfully we was awoken by the sound of Moose bellowing (pretty cool!) We had a lovely cooked breakfast and set off for the rest of the day, myself and Jack used the day to wind in the rods and attempt to stalk on the opposite margin which has no pegs so is only fishable by either fishing to the margin from the other side or stalking, with that in mind the fish do tend to huddle up there as it is hard to get to them. 

Without any luck we returned to our swims ready for the next night, whilst we was sitting around having a nice social and admiring the bats flying around our heads my dad had another ripping take, this time from a spot advised to him from Chirs, one to two rod lengths off of a jetty to the left of his swim and then baited by myself over the top as soon as the rig hit the water to ensure accurate baiting, straight away you could tell this fish was a lot bigger then the last and it put up a very good fight, after a tough battle for my dad the fish hit the net and WOW! NEW PB! This was an awesome common carp known as ‘The all Front’ and at 27lb this was Dad’s new PB so this trip was now considered a huge success! 

With us all buzzing and happy for Dad we went to bed happy chappys, with the previous night going past uneventfully and us having to leave by 10am the likelihood of another fish was slowly fading, the night passed and with first light came a screaming take on Jacks right hand rod, Jack was fishing tight to a boat to the right hand side of his swim as this was a lovely feature within his swim where we thought the fish would go for some cover, again you could tell this wasn’t a small fish from the way it fought, after a lovely battle Jack had landed this awesome fish, after getting it out of the water and looking at it, unbelievably it was ‘The all Front’ common again! The very same fish my Dad had netted just over 8 hours before at the complete opposite end of the lake, I’ve heard of repeat captures of fish etc but within 8 hours at the other end of the lake is very strange! Even more surprisingly the fish weighed less when Jack caught it, weighing in at 26.8lb this was now Jack’s UK PB and again an awesome fish to have in your portfolio. 

Sadly, with that immaculate fish and story coming on the last morning of our trip we had no more fish to report, just a quick trip to the local Harvester for a well-earned cooked breakfast, we have since visited Carpdell again since this trip and I may touch upon that in another blog, we are hoping to revisit the lake again next year but obviously with the current state of the world who knows where we will be able to fish or not. 

Until next week, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets