Carp Jack and Terry

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our blog! If you missed the first half make sure you read it here: Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It – Essex Anglers Otherwise, there will be some spoilers 😉 

Following on from the end of the last blog we had a touch choice to make, with the lake now in full spawning mode we choose to leave that lake, luckily the Guest Lake/ Middle Lake hadn’t shown any signs of spawning so we asked Mike if we could jump onto it for the remainder of the trip, luckily for us Mike said yes, no problem but if they started showing signs of Spawning then we would have to wind in and leave. He was closing the complex on Monday anyway to ensure all the fish can get on with what they needed too, Happy Days! 

So, with all our stuff packed up and moved over we was set up ready for the last 24 hours of our trip, obviously not how we planned it but to be able to stay at our favourite complex was a lot easier then possibly having to find another venue in such short notice. 

So, leading into the night we were very confident of a bite, just as I was settling in ready to sleep suddenly my bite alarm burst into life and I was in, after a very good fight I was welcomed with my first 20lb fish out of the Guest Lake with this perfect common carp. 

20210530233333 IMG 3008

That now makes it 3 20lb carp out of the Guest Lake for myself and Jack on our last 2 trips, that is very good going and just reflects why we love this place so much. 

  • 20210530233333 IMG 3008 1
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  • IMG 2867

This also now meant 3 20lb+ carp for myself and Jack on this trip alone, which bar Gran Canaria was defiantly our best result on a session ever, happy days! 

The night carried on uneventfully until around 4am when my rod burst into life with this little common carp, not wanting to awake Sleeping Beauty I took a quick snap of the carp in the sling and returned it a.s.a.p. and got the rod back out on the spot. 

20210531 024030

A few hours before having to pack up and make our way back home, Jack was welcomed with another small common but we were more than happy with the results as this means we made the right decision to switch over lakes rather then find another venue on such short notice. 

20210531085144 IMG 3033

Unfortunately, the rest of the trip passed with no other fish but we didn’t care, with both of us breaking our duck on the Top Lake and both catching some awesome looking fish we were over the moon, we can’t wait to get back on the Top Lake and see if we can carry on our recent form and get a few more bangers under our belts! 

So, until then, 

As always,       

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,       



Brian Holland Carp

We’re Gonna Groove

So, I decided to book the Friday off work and get down the lake early, but with a communication breakdown with the wife I left later than expected, I eventually arrived at about 10, parked up and started walking around the lake looking for signs of fish in the morning sun. The main swims of the lake already taken. My intention was to fish the back half of the lake where the majority of anglers head, as I turned the corner there is a little swim that all the undergrowth had been trampled under foot, it is not fished by many anglers as it only commands an underarm cast, but I spotted ringlets and bubbles appearing on the surface. I ignored the swim and moved on. How many more times do we ignore the obvious because we feel the need to cast out across the lake. Anyway, after walking around the rest of the lake. I returned to the little corner swim and again seeing bubbles, I decided this was the swim to fish, I could always pack up and move on if nothing occurred.

In the swim there are snags to the left and right which means I was to fish locked up and no quarter given to let a fish run. I pre baited with a few boilies and a hand full of pellets in front of the snags. The bushes in the water are proper snags and are not cut back so any run into them will be a nightmare to get out. With the pre baiting done, I set up the rods, both with a multi rig and a 15mm natural looking pop up both were place on the spots. A rod length out where I was able to feel down the lead. I locked the handle in place with bivvy pegs so when my first moby dick arrives it will stop the rods shooting off into the ocean in front of me.

locked down

I settled down for the afternoon, Now sitting there in the evening sun having a tea fore one pondering over the fact that nothing has occurred not even a knock, I started to question by hook bait choice, a while ago I bought some 10mm dumbell’s bright yellow corn flavour and had not used them, so on went the dumbells in hope that the colour more than anything would be the attraction.


At this point I also moved to a different spot in front of me instead of up against the snags. Straight a head one and half rods lengths out, an underarm cast and about ten boilies around each wafter. At 8 pm the alarm sounded into life as the fish took the bait, all I had to do now was bring it on home, the battle was on, after playing the fish for ten minutes and having to reel in the second rod and getting the net tangles up in four sticks the carp was safely netted. A nice 16lb common was photographed and set back on its way. I re set the rods as the dancing days disappeared into a tangerine sky as the night beckoned, I retired for the night with more expectation another would surely take the bait.

carp 1

Waking up early on Saturday morning the lake was placid as the sum creeped over the tree like it had been out on the tiles and had a few too many, I pulled in the rods to re set them for the day ahead. With the first rod now positioned I set about the second rod, Now, we all have good times. bad times and again at this point was a bad time, feeling that the hook was blunt I thought that I would do a quick change, whilst threading the new hook through the eye, I dropped the rest of the rig of my lap and as I had not removed the 2 ½ oz lead, yep another hook attached itself to my finger, luckily I was fishing barbless so I removed it myself, to all make sure that you remove the lead or your time is gonna come. Anyway, with both rods now in place I sat back and nursed my sore finger.

carp 2

The second common again of about 16lb came at 3 in the afternoon, Bloody hell that’s 2 fish in daylight, Celebration day, as all mine have been night time bites for the past two months. So, with the rods reset on the spot, my rock n roll session is taking shape, shame as all my friends were doing something this weekend but that’s the way it is I suppose, no social. Common number three appeared to be going to California when it took off across the lake at full speed even though the clutch was tightened up, it was taking line like no tomorrow. After roaming across the lake, I had him under control, but he had other ideas and decided to tangle himself in my other line, nobody’s fault but mine as I should have bought the other rod in like I had on the previous captures. After untangling the rods, bringing one in whilst having the battle of evermore on the other, I finally landed him. Another common of 14lb even though this one was a bit dazed and confused to what had just happened he happily swam back out into the lake.

carp 3

 Now it was about to get dark, so after re setting the rods, I settled in for the night. The final fish came at 1 am another common at 12lb.


I know many of you will think four fish is not much, but from a tiny corner that most ignore I was happy, what is and what should never be said is that that swim is no good without giving it a second look.

thankyou and tight lines


Jack and Terry Carp

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

At last, myself and Jack have got ourselves back on the Top Lake at Whites Lakes! We booked ourselves on for a 48-hour session over the bank holiday weekend and have been looking forward to this one for a few weeks now. We haven’t had any luck on the Top Lake on our previous trips but with some more knowledge from the current members and from Mike himself we arrived with a slight spring in our step and some confidence within us. 

The Weather leading up to the weekend wasn’t great but it was set to be somewhat of a scorcher whilst we were there, once again the Weather doesn’t give us a break, we always book our sessions a few weeks in advance due to family and work commitments so we are forever relying on the weather being nice to us rather than being able to fish on a whim. 

Upon arriving to the lake, we were met with a bit of a knock in our confidence with Mike saying the fish are set to start spawning any day now, whilst they hadn’t started yet Mike did say that if they did start then unfortunately, we would be asked to leave as when the fish start spawning, he closes the lakes to let the fish get on with it, this is once again another sign of how much of an awesome fishery Mike runs and he is not in it for the money but for the love of the sport and the welfare of his fish. 

With only 2 swims available on the lake, I decided to be the best friend a man could ask for and let Jack fish in his favoured swim (I know honestly, I’m just too nice for my own good.) 

After selecting our sports and putting our new approach into place we stumbled across some eggs they were laid randomly on the path between mine and Jack’s swim, although I’m no twitcher, I do really love being amongst the wildlife around me when fishing and so my interests were intrigued and I decided to try and determine which bird these eggs belonged too. 

IMG 20210529 WA0000

Upon extensive research (Seeing the bird return to the eggs and googling ‘Black and White bird with long Orange beak) it was revealed the eggs belonged to a fascinating bird called an Oystercatcher. 

Haematopus longirostris 2

A few hours into our trip Jack had a few single bleeps on one of his rods, whilst standing at his rods waiting for another indication, we saw the line moving but not enough for the bite alarm to detect it, Jack decided to pick up the rod and see what was going on, hey presto he was in! Result! Our first fish/take on the Top Lake, a short battle later he was graced with this chunky Common, all 25lb of it! 

20210529145752 IMG 2958

With the rest of the day passing uneventfully, we tucked up into our beds and was excited for the night ahead, at 12am I was greeted with a screamer of a run and just likes Jack fish I had a short battle ahead before being greeted with this awesome 23lb Common, my new Common PB! YIIPEEE!  

20210530005325 IMG 2997

(We do need to work on our night time shots) 

With the rest of the night passing with no further fish we were greeted with our worst nightmare, the fish were getting jiggy with it, so we decided to wind the rods in and head off to the shops to contemplate our next move. 

Upon returning it didn’t look good at all with the fish seemingly turning up their Barry White music and giving it a right good go. 

With our session seemingly over, we had a very hard decision to make…… Come back for our next blog in 2 weeks to see what we done and how/where we ended up! 

On a last note, the eggs seemed to start to hatch whilst we were there too! Love all around us! 

IMG 20210530 WA0000

As always,      

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,      



Guest Carp

Getting back into it

You could say I am a quite new angler, starting just last June. I used to fish my local park lake, Lake Meadows Billericay, for silverfish but discovered a species completely new to me, carp. It was a warm night so many people were fishing it and as I watched someone reel in the first carp id ever seen I knew what I wanted to go for next. Me and my dad, who I frequently fish with, further enquired with the angler and he recommend I try an easier, match fishing lake that wasn’t to far from there.

The next week went over on our budget rods and I caught a 11 lb carp off the surface with a piece of bread. From then on I visited it a few more times but wanted to achieve a bigger carp like the one id seen earlier that summer at the park lake. I heard there was plenty of big fish but was very difficult in daylight compared to at night. It shut at 7.30 but had been told by the bailiff it was alright to stay just after 9 if it wasn’t too busy. Me and my dad fished there often for a while catching nothing until November when I unfortunately broke my leg in 2 places.

I let everything clear up before I began fishing again which was around mid may. I decided to expand my knowledge on carp fishing as it was very amateur and basic before. This brings me to about 2 weeks ago when I decided to get back into the swing of things and fish my local lake once again. 

It was nearing the end of May when I decided to have a walk around the lake after school at about 4pm to re-familiarise myself with the swims, features and locations of each part. The lake is 5 acres and holds a very low stock of carp so I was keen but not too confident. I came over alone at about 5 o’clock after travelling light with only the bare essentials so I could maximise my time fishing and be able to walk the short half a mile with everything i needed.

IMG 0601

I was using simple hair rigs as an experienced local angler had told me regular bottom bait boilies seem to work for him over wafters/pop ups and other types of bait. I had some hair rigs prepared as well as some spinner rigs for pop ups. As this was my first proper session over there with my new knowledge gained from the break I used different rigs and bait on both of my rods. 

I decided to go for a nice open swim with room for casting considering it was my first session back which had and island straight ahead and a fountain in-between but a few meters to the left. I had a rod casted tight to the island under a bramble bush on a single hook bait Spinner rig using Nash claw hooks and a Sticky Baits Mulberry pop up and a mainline banoffee boilie surrounded by some 4mm pellets and some banoffee boilie crush which was cast out in a solid PVA bag on an inline lead just right of the fountain which turned of about 6/6.30pm. I decided to switch to a mainline cell balanced wafter on my right hand rod(spinner rig-mulberry pop up) with a blow out rig after little action. 

EF5FEA08 7132 434A B492 037B3822ACB8 1 201 a

After some waiting and re casting of the solid bag rig I decided to pack it up and leave at about 8 after a few liners and bait movement from the high stock of bream which had been sniffing about the freebies around my hook bait. This was also the reason I decided to only use 15mm plus bait to avoid these as these were not what I was targeting.

A day to two later I decided to return with a friend on another short evening session which also resulted in nothing, both using similar tactics on swims very close to the one previously. I had 2 days off fishing to revise for upcoming mocks in late June but returned alone to revise by the bank with some rods out. I arrived at 5 once again and planned to leave at 7.30-8pm that evening. I was feeling confident using hair rigs and basic boilies on both rods on a fresh swim. At about 6 I heard a sound but thought nothing of it but about 30 seconds later I realised it was my line being taken rapidly through my bite alarm which I had forgotten to turn on. By the time I picked the rod up the fish was in the snags, a fallen tree off the island, I felt it pulling and saw it jump but it then became heavily snagged and it found its way free. I was gutted on losing my first local park lake and specimen carp.

I was feeling down however I was still feeling confident as I did some revision. As I had lost one I decided to stay until 8.30 and was ready to pack up when my left rod in-between a close island and the bank ripped off. My dad had arrived just 15mins earlier to pick me up as it was nearing dark and helped me net the beautiful common carp. It weighed in at 22 pounds which beat my previous personal best at 11lb which I mentioned earlier. My hard work had finally paid off and I could finally relax in peace knowing I had a carp from my local lake. 

556003D5 1F84 41B0 A024 7F770C5E14F6

You would guess the story ended there however it doesn’t. I had a half a week plus off from the lake and fishing because I had achieved my goal and wanted a short break. It was a great 18 degree evening after a Friday of school and decided to test my luck once again at lake meadows. I used the same tactics I had before and turned up at about 6pm this time in a swim opposite the week before capture. It had a perfect fallen tree covering the entire way from one side of the lake to the other. I had it cast a meter to the side of it and one in-between 2 islands. At about 7.30 the rod in the snags went off and I sprinted towards it, luckily making it before it had made it too far into the tree. I was nervous as it jumped on the other side of the tree but managed to reel in a bit of line which got it away from it. I landed it and weighed it in my sling. It came in at 22.8 lb and was a stunner of a fish. The rest of the night was uneventful but I didn’t care one bit after a pb had been once again beaten.

1B684F17 8F93 44E0 B768 24FD60A8B1CC 3

Joe Chappell Carp

Well, That Was Unexpected.

Last week, I only managed to get out fishing once for the afternoon. I thought the conditions were perfect, a warm wind, low pressure, and a temperature of about 14 degrees.

After dropping my dad off at Heathrow airport, I headed to my local park lake for a quick session. Upon arriving at 2 and talking to a couple of other anglers including the bailiff Graham, it became apparent that the fish weren’t feeding. Only a couple of fish had been caught all morning and all but one swim was occupied. Apparently someone had been fishing the last swim available just half an hour before I arrived too.

I pushed my barrow over to the only free swim on the lake and prepared my rods. It was a swim tucked away in the corner which only commanded a small amount of water. Thankfully, I had large overhanging and fallen trees either side of me which gave me options to place my rods.

I decided to fish one rod on a Ronnie claw rig with an 11mm Pink Secret Sauce pop-up. I placed this rig and a large handful of11mm Gods Gift boilies by the overhanging tree to my right with my baiting pole. On my other rod, I fished a small solid pva made up of crushed Gods Gift boilies, pellet and I used a 15mm secret sauce wafter on the hook.

image 1

My rods had been in the water for about an hour and the fishing showed no sign of picking up. A few people around the lake had packed up and I was thinking about doing the same. My mum was at my nans doing some gardening and I called her to ask if she could pick me up on her way back. Seconds after she picked up the phone, I had a bite on my right hand rod. It was fish on! It put up a decent fight for its size. I got some photos and slipped it back.

IMG 3539

I called my mum back and explained to her what had happened. I decided that I would stick it out for a while longer and asked her to pick me up at around 7.

Around the lake, other people seemed to be catching too. I noticed one angler a few swims down had a double take and was playing a fish for quite a while. I was thinking of re-doing the rods so I reeled in and took a walk over. He’d caught two lovely commons, the biggest being mid doubles. He said that he thought it was a 20 the way it was fighting! He said both fish came from using his bait boat to get tight under the island.

I headed back to my swim and re-did my rods. Just after, I got a call from my friend Jack. He was catfishing on the opposite bank and had just caught something special. Luckily, I had my camera with me so brought my rods in again and headed round. When I got there, I was expecting to see a huge catfish. Instead there was a fat carp sitting on his landing mat. It was his new PB and weighed in at 21lb 10 oz. We got some fantastic photos and I let Jack borrow my waders so that we could get some water shots.

IMG 3621 14
Jack With his PB

After chatting, it became apparent that Jack thought that he was hooked into a catfish too. The carp had taken 3 14mm halibut pellets intended for a catfish and fought exceptionally hard too. It was a well deserved PB even though it came by accident. Jack’s really been putting the hours in over at that lake over the last year.

I headed back to my swim with a couple of hours to go before my mum was going to pick me up. Unfortunately, the rest of the evening passed uneventfully. Even though I only had the one, it was more than I expected when I first arrived and to see one of my closest mates catch a new PB was fantastic.

Jack and Terry Carp Coarse

Minions Day Out

Hi guys and welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, we hope your all keeping well and getting out onto the bank as much as possible! 

This week we have a little recap of a session we done with our children last month when we were allowed to meet up with another household outside, we decided to go to Tylers common fishery for a few hours on their match lake to try and get a few fish for the children, defiantly not for our own benefit whatsoever 🙄. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the fishery all the lakes were booked out for matches apart from the Specimen Lake, with the main aim of our trip to be quantity over quality (size) we decided to give this a miss and go onto Puddledock fishery as we know they have a few lakes on site which are of a high quality and very likely to catch. 

Upon arriving at the lake, we decided to jump onto ‘The Snake Lake’. We weren’t going to be fishing all day as our children are still young, I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for them to lose interested if we were there all day. 

So, upon arriving we decided to have 1 float rod each using simple maggot tactics and then 1 method feeder rod each to target some of the carp. The day started off somewhat slow and we were beginning to worry we would be forever taunted by our children about our lack of fishing skills. 

Finally, Jack hooked into the first fish of the day, a lovely little roach that saved both of our blushes and made us look awesome to our children, true fishermen with unbelievable amounts of skills! 

20210403 120828

With Jack bringing in the roach to no end it started to become apparent that this was very much a one-sided affair and I needed to catch something or forever be reminded by my children and Jack and his son that I was the only one to not catch. 

BRRRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, my bite alarm screamed from out of nowhere and I was into a carp on the method feeder, after a short scrap and letting the children have a go as much as possible without wanting to lose the fish, we had landed the only carp of the day, Hooray everyone was happy! 

So, with a few hours of getting the children out of our partners hair and having some fun fishing we decided it was time to call it a day before the weather took a turn for the worse. All in all a very success day, a few fish under our belts and looking like we actually know what we are doing to our children we went on our merry way. 

So once again, thank you so much for reading the blog, we appreciate all the support as does everyone from the Essex Anglers team. 

As always,     

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,     



Joe Chappell Carp

Back in The Game – Park Lake Carping

It’s safe to say that this year, I’ve been out of the carping game. Over the winter I dedicated my time to some pike and river fishing. Once the weather warmed up, I was overloaded with revision for my A levels and only managed to hit the bank once for a quick overnighter at my local park lake. That session resulted in 3 lovely looking fish, two of which were caught in the last hour out of the 26 hours that I was fishing. Last weekend, I finally managed to catch up with my friend Jack and catch a few carp.

IMG 2483 1
One of the fish I caught last month on my overnight session.

The previous night, I had made up some spod mix. It consisted of crushed up God’s Gift economy boilies, whole 11mm regular Baylys Baits God’s Gift boilies, breadcrumb, pellet, and some leftover white rice from dinner. I gave it all a good soaking of Secret Sauce Glug+ to add even more attraction, it’s not only a glug but also a liquid food & Lysine Amino Acid. When adding many boilies to my mixes or crushing them up, the economy boilies are fantastic. They’re affordably priced but still offer lots of attraction. I think that by using them in conjunction with the regular boilies, it can make the regular boilies which I will use on the hook stand out more too. I also made up a stick mix and a few pva bags which consisted of crushed up God’s Gift boilies, pellets, and Glug+.

With my bait and rigs prepared, I was up early and at the lake by 7. Jack had arrived before and picked out a likely looking swim. To our left was a large fallen tree, out in front of us was the island and to our right was a large overhanging weeping willow. Jack had picked the right hand side of the swim which left me with the left hand side which I actually prefer.

IMG 2196
My side of the swim. (An old photo from last winter, don’t have a recent one)

I started by throwing a few handfuls of my spod mix about 15 ft out next to the fallen tree. I then prepared my rods. I decided to fish a Ronnie rig with a yellow God’s Gift boilie on my margin spot, and a simple snowman rig with a God’s gift Boilie and 11mm Secret Sauce pop-up towards the island. I fished just a few feet off the island and used one of the pva mesh bags that I had prepared the previous night. Around the island, the bottom is quite firm, so I opted to use a 3oz lead to help drive the hook home.

IMG 1305 3
The Ronnie Rig

It took about an hour for the first bite to come. It came from my rod over the baited spot to my left but was rather twitchy, probably because I was fishing slack lines. The fish took me on a short run before shaking the hook, never to be seen again. Although slightly disheartened, I looked at the positives. My rig, bait, and spot were working and the fish were obviously hungry for me to get such a quick bite over quite a bit of bait. I re-cast and threw another couple of handfuls of bait over my spot in the hopes of getting the fish feeding. I’d also brought with me my new spod rod which I was eager to try. After getting the first bite, I decided to spod some bait towards the Island. It didn’t quite go to plan and using the stiffer rod was harder than expected. I think some practice is needed.

While waiting for a bite, Jack and I baited a couple of marginal spots in the swims next to us in case a stalking opportunity arose. We soon noticed lots of swirls coming up along the bank under the willow tree. Armed with sweetcorn, Jack lowered his improvised float setup into place. After a little while, he received a bite from a bream. The bream was covered in spawning tubercles and was oozing milt. We thought that although we had caught a bream, there may be carp feeding on the eggs, so we persevered. Suddenly, a huge sheet of bubbles came up and the massive disturbance patterns came up. We suspected that it was one of the dozen or so catfish in the lake. Jack decided to reel in one of his rods and switch it over to a catfish rig. I’ve never really catfished properly however Jack is quite a competent catfish angler. Unfortunately, nothing came of Jack’s efforts and the fish weren’t playing ball.

IMG 2206
The willow which the bream were spawning under. (Once again an old photo)

I was receiving frequent line bites on my rod to the island and suspected that the fish might be feeding on the bait which I’d spodded just short of my rod. After receiving no indication on my rod in the margin, I decided to move it to just off the island where a few of the spombs landed. I also decided to change the rig on my rod towards the island. I changed to a Ronnie claw rig and used a pink Secret Sauce pop-up as a hook bait.

At around 2 o’clock, I received an absolute screaming take. It was fish on! After a great battle, I had the first fish of the day in the net. It was a beautiful mirror and weighed in at 14 lbs 8 oz. The fish looked familiar and after examining some photos, I realised that it was a fish I’d already caught the previous year. Last year it weighed 12lb 12oz so I was pleased with the increase in weight. I slipped the fish back, and got the rod straight back on the spot.

IMG 3316
14lb 8oz

The fishing around the lake was starting to pick up, Louie who was fishing a couple of swims down managed to catch a nice looking mirror and a couple of other fish were being caught around the lake.

IMG 3379
A beauty caught by Louie

Before long, I was into another fish on my rod towards the Island. It was a very shy drop back bite and at first, I thought that the fish had escaped me. Fortunately, it hadn’t and before long, I had my third fish of the day on the bank. It was a chunky common which we estimated as around 8lb.

IMG 3351
My second fish of the day

Jack was starting to lose confidence in his bait so I offered him some God’s Gift to try. He cast his rig perfectly under the overhanging tree on the island. A fish showed over his spot and a bite was inevitable. Finally, he received the bite he was after. It wasn’t quite the size he was after but it was better than a blank. The action continued all around the lake, Louie who was a couple swims down from us had a bite not long after slipping Jack’s fish back and his rod was almost pulled in.

IMG 3416
The Smallest of the day for Jack

By about 5, the bites were slowing down. I’d lost one which I think must have been foul hooked because I brought back a scale on my hook. Eventually I received another bite and managed to catch my third fish of the day. It was another common, this time slightly bigger than the previous one and around 12lb.

IMG 3429
My final fish of the session

Jack’s dad arrived at around 6 and brought with him some catfish gear. The conditions were apparently perfect for catfish. Unfortunately, the last couple of hours were quiet. All in all it was a good day’s fishing in good company. I’d recommend getting yourself some Bayly’s Baits, the proofs in the pudding. All the fish were caught using Bayly’s Baits.

Click Below to head over to the Baylys Baits Website. Enter code BB10 at checkout to get 10% off your first order.

cropped Baylys Baits Carp 2

Carp Coarse Joe Chappell

Fishing for Pennies.

Fishing is one of those sports where you can spend thousands of pounds or nothing and have the same results. As much as I love going fishing with all the kit including the kitchen sink, sometimes it’s just not needed. Under some circumstances, expensive rods, reels, boilies, glugs, alarms and all the other trappings can result in more fish on the bank. Sometimes it’s just not needed. Last week, I enjoyed a days stalking at my local park lake and it cost me a grand total of about £1.50.

Let’s talk bait! On the day I had about half a kilo of frozen corn which cost about 50p, and about half a kilo of pellet. There are loads of different pellets out there, but generic coarse pellets are great and when bought in bulk, good value. For hook baits, I spent about half an hour digging for worms in my mum’s flowerbed the day before. This was completely free! To keep costs down, it can be a good idea to get an annual ticket for somewhere. The annual membership for my park lake was just £60, which is a bargain if you ask me.

IMG 9811

Armed with my corn, pellets, worms, rod and reel my mum dropped me off at the lake at about half past 7. I started as I always do when stalking, walking. I did a lap of the lake while baiting several likely looking areas in the margin before doing another couple of laps. On my third lap, I noticed fizzing over one of the spots where I’d baited so I decided to flick out my worm and wait.

My tactics were the same as I mentioned in my last blog however this time, after some advice from several fellow anglers, I fished the float dead on depth. It didn’t take long for something to slurp up my worm and pull the float under. I struck but realised I hadn’t hooked a carp. It was in fact an eel however (un)fortunately – depending on how you look at it – it came off. Undeterred, I rebaited, recast, and waited. The fizzing has died down however my float pulled under again. I struck but once again this was no carp, a perch came up to the surface before violently shaking its head, spitting the hook, and diving to the depths never to be seen again.

After standing back and giving the swim a rest for five minutes in the hope of a carp returning, I saw nothing so decided to keep walking and checking the spots I’d baited prior. After only a couple of minutes walking, I noticed some coloured water over one of the spot’s I’d baited. I adjusted the depth of my float before dropping a juicy worm over the spot. I waited longer than I expected but eventually, a carp picked up my worm and I was in. This spot is definitely the most productive for me when stalking and it didn’t fail to live up to expectations. My reward was a beautiful and plump common carp.

IMG 9815 edited

After that fish, I continued walking and stalking, missing a few chances. I hooked into a carp and even managed to get the bite on camera however unfortunately it came off. I also managed to catch a small eel. Despite having to re-tie my hook afterwards it was welcome because it was species number 8 for me in the species hunt.

IMG 9802

About an hour after catching the eel, I noticed a larger carp and a small carp feeding over one of my spots. I could just about make out the shadow of their bodies and I was so excited. I lowered my worm into position and after just a couple minutes, it shot up then under. I struck, hoping that it was the bigger carp that I had spotted. Unfortunately, it was neither the big carp nor the small carp. It was in fact a new PB perch. It wasn’t massive, maybe just over a pound but it was the first proper perch I’ve ever caught so it was more than welcome.

IMG 9807 edited

Despite my patience and best efforts to temp them. The bigger carp didn’t return. I decided to continue my walk and to check the spots I’d baited. After an uneventful hour, I once again noticed some carp feeding on the spot where I’d caught the perch. After a little while with my worm in the water, I was into my fourth fish of the day which was another common carp. It wasn’t the biggest, but it put a smile on my face.

IMG 9818

By now the wind was picking up and it was getting cold. The fishing was getting harder, so I decided to call it a day. All in all, it was a great days fishing and I can’t wait to return.

Carp Jack and Terry

We’re Baccck

So finally, a JT Carpers blog! I know, I know your overwhelmed with excitement and so you should be because that means we actually have some content worth sharing! Yippee! 

To say it’s been a dry year so far for myself and Jack would be an understatement, obviously once again 2021 started how 2020 ended and that’s with a miserable lockdown, this did hinder our opportunities to go fishing so we were always going to struggle till it had been somewhat lifted. Once the all clear had been given by big Bozza we decided to book our first session on White lakes as fully pledged members. 

Unfortunately, as it was no night fishing allowed this was a normal day session over on the Top Lake/Carp Lake, with the weather still being cold we weren’t hopeful and we were right in thinking that as we had no luck on that session, regardless it was still awesome to get out on the bank and back to a site we loved spending time at. 

So, then we decided to get onto the club lake for a longer session, with night fishing now being permitted we got permission from our wonderful, ever loving, beautiful partners to do a 48-hour session 😇. The lake had been fishing fairly well with a member fishing opposite us catching 8 carp prior to our arrival, before getting the rods out we decided to go and pay the member a visit and have a little chat, being new members, we are always looking for any advice and tips from other members. I must admit every single member we have come across has always been very pleasant and always willing to talk, this shows what an awesome fishery Mike runs and a great judge of character he is. 

On our walk over to Ian, he hooked himself into another Carp and what would turn out to be a stunning 32lb mirror, I had the pleasure of taking some snaps for him, with a congratulations and small chin wag later we decided to go back to our pegs and set up. So, without dragging the whole session out for yourselves to read it sadly ended in a blank for us and as Mike would so politely put it, we caught a big round number of fish between us, 0. 

Now, with that session ending we was ever so eager to get back and give it another go with the new knowledge we had learnt from the members we met over the 2 days, but with no fish under our belts yet in 2021 we really wanted to get amongst them so decided to do a 24-hour session over on the Guest Lake with my dad and cousin. 

I am so happy to announce, WE HAD SOME FISH!! After around 20 minutes of paying Mike and him comically waving the cash at the lake telling them it’s okay to come out now that we had paid, I was into my first fish of the session, a short scrap later I was gifted with this 10lb common, not the biggest by any means but when you have been on a bit of a baron run, the first fish is always welcome. 

IMG 2847

The next fish to pay us a visit wasn’t until the evening time around 10:30 when Jack was met with a screaming run and a beautiful 20lb mirror carp, his first carp of the year and to be met with a cracking 20lb mirror what a way to start. 

IMG 2867

Jack then had another carp at around 2:30 in the morning, it was only a small common but coming off of the same spot as the first fish it seemed to show whatever Jack was doing was working. 

IMG 2882

This showed to be true with yet another fish off of the same spot at around 7:30 in the morning, once again another awesome 20lb mirror, cracking average size of fish for Jack on this trip and the perfect way to get the ball rolling for his fishing for the year. 

182704164 590114402382767 4267082665974477613 n

So, we were packing up a bit earlier than usual due to it being the Bank holiday Monday and the weather meant to be taking a turn for the worse come 4pm, then within the space of an hour myself and Jack both had another fish, fantastic! The trip had turnt into a success! Another 2 smaller commons but pristine and perfect. Unfortunately, my dad and cousin never had a fish between them but that didn’t dampen their thoughts of the lakes and they can’t wait to get back over on the guest lake with us as soon as possible. 

IMG 2932
IMG 2942

With the session coming to an end, 4 fish for Jack and 2 for myself (well 3, I did have a Bream during the night Aswell but didn’t want to bother anyone for pictures) the session was a success and just what we needed before our return to the Carp Lake at the end of the month! 

Once again thank you for reading our blog, I know it’s been a long time coming but good things come to those that wait 😁. 

As always,    

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,    



Carp Coarse Joe Chappell

Stalking Carp Using the Lift Float Method.

lift float

Over the past month, I haven’t had the time to go fishing or write any blogs because I’ve been revising for my A levels. My last exam was yesterday (Thursday) morning. I got home at about half past eleven and enjoyed some lunch before my mum to drop me off at my local park lake. I only packed light. 1 rod, a bit of bait and a selection of hooks, floats and shot.

The tactic of the day was the lift float, the presentation you get with this method is fantastic and it’s hard to miss bites. With the lift float, 99% of bites will result in either the float rising up or completely disappearing from view. I like to fish the float about an inch under the water, when the bait is picked up, the float will rise to the surface. The float may often knock from side to side, as tempting as it may be to strike, DON’T!

Here’s how I set up for this method.

lift float 1

Now to the afternoon’s fishing.

I arrived at the lake at about half past 12 and immediately started looking for signs of carp. I baited up around 10 marginal spots around the lake. On my second lap, I spotted some bubbles coming up below a small overhanging tree. At this point, I think I should add that polarised sunglasses are a must when doing this type of fishing. They make it much easier when staring at a float for hours but more importantly, they make it so much easier to spot sings of fish such as coloured water.

I stealthily set up my rod, opting for sweetcorn on the hook. I usually like to use worms, however I had no time to dig for them in the garden. I lowered the float into place, sat back and waited. After a few minutes, I saw the flash of a tail just to the right of my spot. I received a few twitchy bites but struck into nothing. I had a feeling that maybe some roach were picking up my corn and running off with it. I decided to swap out my hook bait for a small bit of bread, just to check weather they were roach. The float twitched from site to side but after 5 minutes without any proper bites I decided to check the bait. It was gone. I decided to opt for a larger ball of bread on the hook in the hope that it would temp the carp I had seen 15 minutes or so prior.

Sure enough, after just a few minutes using the bigger hook bait, I was hooked up to a carp. Unfortunately, after only 20 or so seconds, the carp spat the hook. I caught a glimpse of the fish and it only looked a few pound (or so I told myself) so I wasn’t too bothered.

Thinking I had spooked the spot, I trickled a bit more bait in and continued walking around the lake, looking for signs of fish. On my third lap, I noticed that the water over one of my spots was ever so slightly coloured up. After standing back and observing for a few minutes, I noticed the odd bubble too. I baited my hook with corn, cast in, stood back, and waited. I waited for about half an hour, however unfortunately the fish seemed to move away. I put a little more bait in, before continuing my walk.

After failing again in another spot, I noticed some bubbles coming up from under the disabled fishing platform. I wasn’t sure how deep it was here, so set my float about 3 ft deep. I dropped my bait just past the spot and dragged the float into prime position. The float sunk and I presumed I was fishing too shallow. As I brought the float in, something pulled back and I was into a fish. The bite was literally instantaneous! The fish was only about 2lb, one of the smallest in the lake however it gave me confidence. I decided to stay in this spot for about 20 minutes in case any fish returned to the area, unfortunately they didn’t.

IMG 9714

I continued walking around the lake, and after a while found a fish absolutely going crazy in the corner. I could see it tail up, leaves and chod were rising to the surface and the water was noticeably murky. I think the excitement got to me because I ended up spooking the fish. Undeterred, I continued my laps. On returning to the previous spot, the fish was back feeding. I decided to switch over to bread on the hook since the sweetcorn had been proving unsuccessful. After just a few minutes, the float shot up and I was in. After a fantastic fight, I netted the fish and what a beauty it was. It wasn’t massive but it was a beautiful scaly one which was a perfect end to the afternoons fishing.

IMG 9718