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Kickstarting Essex LRF

LRF in Essex is fairly unheard of unfortunately, due to the muddy murky Thames, it makes lure fishing for mini species incredibly difficult. The marks that Devon and Cornwall have, just aren’t here, strong tides also makes life difficult. Overall, we just have smaller populations of those mini species.

However, those don’t mean that it can’t be done. After a trip to Devon and enjoying what LRF has to offer, I got a bit of a bee in my bonnet and spent a bit of time going over the Essex coast looking for potential features and marks where catching these mini species can be possible.

The first features I found where tidal pools, the likes of which are packed with kids swimming in during the summer and low tide. These often have crabbers in, so bait in a sense is being put into them, water all day round, and plenty of weed along the walls with cracks for these mini species to hide.

I spoke to Shore Fishing Essex, a YouTuber who spends a lot of time foraging the Essex coast, and he has dragged a net along these pools and got the odd shanny. What was left really, was for me to try one of these pools!

And myself and Shore Fishing Essex gave it go with small lures! The method was size 18-20 hooks, and a single swan shot to hold bottom, and just slowly drag along the deck…and it worked! We caught several sand and common gobies, although only small, we proved these small species can be caught.

First Video on Essex LRF

Of course, these small species are a challenge to catch, but when you think of LRF, you think scorpions, bennies and bigger gobies.

So the search for more marks continued, a few weren’t what you hoped they would be over google maps.

However, a big mark I wanted to try was at Harwich…Ha’Penny Pier. The only issue here is the tide can push through, so working out a time with a smaller tide, and going at low tide and fishing up, was key.

Myself and Simon from Reel Anglerz decided to give this a go, and with the stronger tide we had to change out tactics.

We opted to fish drop-shot, 5g seemed enough to hold bottom, and this time a size 14 hook, with a cut up small bit of pink isome.

We struggled at first, with only a crab being caught, and felt deflated, we had a few bites, but we put these down to crabs.

Then striking to one of these bites, a black goby was caught! We happened to find a little nest, and I quickly had 2 others.

As the tide came in, we moved to a staircase by the promenade wall, and continued trying, after another Crab capture from Simon…he had a Scorpion, a beautiful little fish!

This mark seems to be a good little mark, with the potential to be prolific.

I want to encourage those in Essex, or around, who want to try LRF, go, give it a go! The species are there and they can be caught! Lets build an Essex LRF community!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Essex LRF!

Bailey Payne Lure River

BFS Perch Fishing – Exploring new Rivers

Well, after my house move, I’m back fishing and continuing with Lures. Lure fishing has really won me over, from its simplicity and ease, a rod, net, rucksack and you’re off and can fit in sessions easily around a busy life. And boy, the joy and feel when you feel a fish smash a lure…words can’t describe!

20220205 084317

I headed out to a new very local stretch to me, under 5 minutes from my door, and I’m on the river bank! This was my first trip for quite some time because of the house move. My BFS Setup, and of course the FFS Craw21, fishing Texas style. I was ready for some action!

20220115 094531

The new stretches I was exploring had lovely bends, slight depth changes, and a few little weir pools! Looked good for a fish, I didn’t really know much about this stretch in terms of whether many Perch where in it or not. So it was very much a good learning experience!

I tried the first little lead up to the a weir, and over some small bridges to no luck. And then walked upstream to a lovely little bend. Almost instantly I had a hit…a Chub! Was quite a surprise, my first fish after the move, a little chub smashing my lure. It was maybe around the half pound mark, but a welcome fish.

20220205 084314

I kept going trying some lovely looking swims, but to no luck, not even a touch, I eventually walked the other way to try the last weir on my list, and was straight away bitten off by a pike! A quick re-tie, and some birds nest admiringly! And I was off again and into a lovely chunky blackwater Perch!

20220205 084250

He couldn’t resist the Craw21!

The following week brought me back to a familiar stretch of River, one I have had a lot of luck from, but fancied trying with a few new lures from FFS. I was off to a good start with an initial tiny pike…been told we call these cucumbers?!?!

20220212 083942 scaled e1645096065906

Again, a welcome start to a session. Not long after, a chunky perch followed from the same spot! Clearly jealous the Pike got the Craw first!

20220212 084311

I did then have a tiny little wasp a bit later in the session, and then lost what felt like a much better Perch! But hey, thats fishing!

If you guys want to watch these sessions, links are below, enjoy, smash the subscribe button, and tight lines!

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Start of my Lure Fishing Journey (Perch)

Regular follows of my blogs and videos will know, I haven’t done a lot of Lure fishing, until the last 6 weeks or so of 2021. And by god, has it taken me in. In previous sessions, I had started drop shot fishing with worms under bridges on the chelmer which held Perch during July/August, and got the feel or what bites etc where like with the safety net of worms!

However, I have firmly taken the leap into leaving the worms at home and taking lures with me. And it’s been some of the best fishing I have had for a long time, in terms of excitement, it’s hard to beat it!


My setup has been very a light rod and a spinning reel, up to 7g rated rod. And using a 3-5g Texas weight, depending on the flow of the river, and the FFS Craw21, in Junebug, which is my go to lure now. I’ve been fishing and getting to know a stretch of the Chelmer/Can, and have had great success fishing it, viewers of my videos will have seen this.

A relief has been that slowly and surely, the Perch I am catching have got better and better, with each session usually providing a fish over 30cm, which is a lovely Perch to get. And using light gear they do give a good fight!

20211218 091529 remastered
My PB Lure Caught Perch

The above fish gave me quite a fight, getting tucked under the weeds by my feet, luckily I was able to scoop him out with the net! This fish measured 34cm and over 1lb! Chuffed!

I have had a few other quite nice Perch using this, and all falling to the combination above.

One of the best surprises while fishing this style is my first lure caught Chub, no monster fish, but it really meant a lot to land, this however fell to a micro FFS in Get Bit! another good colour for clearer water!

IMG 20211204 105904

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick read and pictures, if you are keen to watch these sessions head over to my youtube channel below!

Tight Lines!

Bailey Payne Coarse River

Dusk Time River Roach

This is probably my last after work session for the rest of this year with the nights getting quite dark when I finish now sadly! This session was a month or so ago of time of publish for reference.

Headed out back to my favoured spot on the river chelmer, to continue my mission to catch another big Roach!

Typical tactics, cage feeder, long hook length and bread were in order! Again, the method I swear by for big roach, and quality roach. And from reading Mark Everards Redfin Daires, a lot of his fantastic roach were also caught on bread!

This however, was my first blip of the year. Sorry for spoilers. With a few bites coming, I was back into the habit of missing them all! Proving to be incredibly frustrating.

Even more frustrating, was watching lovely size Roach prime all evening (well for the hour or two I was there!). Priming essentially is when the roach roll or surface, this is typically so they can let out/take in air into their swim bladder, so adjust the depth they are at.

Maybe I should’ve read this better and adjusted how I fish, maybe going into the margin, or, maybe they were just shallow and a float would’ve caught them, I didn’t have any float gear on me so trying the margins would’ve been a good bet! But I didn’t.

I preserved with my methods, hoping they would switch on, I guess I hoped they would change depth to the bottom!

As the darkness set in, and recording got harder, and seeing my rod tip, I had a few twitches, which then developed!

BLANK SAVER! Relief…at least I had caught.

dusktime roach

This just shows, I have had a good run, but fishing is always different on a river, and I have to adjust, and maybe take in the signs I saw while fishing!

Hope you guys enjoyed this, let me know what you would’ve done! If you did, check out the video of the session here, and if you enjoy that, please subscribe to see more!

Bailey Payne Coarse River

Tiny Essex River Throws up Quality Roach

Well, I am almost like a broken record, bigging up the small essex river that is the River Crouch. I took a mate down there one evening to try and get him a few river fish, as it’s all very new to him, with my recent run on the Crouch, I was quite confident I would get him a fish or two.

My usual tactics on this bit of river for both us, with the sheer amount of roach and dace, bread is kind on this river. A light link ledger, long hook length, and a nice bit of bread flake! Simplicity at it’s best!

I started quickly with a nice tidy roach on the first few casts, which is a nice catch, I could now focus a bit more on getting Harry to get a few fish!


Although, I did miss a few bites I arguably should be hitting with the size of them! It wasn’t much longer before Harry got his first, a lovely Rudd, which we didn’t manage a photo! (It is in the video further down!)

He was chuffed with this, however for him, it was going to get a lot better, with a fish which frankly, surprised me a little bit!

He had a much bigger bite and hooked into a good fish, on landing and inspection, it turned out again to be a fantastic Roach..okay okay, it’s not a record or close. However for this tiny little river, a roach of this size, is a very big fish!


These small river really do have some surprises…so, get out and fish them!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick blog! If you do, check out the video on this session below, and if you enjoy that, please subscribe!

Bailey Payne Coarse River

River Fishing for City Roach

Well, back to the blogs, this is a session from a little while ago. I took my dad out for a session promising some good Roach after my success so far this season fishing for Roach on the Rivers. And with a possible 2lber on the cards, it’s difficult to turn this down!

The normal platforms I fish on where taken and even the few places to sit in the usual area were packed. The busiest I had ever seen it. We walked a bit further into the city and found a bit of flat bricked area we could sit on right next to the river. It seemed the main area had been de-weeded recently, and where had sat hadn’t had this treatment, on initial thought, we thought if we can fish through the weed, the fish could’ve backed away here to safety.

We both used my usual roach fishing setup, a cage feeder, down to a 15inch hook length with a size 12 or 14, and a nice flake of bread! A good roach can’t turn down a bit of bread, its always reliable to get a few bites!

The day started a bit slow, with a bit of bait needing to go in, however it wasn’t long before we started getting a few bites. With my dad netting the first. Only a small start, but the bigger ones can always move in.

For this session we were using a keepnet, just to ensure we didn’t spook the shoal of roach.

We both then started getting bites often, it took a little while for me to land my first one, as the weed was a bit worse in front of me, and I had to get the right strike action to get the fish away from the weed and up, this proved a bit tricky. And it did feel like I lost a few nice Roach figuring this out.

But, it wasn’t long before we did start landing some good Roach starting to get closer to that special pound mark! Although we didn’t break it in this session, we got very close with a bit of a warrior of a Roach!

Overall, for a morning roach fishing, we managed quite a few good roach between us!

Well, hoped you enjoyed this little article! If you would like to watch the video of this session it’s below, would appreciate if you checked it out and let me know what you think! And of course, subscribe if you enjoy!

Bailey Payne Lure River

Ultralight Dropshot fishing for Perch – River Chelmer

This session was a full on busy Perch session down the river chelmer, so far our luck had been great and we have really had some great sessions. With Rose catching loads of fish as well!

Our setup is simple, a normal drop-shot rig, with a 5g weight, we use mainly worms, however sometimes can be brave enough to stick a lure on!

The session started quickly, with Rose getting a few quick wasps! Which kept her quite entertained.

rose perch 1
Perch silhouette

Frustrating that in the short time Rose has been fishing, she is already out fishing me now!

However, it wasn’t long before I managed to get a few when we got down to the next bridge, and a much better stamp of fish.

  • bailey perch 1
  • bailey perch 2
  • bailey perch 3

Of course though, Rose still managed a few lovely chunky little Perch here too!

  • rose perch 2
  • rose perch 3

We headed back to the first bridge and managed a few more nice Perch, and at the bridge further up.

bailey perch 4

Overall, a good morning session, and it’s always nice when you run out of worms!

Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did would love if you watch the video on this session below! And of course subscribe to our channel to see the video first!

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River Chelmer – A Successful evening Roaching

Today’s session is a quick after work trip down to the River Chelmer. Hoping to target some of the lovely Roach which reside in this stretch of River. I have personally caught them up to 2lbs, and heard of some 3’s.

The approach for my River Roach fishing is to keep things as simple as possible. For bait…Bread, blitzed bread to feed, breadflake on the hook.

In terms of tackle, a nice light quiver rod, in this case the 8ft Specalist Quiver, it has a lovely and soft 1oz tip, perfect for detecting the delicate bites from these Roach, Light line, 6lb in this case, down to a free running plastic cage feeder with less holes, its a deep river so I want my feed closer to the bottom. Then a quick change bead into a long (16inch) hook length with a size 16 hook.

scene 1
A city fishing scene

The session started quick, with rip round bites coming, but I could never connect to any of the bites, became frustrating, however knowing there were some fish feeding filled me with confidence that I would catch.

I plugged away, and made sure I kept holding the rod to react to the quick bites, and it paid off, hitting into the first Roach of the day, proving to be a nice one! The next few bites came quickly and the next two fish were also tidy Roach.

Sadly after the great triple start, the fish did soon slow down. And did get a bit smaller. However for a quick session after work for an hour. I was very happy with the fish I had caught. A few good size Roach, and for a first river roach session of the season, it made it even better, surely it can only get better!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick after work blog! If you did, check out the video on it! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the videos sooner!

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Good Chub from TINY Essex River!

Well this after work evening session brings me down to the River Crouch again, a small river which has really produced some lovely fish for me during this season so far, including some very nice Roach and Dace.

I have found that bread seems to be the best bait to get more bites and from better fish. So I went with some old blitzed bread from the freezer and stole a few slices from the loaf in the house! (shh!)

I started by hand feeding a ball or so of the blitzed bread in a few of the swims I fancied fishing in this session, to try and get the fish actively feeding and searching for food.

Sitting in the first swim I had a few knocks and a few missed bites, so clearly a few fish where on the feed, just my typical luck of not quite connecting to the bites.

I moved onto the next spot after 20 minutes or so, and again it wasn’t long before my hook bait was getting some interest. I had huge bite, my rod fully bent round, the type of bite you can only dream of! And connected to the fish, this was no Roach or Dace, it felt bigger and more powerful than the fish I normally catch from this small river.

It tried to dart to the inside undercut bank, and I managed to keep it up and out and quickly into the net. It was a Chub, a nice one from a small river too, just over 1lb. A proper powerful fish, although did look a bit skinny for its head size and length, so probably needs to fatten up a bit!


I continued to work my way down the few chosen swims, where I had luck previously, or have just fancied. Didn’t get anything quite to the size of the previous fish, however managed a few nice Roach and Dace still.

So far that is the only Chub I have managed this season from this River. In the previous season Chub was all I could catch, just shows how things can change.

Here is the video on this session if you enjoyed the read. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube too!

Bailey Payne Lure River

Dropshot for Perch on the Chelmer: A Ruffe End!

Today’s blog is a bit of a wet session back down the River Chelmer, targeting Perch using the Dropshot technique. This time I had my dad with me again as he fancied a taste for some Perch. It really is great fun this type of fishing, a light rod (Fish Rig 180) and some worms!

We walked the usual bridges I like to fish, giving a range of chances of catching a lot of wasp size Perch, some chunkier ones, and if we are lucky maybe a Perch of the 1lb mark. Nothing huge, but great fun!

It wasn’t long until the first bridge provided a bite, while slowly working the worm back. It a felt a good size fish, however it came off at the net! Agonising way to start the day!

I preserved on, and it wasn’t long before I had another Perch!


The day continued catching perch of this size, and smaller wasps pretty much constantly, a lot of action and great fun!


These bridges become such holding grounds for Perch, with slight undercuts in them, where some chunky perch reside!

The best Perch of the day came at the furthest away bridge, so about halfway through our session, as we fished the bridges again on the way back!

It smashed the worm and put a fantastic bend in the rod, and put up a great fight, It was swiftly in the net though! And what a great fish it was, not the biggest Perch, but a lovely fish!

perch of the day

Sadly we never had a Perch as big as this again this day, this bridge always seems to hold the slightly bigger Perch of this size, I feel like I have caught this same fish a few times now!

On the walk back we continued to catch more wasps and small yet chunky Perch. And on the last bridge before the car, we had a few worms left so decided just to try and use them, although this did become quite hard work, after a few perch they soon wise up!

However, I had a hit and struck, to what I initially though was nothing…yet it turned out to be something very special…


A Ruffe!!!

This is the first ruffe I have ever caught, and there can’t be too many left in Essex or the River Chelmer, I was chuffed and it was a great way to end the day!

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog, if you did please watch the video of it below! If you could leave a like and a sub that would be amazing!