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My Approach to Rivers

Well, unfortunately due to Covid getting a bit closer than I would hope, I have to self isolate! So it means I can’t get Fishing this weekend! Lucky I have the memory of last weekend firm in my head, and that lovely 2lb Roach! So a different blog from me, hopefully you enjoy!

As a lot of my regular readers will know, I do spend a lot of time on the Rivers. I am no where near the best River Angler, and have a lot to learn to, as Anglers we can always keep learning and improving our techniques, setups and general fishing skills. However I do get asked a bit on how I approach Rivers, from my setup, bait to where I chose to Fish on the Rivers. So, I thought I would share my take on it, if you have any tips for myself to improve of course drop a comment or send me a message! We are all here to learn and improve together!

The Setup:

Typically when River Fishing my main method is fishing a simple setup on the tip, of course I do trot, and I may go through that in a later blog, however today we will focus on my tip setup. I use a variety of Rods, however my main Rod now is the Darrent Valley 8ft Quiver Rod, as it offers a soft quiver, and a heavier tip which can be used for float fishing too. However I find the soft quiver is great for all River species, and will handle the bigger Fish too, and if you are Fishing somewhere with bigger Fish you can use the heavier tip.

Once I have got the line through the eyes of the Rod, I will slide onto the line a clip bead. This bead gives me the ability to quickly change whether I am using a cage feeder or weight, and change between different size weights and different size cage feeders without having to re-rig.

Clip Bead

Once that is on, I will tie on my quick change bead, to change between hook lengths, it also will keep the distance between the hook and the feeder/weight – I use a loop knot to attach this

I then attached my hook length to the bead and seal it, typically I will use a 15′ inch hook length or longer when fishing rivers, to ensure a large space between weight and hook. The hook size will generally be a size 16 personally for me.

Most of the time I will use a small flat weight, unless the flow of the River is very strong I won’t use anything over 10g, if you can find smaller weights use them. With Rivers you want to make minimal disturbance on the water, I will even on a swivel clip to the bead some line with just a few SSG shots on to weigh the line down If I can get away with it. I have also found some great 3.5g small bombs which will be perfect too.

The Bait:

Whenever I River fish I always make sure I have two baits on me. Bread and Worms. In my opinion these are always the must have baits when you are on a River. You will also have the option to change if something isn’t working.

I know have a wormery where I keep a mix of Dendras and Lob’s. The Dendras are breeding so I should have a good supply, however getting into the River season, I will bulk buy Lobs to then store in the wormery to save me buying any. It doesn’t have to be anything special, I use the willys worm keeper kit and they have done fantastic in, and love having old tea bags and veg!

In terms of Bread, I will buy a cheap bag of Asda (Other brands of bread are available) own bread for about 50p, and then put it all in the blender and blend till its a fine groundbait. This is perfect to feed in a cage feeder or in balls. For hookbait I do prefer a better quality bread, and I tend to go for warburton white toastie bread, in the wax type bag.

The River:

When I get to the River, I will have a quick walk up a small bit of the stretch and possibly pre feed some of my blitzed bread, in likely looking spots, just to attract the Fish and get them feeding confidently. I will only ever really spend about 20-30 minutes in one swim, if there is a Fish there, you should know by then.

I know what you are probably asking, what is a “likely looking spot”. Essentially I take this as anywhere I think a Chub or other Fish would be, somewhere with some depth or a feature. Feature’s can be something like a stream coming into the main river, chub love little off streams! Overhanging trees and bushes, bends in the River, where it may get deeper, Chub will also sit under rafts of weed in the River too.

I may not have caught the biggest Chub, however from these small streams I do catch a lot of Chub around the 1lb mark. I’m sure bigger will come, but making sure you Fish in the right place and catch is always the first issue!

Well, sorry for the change in blogs, and I hope you enjoyed, it’s been a tough write, thinking about Fishing while being locked up at home! Sad to miss a Fishing day, but hopefully not long till I am back Fishing! Hope this has maybe helped or taught some of you something and hopefully you can catch some Fish using this.

Tight Lines!

Bailey Payne

Big City Roach

Today I headed to a stretch of the River Chelmer (I guess it is technically the River Can) I have fished before, and didn’t have much luck, apart from losing a good Tench, I know there is good fish (Especially a shoal of good Roach!) there so went back with the idea of float fishing with some maggot and bread. The Budget Angler had made me up some lovely trotting floats which I was eager to use and get a few Fish on, so thought this could be perfect!

The swim looked great, and had already seen plenty of fish topping and surfacing so was hopeful for a few Fish, while I was setting up my float rig and shotting it up with a load of number 6’s I was throwing in balls of blitzed bread and some offerings of maggot to try and get the fish feeding and competing in front of me. However the swans did take this as an opening for them!

The day started well, with quick bites coming from some small yet chunky Roach. Making great sport on the light Tackle Box 8ft quiver rod, but using the tip for float fishing, these small roach made some great sport!

In the mix of these lovely Roach where a few Dace too, including quite a nice size one! So was very happy with that!

The flood of bites eventually came to a stop, with impending rain coming and a girlfriend who very much didn’t want to be there, I decided to have a final 30 minutes or so on the tip, I took off the float, changed to the softer quiver tip and went on the bomb in search of maybe a few better fish on the deck. Using just a 10g flat bomb, 15inch hook length and some bread flake. And within seconds, my change of tactics was rewarded with certainly my new PB Roach!

After landing this, I was eager to get my rod back in and see if there was any others of this size, using bread again, I cast in eagerly, and then started packing up a few of the other bits. Having to wait a bit longer this time, the tip was still, until I noticed a few small knocks, and then still again, after a few minutes, the tip went round, after striking in, I could tell this was a much better fish, in fact, it started taking some line, I was debating what was on the end of my line, with what seemed a very good Fish, I wondered if it was a very out of season Tench maybe, or a small Chub, however when it surfaced, my heart was in my mouth, I couldn’t believe what I saw, by far, the biggest Roach I have seen in person and when the net slipped under it, I was ecstatic! An unbelievable warrior of a Roach!

I could not believe this Roach, a lovely Fish, not sure if I will be able to top, but what a session having 2 new PB Roach and one of them being an incredible Fish. I admit, I need to invest in some digital scales, however with the scales taking the net into consideration, the scales where shaking around the 2lb mark. I know I could stay and catch a few more incredible Roach maybe, and maybe even bigger, however with a cold and hungry partner with me, it was time to head back after I promised it was the last cast, and will be left to think what could’ve been! However this was a great 3 hours fishing on the River, and a very memorable one!

Budget Angler:

Tackle Box 8ft Specialist Quiver Rod:

Tight Lines all!

Bailey Payne

River Exploring & Fishing

In todays blog, I have some River exploration and some River Fishing, and yes, I am including two things because the Fishing was a bit slow!

We go back to Wednesday morning, I had a quick sneaky look at the River Wid, this stretch of River I have caught some small Chub and Dace from before, however the bigger of these seem to have vanished as the weather has got colder. So I furthered my search on this stretch for some likely looking swims which may hold some bigger Fish.

I came across some lovely looking options, however with still some summer growth I think it may be a few more frosts and some colder weather to die back the foliage before I can try these swims. However they could be the deeper holes I am looking for.

I did eventually come across one very good looking swim, which is perfectly on a bend too, and looks like it will hold a bit of depth to it too!

And with that, we head into Saturday, and I head back to the Chelmer, and head to a lovely mill pool with the hope of a few bites. With the simple approach as always, just ledgering some worm, a mix of dendras and lobs.

First notice, the River was a lot lower and clearer than in my previous times Fishing, along with the bright sun I wasn’t too hopeful on the Perch and Chub showing, however maybe a good Roach or Dace could show. Having my partner tag along with me, I had a shorter session than normal and also had to make sure she was comfortable, although being cold was her main issue.

I was instantly getting a lot of notifications, and very slow drags, this looked a mix of small Fish maybe picking up and running with the worm, maybe minnows or small roach and perch, and also I noticed a lot of leaves and weed flowing through the River, which did make Fishing it slightly difficult on the Ledger, eventually I did find a few places to have minimal disturbance from the stuff flowing through, and did start getting a few bites, however I think a lot of the time, it was just small Fish. Eventually, I did manage to connect to a Fish, a lovely little Dace!

Sadly, more missed bites, led that to be the only Fish caught for the day. Still a lovely little Fish, and Dace are truly becoming one of my favourite Fish to catch, looking at it, today maybe suited trotting with some maggot a lot better then ledgering chunks of worm, however still a good day out watching the world go by, including a very busy kingfisher!

Tight Lines…

Bailey Payne

Rising River Roding

Today I headed to my club section of the Roding to have another try after the rain hit, with me today was actually a reader, Ian, who wanted to learn a few River techniques, and see what River Fishing is all about. I’m not the best River angler, no where near, but I was happy to show him what I do know and hopefully get him catching some Fish.

Today I setup on a simple link ledger and was Fishing Dendras and Lobs on the hook, nice and simple! I was actually using a new Rod. I got the Tackle Box Darrent Valley 8ft Specialist Quiver. Which I have to say, I am very impressed with the quality so far for the price, however after a few more uses, and hopefully Fish, I will give a breakdown on what I think of the Rod!

I started off and got Tom in the peg by a little weir, on a chunk of worm, we sat and waited hoping for a quick bite, however, after Ian almost taking a swim, nothing happened in this peg, so we continued to rove around in places we could both Fish.

I setup in a lovely looking swim, and it wasn’t long before I was getting notifications of Fish, which eventually developed into a wrap round! Although, I struck into nothing!

Gutting, missing a bite is always tough, especially the ones which look unmissable! However we moved on and tried a few more inviting swims without much of a knock!

Ian did get a few notifications and even bite but also missed, the signs of a frustrating day for the both of us possibly. It wasn’t long before the heavens opened, and soaked me right through to my skin, without catching Fish it was a bit depressing being that wet!

Soon after Andy, someone I had crossed paths on the River before turned up, and set up in a good looking swim, with the good idea of bringing a bivy and staying put and keeping dry! How that would’ve been a great idea!

Missed a few more bites, not huge bites, maybe should’ve left them longer, but on another day you would hit into a Fish each time, and I just seemed to keep missing with every bite I got.

As I was debating leaving, Andy had a bite on his lob worm line, and had a lovely Perch, with some assistance from myself to get it netted, at least I had seen a Fish, and had the honour to net it!

Lovely little Perch with some very bright colours on!

In the end, after missing 5 great bites, it was a bit of a disappointing day, especially being soaked and freezing didn’t make it much fun!

However typing this out with a soon broadcast from Boris Johnson, and a possible lockdown coming, you wonder when you will be able to Fish again, and really regret missing those bites! Hopefully we can still Fish, although I’m sure a lot of you will know the result when reading this, and if we can still Fish, hopefully I don’t blank again as I have today!

Tight Lines all!

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Rigged & Ready – X5 Max Travel Rod Review

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review the X5 Max Travel Rod by Rigged & Ready. I am really interested in Travel Rod’s especially one which on the label says it can cover such a range of Fishing, it really sparked my interest, as a Mini driver, I don’t have the luxury of having loads of space in the car, so a Rod which can literally fit in a backpack covering a range of Fishing seems like a great fit, especially for those holidays away to the Lake District!

The important thing to remember when looking at a Travel Rod is it won’t compare up to your specialist rods, however there are a few which are great for the money and can give you a similar quality.

Speaking to the owner of Rigged & Ready about his Rods, the thing I noticed when using them was how strong and tough they were, almost unbreakable, which for a rod which breaks down so small in so many pieces you really don’t expect. I asked him what makes his Rods so strong, a bit technical and way over my head, he explained part of the blend for the Rod included Zylon. Which is 1.6 times stronger than Kevlar and has actually been used in some of the construction for the mars rover! Which is quite cool! When I asked him if the Rod was bulletproof because of this, he probably realised how small my scientific knowledge was! Although not bulletproof, it does make for a strong rod!

The different configurations of the Rod

You do get a helpful leaflet with the Rod on the different setups and what you can use them for as above, and gives you a lot of different combinations you can use this Rod for.

The many parts of the Rod!

I have used this Rod on a method feeder at a commercial fishery (Newland Hall Fishery) and also on Lure for some Pike on the River. Incredible you can use one Rod for two different types of Fishing, so far apart from each other in style!

So, looking at the quiver tip, initial thoughts were that it was going to be a bit stiff, however after building the Rod and then feeling it was a lot softer than I thought, it isn’t the most quivery of all quiver tips, however bite indication at the commercial was fine, and small 1lb Carp were still pulling the tip all the way round!

I will also add, I was a fan of the colour of the tip, made it quite nice to see, although the photo doesn’t full show that. It made good sport fighting these small Carp, wasn’t over gunning them and just dragging them back, however it wasn’t at the brink of its limits, I would feel comfortable having low doubles on this on the tip, of course you can use another one of the tips more suitable for bigger Carp.

Now, onto what I think everyone will more than likely use this Rod for mostly. Lure Fishing, you could use the quiver tip to do so light lure Fishing for Perch and even use it to dropshot, however I opted to use the normal spin setup as I was targeting Pike on this session. I had a small ish Roach imitation Lure on, hopefully would target all sizes of Pike.

The Rod along with the Lure of Choice

The thing you will notice when using this Rod, it is a bit heavier than normal all out Lure Rods, however as explained further up, its for the strength of the Rod. The tip of the Rod when Lure Fishing is lovely, small wrist movements you can really shake the tip and get some fantastic movement in the Lure, it really impressed me watching the Lure in the clear water and how much it moved.

Pike Caught on the Rigged & Ready Rod

And clearly, it also perked the Pike’s interest, resulting in landing this lovely jack of a few pound! And throughout the day I had several more takes, however the I ended up losing them.

Overall, this Rod is great for those traveling Anglers who don’t have a lot of space and want to do a variety of Fishing, it can fit in your hand luggage at an airport aswell, so it can even go on further abroad trips! I’d highly recommend this Rod to anyone.

Bongs Fishing Review of the X5:

Rigged & Ready Website:

Bailey Payne

Chelmer Piking!

Well today meant for something I haven’t really done before! Well two things I haven’t really done before! Lure Fishing, and Pike Fishing! Having never caught a Fish on the Lure or caught a Pike, this would be a good chance to do something new! Luckily fellow blogger Thomas Baird offered to take me out and show me the ropes! Lucky he still liked me after beating him at Newland hall fishery a few weeks back!

We met at one of Tom’s favourite parts of the Chelmer for Pike, and we were both excited and hopeful. I was actually using my Rigged n Ready X5 Max Rod, and used the normal lure configuration of it, with a wire trace and a savage gear small natural look roach.

On our walk down the River, we soon passed another group of Lure anglers, who had the guts to get up a bit earlier than us! And it seemed they were catching a few Fish too, in-fact as we passed, Russ managed to get himself a lovely stripey!

Russ Eason with his Perch

We walked for quite a while without any luck, with the odd cast in a likely looking spot, however at about 11, we finally had a bit of luck, and Tom was into his first Fish, he landed a small Jack Pike of around 1-2lb, was good one of us had at least caught!

While Tom had to untangle his Lure from the net, I cast in a similar area to where he had the Fish, and instantly, I had my first bite and was in! The Pike dart straight to the weeds and after a bit of a fight, and before Tom had managed to free his Lure, he had to net my Fish! My first Lure caught Fish, and my first Pike! And not too bad of a size either at around 3-4lb!

Was a great catch for me, and really made my day! I was chuffed with it, and hopefully there will be more to come.

After this excitement, we walked back to where we parked, with the odd chuck every so often, and before we moved to our next spot, had a quick bite at a nearby cafe which topped up the energy for hopefully a few more!

Unfortunately, the rest of the session was uneventful, I did however hook into two more Fish on the next stretch of the Chelmer, however lost both, first one not long after hooking, and the second as Tom was running with the net, a small Pike, under 1lb, so a baby!

However, was a great day, and chuffed I managed to catch! Hopefully there will be a few more to come!

Rigged and Ready Travel Rod X5 Max:

Tight lines!

Bailey Payne

River Chelmer – Hard Going

I headed back to the River Chelmer, this time with the old man in the promise of some River Fish and a change from his usual match style Fishing at our club lakes.

We shared a little weir pole Fishing half each, his approach started off with a little cage feeder with some groundbait and dead maggots, and I started and stayed on what done me well last time, a light bomb with a dendra or lob on the hook (I know, I splashed the cash and got lobs today!). Today rather than my normal trusty Garbalino I swapped it out for my Advanta 5.5ft River Ambush rod to see how that would fair, looking at it now, the quiver tip seems just a bit too hard for the Fish there.

The day started slow bite wise, however plenty of little knocks on both of our tips. It wasn’t long before the old man was in (Not sure why I gave him the better swim!), and he landed a lovely little Gudgeon! Lovely little Fish, shame we never took a photo of it! He went back out again and continued having knocks, taps and bites on his method and soon started to find some chunky Roach, however the bites did take some time to come.

One chunky Roach!

I soon too was involved in the Roach party, and landed a few chunky Roach, huge change to last time when I was Perched out!

We both had a few chunky roach like this, however the old man did manage more!

After switching between types of worms, I settled to stick it out on a lob while I had my pasty, and sods law of whenever you go to eat, you get a bite! And the first Perch of the day came!

Chunky small Perch!

It wasn’t long before I had another Perch too, again on the lob worm! This time, a bit bigger.

Meanwhile, my Dad had a few more interesting catches, firstly probably the biggest Fish of the day, a Chublet. Although the biggest Perch may have been around there too.

Chelmer Chublet!

And also for him, his favourite Fish of the day, a chunky 6oz ish Dace, a lovely Fish to catch!

Little Dace

The day got quieter, maybe because of the people who enjoyed throwing a ball into the middle of the weir for their dogs, which was a nice touch, with the owners seemingly oblivious to why it may annoy us!

However it was a lot harder than last weekend, with a lot of missed bites, not sure if it was down to the Rod. But was good to get the old man out his comfort zone and catch a few nice Fish on the River, even if he did beat me in the process!

Tight Lines…

Bailey Payne

Perch on the Chelmer

Today I was back on the River after some Carp bashing last weekend, and I headed to a new stretch of the Chelmer for me, a lovely little weir pool and not a bad place to spend a few hours. It was only a 3-4 hour session so not long but proved eventful! And not just from the Kingfisher heading up and down the River all day.

I started the day with the intention of starting on the tip with the plan of going onto the pin and float and do some trotting through the pool, wanted to possibly get a quick good Chub and then catching a nice mix bag. However, from a bit of laziness and the cold getting to me, I was happy to sit on the tip all day! I was using dendras as a hookbait cutting fairly big size of worms off.

It didn’t take long before I was getting notifications and knocks on the tip, however the bite didn’t seem to follow, after a few casts around the weir to try and find the pocket of Fish, I landed on them. And started the day with a lovely colourful river Perch.

This was a lovely chunky Perch and started a constantly flow of Fish, as long as I kept hitting the same spot in the weir pool. The Fish kept coming, although the second Fish of the day wasn’t something I didn’t expect too much, a lovely Dace, a chunky size one for a Dace too!

Most of the Perch I was catching through the day were quite a nice chunky size and gave a bit of a scrap and pulled the tip round a bit too, they seemed to really be feeding in the time I was Fishing.

It was nice to see how quickly the bites were coming, and a lot of them seemed to take the worm on the drop or straight after it hit the deck, I would’ve probably caught more if I was bothered enough to trot! However you live and learn! And I still had a good day, within these small chunky Perch a few better ones did show and it was lovely to see them!

Overall, it was a good 3-4 hour session in the morning, and definitely a stretch of river I will come back too with the hope of finding my first Chelmer Chub here too! However, if some of these Perch showed up again I wouldn’t be too bothered at all! Ended the day with 9 Perch and 1 Dace. Not too shabby!

Tight Lines all!

Bailey Payne

Drenched at Newland Hall Fishery

Today we had a little bit of an Essex Anglers social! Myself, Tom, Joe and Paul headed to Newland Hall Fishery in Chelmsford to see how we could do. We booked this in advance so didn’t expect the rain that came down! Certainly wasn’t expecting a lot after the huge downpour we had and was having! Myself and Tom Fished on the Moat lake and Joe and Paul were on Brook Lake, in a future blog/review you will be able to see how they got on, however, this is how I faired in the rain!

On Arrival it was a rush to get my box setup and get the brolly up, luckily the shelter of some trees and a short jog down to my peg got me set up all dry. My method today was in fact the method! The method feeder on the trusty garbalino rocket picker! A exploding fishmeal groundbait mixed with crushed Bio Baits Boilles was the mix, swapping between corn and boilles for the hook bait.

It didn’t take long at all before I had my first pull round into my first Fish, which was a surprising sign as I didn’t expect a lot from the heavy rain, so to have the quick Fish was settling. It was a lovely condition small common (2lb ish) and the bites through the rain continued!

All the Carp caught were in great shape, no mouth or fin tares, almost scale perfect Fish so was lovely to catch them. Eventually the rain did stop, although only periodically, and whenever the rain did stop I struggled for bites, and it did become difficult. I must say too, all of the bites were absolute rip rounds on the tip, so was great fun watching that!

I did eventually swap over Rods, however set it up in the same manner, the Rod was from Rigged and Ready, and it is a Travel Rod, the X5, it fits down tiny and is perfect to sneak away on a sneaky trip somewhere or if you do need to Fish light! I’ve heard a lot of positive stuff about the Rods on the Lure/Fly side of it, which I do look forward to trying! (Keep an eye out for that blog), however not much said about the quiver tip on it, so wanted to see how it compared to my trust Garbalino, what I personally think is one of the best Rods I’ve used for the tip. I knew the quality of the tip wouldn’t be able to match the Garbalino, and wasn’t comparing it too, however was interesting to see how the Rod would perform.

It’s a lovely Rod and will all the parts you can really chose how you want it setup. I really like the colour of the tip too, having green sections on it. It isn’t as sensitive as a full normal quiver tip, however, I thought it performed really well and will definetly use this setup of it again, even on the smaller Carp the bites were clear and you could see each sniff and knock, I ended up using this Rod for the rest of the day, the build quality I thought was great and even with it having so many parts it’s a very sturdy, but light rod.

The Fish did continue to come as I plugged away on the method feeder, the highlight of the day was the one lonely mirror carp I had, which looked lovely!

And for a little bonus photo is the smallest Fish of the day too! A nice surprise, a perfect little Carp, great scales on it too! Although some battle wounds!

Overall in the session, I ended the day on 20 Carp, and thought I would leave before more possible Rain! I would probably guess they came to about 80lb, however was an enjoyable day nether the less, with plenty of Fish caught, however the Lake did Fish hard and was very on and off as some people really struggled. But that’s Fishing!

Personally, I really liked the set of Lakes, they looked great, and I think the Moat Lake (In better conditions), is a great place to teach people how to Fish and bring in youngsters to the sports, which is what it is all about!

Also, if you do decide to visit Newland Hall from this, try the cafe! Had a fantastic breakfast french stick from there!

Some of my Tackle used and venue:

Rigged N Ready X5 –

My Maver Venue Seatbox –

Newland Hall FB –

Bailey Payne

Back on the Pole

With summer now coming to an end, I realised I hadn’t been out this year and fished for Crucians, which are one of my favourite species to catch, such a challenge to catch the shy little Fish! I headed to my club lake in Essex on the Pole with the aim of targetting Bream/Skimmers and of course, the Crucian.

I was using a simple setup today, Fishing just slightly over depth on a 0.5g homemade diamond float and light elastic (Had it so long can’t remember the grade!) I was feeding Sonubaits exploding fishmeal groundbait, with crushed Bio Baits boilles of a few different flavours in and a big dump of dead maggots. Dead maggots are probably one of my favourite baits to catch Crucians on, I don’t think they can resist them!

I started with an initial 3 nuggets of the groundbait mix and some lose feed dead maggots too and let the swim sit for a 5-10 minutes. I think leaving your swim after feeding initially is important to let the Fish start feeding over it. On the hook I was using two dead maggots, one white and one red for some variation.

My First put in resulted in a small Roach which was a bit concerning as the Roach aren’t normally with the skimmers and Crucians. Next put in resulted in a very energetic Carp who clearly still had his summer fighting spirit! Especially on the Pole with light elastic! After a lengthy battle, I managed to net him, he was a bit too lively for a good photo unfortunately!

The swim went quiet after this, however I held the temptation to feed again, as this could attract more Carp. I think monitoring your feed is important in keeping the Fish feeding, and you can always put more feed in, but you can’t take it out! After a small wait, the skimmers starting coming in line which provided good sport, the bites were very timid however, and it was the slighest of movements resulting in a bite, had to watch the float like a hawk for any movement!

It then didn’t take long for my target Fish to appear, the Crucian! With a typical very shy bite, and the usual swimming in circles they do while fighting! I then continued to have to a good flurry of more Crucians and Skimmers. Feeding another nugget of my groundbait mix after every 5 Fish, which seemed to keep the bites coming at a good pace.

As the day got towards my packing up time of about 2pm (Started Fishing at about 9am), the bites did start to slow down, however the Crusty Crucians continued to come, which is always nice! I decided to end my session on the next Fish, sometimes this can be a curse, however quickly came was the best Bream of the day!

I find, the Crucians don’t seem to be with the bigger Bream and only the smaller Skimmers, not sure why this is, but quite weird! Maybe they can’t bully the bigger Bream out?

I ended the day with 36 Fish on the clicker, this being only Skimmers and Crucians, in total 13 Crucians on the clicker too, which is a lovely bag of Crucians, probably estimating in this few hours of Fishing maybe 15-20lb of Fish!

And of course, the money shot with only the Crucians was needed! Especially having such a good morning catching them, sadly I think the time for Crucians may be passing now, but it’s great to have sessions like this catching them, by far one of my favourite species to catch!