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Technology or Not

When does fishing stop becoming fishing?

The primitive idea of a hunter feeding his family food with the knowledge of the waters around him.

Has technology now been so accepted in our lives and pastimes that we do not have hours, days and months working out a body of water and we now have succumbed to knowing where the fish are in minutes and then dropping the bait straight on their heads?

After watching an episode of Zanderpro on YouTube this question plagued my thoughts, I will get back to that later.

I personally have no electronic equipment that aid my fishing, call me old fashion or stupid but I would rather spend a few blank sessions working out the lake that I am fishing.

But knowing that you can rock up to a swim put out a finder and see if there is fish, weed, gradients, depths and then walk away to the next swim if you do not see what you like, is that fishing.

Once you find a swim you then can load a bait boat and drive it across the lake to a spot underneath snags that can not be cast to and now with GPS you can return to spots in open water to dispense of your load time and time again without having to navigate the boat. Do you need to learn to cast a rod anymore?

About not actually having to go to the lake to have a search for fish, we are talking drones. What better than to pull up in a car park get out of the car put up a drone and buzz the lake using the live feed to view the signs of any fish prior to unloading the car. There is a Facebook page ‘Drone Fishing Community’ which has 22 thousand members.

Not to put people down everyone is entitled to their own approached but what really compelled me to write this was Zanderpro where a team of two fisherman go after their quarry across lakes, now under the competition rules they are allowed to use electronics to find spots, But Westin went one stage further where one man fished and the other man directed him on not only where to cast, but the speed of the cast, slowing or speeding the drop though the water depending on how the fish was moving in the water, he could monitor the lure and the fish to the point of telling him when to strike, Lets be serious is this really fishing.

Do not get me wrong, people have little time in their fast hectic lives and want to be as productive on the bank but how far do you go before you might as well save even more time by just staying at home and watching it on YouTube.

What are your thoughts, has fishing become past just an enjoyable recreational pastime of having pleasure on the bank or must have to catch a fish to share on Facebook or Instagram at any cost a priority?

Tight Lines


Brian Holland

A Change in Tactics

It has been a few hard months; I have stuck so far with the tactics that have continued to get bites during the winter months but alas this year it has been but a blank. I have even tried a bit of drum and bass (apparently the ultimate carp weapon) but this had no effect what so ever to increase the capture rate.

Anyway, I have chosen this session to come off pop ups and go to bottom baits with a PVA mesh bag of Pellets.

As my club waters have now re opened after a month hiatus, I chose to go to a lake I know well with every chance of a bite. (So, you would think).

On arrival at 5.30 am with the mist rolling over the lake and the sun breaching the horizon it looked a good session was to be had, now as this was the first day, I was expecting the lake to be overrun with Carp men in even conceivable swim, so it was a surprise to find that only 3 people had shown up. So, with 6 acres of water that had not seen a line in a month happy days.

I chose a double swim that is on a small spit that commands the centre of the lake where there are reeds to the left, and small over hanging trees to the right, just off to the right there is weed bed that when its up will cover most of the right-hand side of the open water, straight ahead the weed bed stops and it is underneath a power cable that runs the length of the lake, to this point is where you can pick up bites.

With a spread of boilies at this point each rod had a 15mm on a standard hair rig cast to it.

The day being cloudy with the sun breaking through confidence was high that I could entice a bite, but alas not even a knock. As dusk fell and the night gradually fell into place, I retired to the bivvy for my evening meal. It was around midnight that the alarm started beeping with continual knocking from Bream. If I know a lake has bream in, I tend to fish a long hair as I have found that though they can pick up the bait they do not tend to hook themselves.

At 2.00 am a single beep followed by a screaming alarm told me I was in, hoorah.

As expected with night it was pitch black and a mist had fallen on the lake, so the fight to bring the carp in was completely done by the sense of feel. As I could see the line at all, I was going by where the tip of the rod was positioned to where in the lake the fish was. Its run had given it at least another 50 yards somewhere in the lake, which I believed that it headed to the reed bed to my left. I was retrieving line quite quickly, but it surged every time the line was taken, so I was losing what I had gained, this went on for about 10 minutes. Playing the fish which, I believed was still about 20 yards out I was surprised when a big swirl at about 10 foot in the centre of the swim materialized.

I was now scrambling for the net whilst trying not to give it line again, I kicked the other rod and tripped over the cradle but still managed to stay in control. (Note to myself make sure everything is at hand). With the net now in the water I was able to land the fish. A large mirror graced the net.

I removed the hook whilst it was in the net and then let it rest whilst I got my phone for pictures and scales to weigh it. At this point I managed to injure myself again, I got the scales out of the bag but could find the hook to hang the weigh sling from, so rummaging through the bag I stab myself with a tent peg in the side of my hand. So bloody dangerous this fishing.

Anyway, with the fish bought in and weighed at 21lb I was happy, but the way the fishing had been going at present a 10lb would have made me happy. I returned him to his abode and put the rods out in the mist as best I could (NB: – should have clipped up for the distance).

Got to learn to take night shots

At about 3 am another run on the same rod, sadly to say this one avoided capture when it managed to dislodge the hook against the weed bed to the right.

I did have another common of about 14lb on Sunday night.

So, two fish over the 48 hours I was happy with. Roll on next weekend.

Tight lines all

#the _bridge_troll

Brian Holland

Lake, Sea, River & Troll Bridges ?

Well, if ever I know how to do something, I know how to blank.

With warm breezy days and cold nights, the fishing has not thrown me much luck.  Due to my club being shut through out the month of April, I have been forced to seek other lakes to get my rods out on. Not knowing lakes and not having time to work them out, I was not expecting to smash it up, But one would have been nice. So, for the last two weekends I have pitched up on Clayfield lakes in Weeley just outside Clacton.

Clayfield has 5 lakes with 3 being mixed with carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Rudd, Ide, Grass Carp and Golden Tench

The Main lake which I was fishing has Carp up to 40lb and Cats up to over 50lb and Pike close to the 20lb mark and at £18 for 24 hours it is nicely priced.

This happens to be one of the few waters that you can drive to, find a swim and fish instead of booking in advance. It has been busy and even turning up at 7 am the lake and best swims can be taken, but as I like to get out for the weekend, I will take a swim that I feel can produce at least one bite. The swim this weekend did show signs of fish just off a small island and in the margin. So, a little pre baiting whilst I set up the rod’s I was hopeful. Using a natural pop up tipped with a yellow half dumbbell then whittled down to balance the rig and the other rig was tipped with white and again whittled down.  One rod cast to the tip of the island and the other to the centre edge of the island. And then waited and waited and waited.  I had a knock on the yellow rig and that was that.

At this point on Sunday morning after less than warm night and an unexpected wake up call from a feathered Friend, I decided to pack up and try for some bass on the river blackwater.

Talk about in your Face

As I was outside Clacton I set the satnav to Goldhanger where I was to park and then proceeded on my way 16 miles. Watching the satnav for direction I noticed after about 4 miles it now said 21 miles and I was now for some reason heading then driving around Colchester. Bloody thing.

Anyway, I got there, Park up and got out my rebuilt rod which I was going to use.  11 foot 3 ¼ test curve, I attached the reel loaded with 15 lb braid which I attached 12 lb fluorocarbon a quick link and a patchinko replica lure. With a rucksack with other lures and tools I walked down a footpath to the incoming tide.

All I can say it was bloody windy and was only able to cast with the wind into the bay entrance I chose to fish. Yep, not a sniff, but then again not having a clue what I was doing after a few hours I chose to call it a day. Hopefully I will find a mate to show me the ropes. But if you do not try you will never learn. I did learn so it was not wasted time.

At this point I decided to go back to my local river / stream that I have been lure fishing to see if I could walk to the source of it inland. This would lead me beyond the point where I normally fish to, and I could find a few more spots.

It was about a two hour walk in all and I had to cross a Troll bridge, to keep them at bay I paid out the penny charge and carried on. 

I found a few deeper holes and dams made from fallen trees, but I found the source through a out flow from a field. The river did carry on, but the flow was negligible. But I was happy with what I have seen and will go back with a map to mark a few spots and hopefully when the season starts, I will be able to catch a few from it.

Well as I type, I am preparing for next weekend as the club re opens and I can go back to a lake I know and hopefully catch a few to display in the blog. But as for now tight lines everyone and make sure that you always pay the Troll.


Brian Holland

Pictures of the world that surrounds our fishing.

Well, the last couple of weeks sorry to say have been uneventful on the fishing front. Even though I have been fishing I have managed to catch absolutely nothing, zero, nowt, a complete blank.

All I have managed is to smack myself in the face with the rod result in a lost tooth and sticky a hook through my thumb (luckily barbless this time).

So, as I sit there pondering the world around and how to entice a few of the larger species from the lake. I will sit and look at the surrounding nature and take a few photographs.

Hopefully, you will see the beauty the beholds us instead of stuck to your phone whilst the world turns. Here is a selection of some I have taken over time.

Frozen at Horseshoe lakes
Bridge on the Chelmer
Moored up Boats – Chelmer
Cows taking up the swim River Chelmer
Bridge across the pond – Asheldham
Bicknacre late summer afternoon
The Mill – Stambridge on the River Roach
Setting sun
The morning mist on the way to fishing in Suffolk
Just a rainbow
An Evening Lure Session
Farlow at Midnight – the light source is the street lights of London
Early Morning on the Roach
A lock on the Chelmer

Tight Lines all


Brian Holland

Lake Review – Hilton Valley Carp Fisheries.

Well, this was a long time coming. Originally booked in the beginning of October 2020 then moved to the beginning of November due to covid and yet again moved to this easter weekend. Firstly, thankyou to the owner Darren Hilton for being so accommodating with the continuing movement of our slot.

We had hired Caney lake and had been looking forward to fishing it due the pictures of the fish on facebook. With fish coming out slowly on the run up to out weekend hopes were high that we would catch.

When you book the hours are midday to midday so there is no early morning rush to the lake, and you can have a leisurely packed down when you leave. Which is better than the mad rush at 6 am in the morning of most places.

We arrived at about 11 am and went for a walk around the lake, as we already knew our swims everyone was already trying to work out the spots to fish to.

Two of the Island separated by a Channel

The lake is three acres, and every swim has its own section of lake to fish to without interfering or casting over other anglers. The photographs on-line do not do justice to the actual area that each angler has, and they look small but, you do have a good area of water to fish in. There are three islands that separate the two banks that you can fish down. These have cut outs and reeds growing in them so there is plenty to aim at. As the back half of the lake was only dug out a couple of years ago it is still work in progress with newly planted reeds at the far end. Underneath the water, they have cut channels and plateau’s so there is plenty of under water features to keep the angler searching to where the fish could be.

Newly Dug. With reed planted along the far bank
Underwater Channels and plateau’s

All the swims are big enough to fit a double bivvy in, they are wood chipped and have surrounding wood so that you do not getting covered in mud on them wet days, Each, swim also comes with a landing net, landing mat and weight sling so leave yours at home.

Double Bivvy in a wood Chipped Swim
Net, landing mat and Weight sling supplied in each swim

To get to the swims the path around the lake has been matted and wood chip over the top so on wet muddy days you will not be clogged up with mud.

Once settled in Darren as a host could not be more accommodating in showing you where to fish to, He wants you to catch his fish and he was thrilled when one of us caught a fish and came round to photograph it.

The lake when it becomes fully established will be a beautiful lake to wind away the summer sun on.

Unfortunately, only one fish came out over the 48 hours we were there but that is fishing, do not expect to turn up and it to be a runs water, you will have to earn your fish, which is my style of fishing. But when they do get caught expect a Carp worthy of the wait.

The only Fish – With Mr Dabbs

There are on site toilets and a shower, which are clean. Make sure that you take a couple of two-pound coins for the shower, which is hot, a bloody nice if you have had a cold spell as we did.

If you have seen the website, Facebook or Instagram you will know that they cook breakfast and main meals on site, my advice is use this service you will not be disappointed their food is A1.

Chicken Chinese Curry with rice and Chips also came with prawn crackers. Sorry the picture does not do it justice.

All of us were impressed with the size and quality of the food and the price you pay I could only but recommend it. So, take a few snacks and your tea and coffee and leave the cooking to them.

I could not recommend this fishery more and it is well worth every penny we spent for such an enjoyable weekend and we will all be back in the summer to have another try to catch a fish and eat the food that is on offer.

Dareen Hilton with a stunning Common
Darren Hilton with a Stunning Mirror

Well done to Darren.


Brian Holland

Looking for Spots during closed season

Well with the river season now closed until June and the pursuit of my quarry now suspended it has not stopped me from going down to the river.  Instead of being armed with a rod and line I am now armed with a camera. Just because you can not fish does not mean that you can not walk the river to find spots and marks for when the season re opens.

I parked in my local country park where there is the first access to the river and started walking along the bank clambering through the bushes and long grass to firstly find new access points and then to spend time looking at each spot. Climbing trees and jumping banks, with each potential spot photographed to take another look when I get home.

I am looking now only for fish activity but also deeper holes, shallows, and slack water.

This also gives me a chance to see any unseen snags that would not normally be observed until it is too late.

Here is a selection of the Photos taken

A Height Advantage
A deeper run to the right hand side of a shallow
The Root System in the way but accessible from the other bank
The Inlet created a deeper hole to the right hand side
A deep area.
A small eddy created a deeper and slow flowing area
Snags can often be sanctuary
A deep area of a long drop
Another deeper area going under snags
A fallen branch on a deeper run could hold perch

Tight lines all


Brian Holland

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Brian Holland

The Lake, A Rant and the River

Well, this weekend did turn out as expected. As this was going to be a carp blog, then it changed to a rant and then finally a lure blog. So, I will start at the beginning as if I started at the end it would make little sense.

Star log Saturday. Well with a new moon, a south westerly wind and the pressure dropping below 1000 it was looking carp time for me. I must admit I have not looked forward to a day’s fishing for a while as without out doing over nights I struggle to get motivated (just not a day’s man). But with the weather and all I was looking forward to a day’s fishing. Getting to my local club lake at the break of dawn I had a good walk round to see if I could see anything but with a good chop on the water it was no way, unless they hurled themselves a couple of feet out of the water, I would see anything.

 So, I chose to set up on the front of the wind, with the lake in this area being around the four feet deep mark and with the temperature being stable for the last couple of days prior, I was confident that they would move down into this area.

My choice of attached being a natural pop-up on a multi-rig next to a reed bed and a boilie on a long hair out into open water at about 15 yards. Both rigs I had put around 10 boilies with a catapult of particle over the top.  At this point I remember that Confucius said ‘Don’t catapult particle into a headwind – very messy).

Except for the wind it was a lovely sunny day which made up for the lack of fish.

With not even a sniff I returned home hoping tomorrow could be a better day.

Star log Sunday morning.  Arriving again at the crack of dawn, the first thing seen was a herd of fallow deer on the edges of the land, sometimes we forget nature exists around us. The lake was dead still and I stood watching for signs across the lake. I could see a couple of swirls over the deep area. So, I headed over there for a closer inspection. I could make out fish were just below the surface as the moved around in the area.

So, with the car unpacked I headed round an put out a zig just below the surface where I had seen them. The second rod was cast under power lines with a bottom bait for a two pronged attached. In the sunshine I sat back in anticipation.  Now here comes the small Rant. Please bear with me.

While I carp fish, I often clear up the swim of any line or rig rubbish mostly tag end and broken bits that are inadvertently dropped and trod in the mud. OCD but I like to help. Now today the first line turned out to be about 16 inch long and this is where I noticed in a bush behind me was a mass of line probably around 20 yards with a safety leader and a rig attached. I am sorry but this is total ignorance from the angler that threw it there instead of taking it home. We are all being watched by the wildlife brigade who want to ban fishing, and this does not help our argument that we care for our environment, so why give them ammo. If you are an angler that just dumps your rubbish around lakes and rivers sorry your unfit to fish. Just take a bag to take your rubbish home it is not hard.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.  

At about 2 o’clock the alarm let out a couple of beeps and the bobbin slowly rose then settled back down, I sat next to the rods waiting the inevitable screamer that did not materialise. So being the last day of the river season I decided to pack up and go to a little river / stream around the corner.

I picked up my last rod to find a fish limply sitting at the other end. Yep, a Bream. Sorry to all the fisherman that like Bream but if you can not pick up a 3oz lead you should not eat the bait.

So, the fish that should not be mentioned was reeled in, unfortunately I had to take a picture for the species hunt and then it was sent back to continue sulking. Boy they have the face for sulking.

Star log Sunday afternoon. I arrived at the stream ok the River Roach that runs through the local park. I have tried before here with no success as in parts it is only about 2 inches deep, and it does have a flow and some deeper pockets along its length.

Hoping for chublet or small perch. So, with my .05 to 5 oz rod, I had a size 6 hook and a small creature bait in hope to lure out some fish if any. After a while I change to a Gunki tipsy in dark green with red flecks and cast into one of the deeper pools and hey presto a fish hit the lure and I was on a fight, now it is fun playing fish on such a light rod as it battled through the water up stream towards me. On finally landing it, in front of a lady that was walking her kids with a surprised face that there were fish living in such a little stream. I was confronted with a nice Roach. Hey, a Roach on the Roach. After a photo it was put back into its little home as I trotted of up to the next hole.  One cast and another Roach was presenting itself to me, did not realise that Roach fishing could be that much fun. 

As the rain was now starting, I walked the rest of the stretch without any more fish to add tally for the day. At least I caught on the final river day of the season – Here’s looking forward to June 16th when I can attack this stretch again.

That is now 2 fish for my species hunt so well happy.


Brian Holland

The Lure of the Sea

Well with the end of the river season fast approaching and my club lakes are closing for a month I have been slowly looking at Lure fishing for Bass.

I am not a sea fisherman by any accord and know absolutely nothing of the equipment required but I have bought a few lures in anticipation of the foaming waves and the bars of silver smashing into them and fighting as I bring them through the water to my waiting hands to hoist in triumph and take a trophy shot before releasing it back to Davy Jones locker.

The lures being a popper, A shallow diver and a surface in pearl, green and a blue. I will need to purchase a few more as you never have enough lures.

Now I have been once or twice before which I tagged along with a couple of friends Russell and Ryan on a nice sunny evening. We were walking in with the tide casting as we went.

I decided it would be a good idea to use my 7ft drop-shotting rod, after a few hours of casting I did not have a drop shotting rod as the handle had split where I was side casting and twisting the handle and the tip snapped shooting down the braid towards the sea to the amusement of Ryan. Ahh, a new rod was now required.

I had also borrowed Ryan’s spare set of waders that were full of water when I handed them back after slipping on the seaweed around the seawall and filling up my rear end. Apologies Ryan.

The next trip I took my H-gun and we stuck to the seawall casting into the frothing tide. Again, I caught nothing.

I have been a couple of times to the Roach at a now redundant mill and cast into the channel from the dockside but to no avail. This is where I really would like to catch one in an urban setting so I will be returning when I have an idea what the hell I am doing.

Also, I covered the seawall going along the crouch and again no luck.

With the next round shortly coming I have now modified a broken 12ft carp rod.  I had snapped the tip which reduced it down to 11ft so with a new tip added its now ready to use in pursuit of the bass. 

I see myself already there standing up to my waist in the waves, casting across the water, walking the dog through the top of a crest as the Bass chase down the lure in predatory pursuit, the anticipation as it side swipes the plastic, only realising that the trebles have embodied themselves into the lips and its caught. It turns tries to make a run for it only to find that the bait is attached to a line and my rod and reel. Game over.

Hopefully in the not so far future there will be a blog on how I overcome the mighty bass and landed some big bars of silver. But not in a boat.

# the_bridge_troll

Brian Holland

The End is Nigh?

Well, we all sat it anticipation as Boris spoke about his road map back to a resemblance of normality.

It is looking like the 29th March that us as over night Carp fisherman are released once again the plunder the lakes for our quarry. With a little relaxation in the distance that can be travelled this has opened up a few more day tickets and club lakes that we can fish.

This would be beneficial to me if the club water that I fish was actually open during April. Unfortunately, they shut the gates for a month for maintenance. With the close season on river’s being activated form the 15th March this leaves me and about 1500 members searching for new waters in the area. Can not beat a free for all around Essex by a load of fisherman in Cammo gear.

Luckily for me I have a planned weekend trip to local lake which due to covid has already been moved twice so hopefully easter weekend I can fish there; I have then managed to get a guest ticket for a syndicate lake leaving only two weekends to cover prior to my club re opening.

On a river front, I went to a local stream for a little perch hunt to find that it was nothing but the shit that people dump and we as anglers are get a bad rap for the odd bits and pieces, but this was nothing but total bloody ignorance by the scum who think this is ok.

So, with the rivers closing I am still purchasing lures, why I do not know but I like the look of the Molix swimming dragon fly and I could not resist.

Sadly, on the fishing front it has been two sessions of blanks, Well I say blanks, but I do not think catching a mussel on a lure count or does it?

Whilst whiling away the hours sitting on the bank, I decided to catch up on the podcasts that I listen to one of these being the carp cast, this week’s one featured an interview with England manager and underwater supremo Rob Hughes. They got onto the conversion of leads that hit the news headlines this week over the banning of them under the European laws. Even though we are out of Europe this would in the long term probably affect us in the UK.  The main issue in Europe is that they still use lead shot which has already been banned from the UK anyway, but will this affect the leads used in carp fishing especially when we ‘drop the lead’.  Myself I will drop the lead but only when fishing snags or very deep weed. I have added the link as it is well worth a listen.

As there is no night fishing, I have been also catching up on all the YouTube fishing video’s in the evening especially Fly vs Jerk by kanalgratisdotse if you are into your pike fishing this is a must watch.

Also, for perch fishing check out the perch pro series.

I have a habit of breaking rods, in fact it seems to become a bit of a past time, that and falling in the Chelmer. Any way I arrived at work today to find the gentlemen that can repair rods has completed the repair to my 12ft (Now 11ft) carp rod. With a silver whipped end so that I can used it for predator and Bass fishing. Looking forward to hitting the tides for Bass on the Lure.

Anyway, that is it this week tight lines all.