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Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, unfortunately we have hit the bank since the last blog however it didn’t quite turn out how we wanted (Blank city 🙁) so this week’s blog is another blast from the past, this week we revisit a trip that was interesting to say the least. 

So, we visited Carpdell Fisheries in Watford after the bailiff who looked after us at Carpers Paradise, Lake Chira, Gran Canaria had moved back to blighty and became the bailiff at Carpdell, after hearing some really cool things about the lake we decided to book up a 48-hour visit and have a social with Chris at the same time. 

Firstly, I would just like to say how beautiful this lake is, set within a private farm/zoo and amongst some beautiful foliage it really is an awesome place to be, there is also an onsite cabin with kitchen facilities for the anglers to use, with toilet and shower facilities as well, wild peacocks and parrots flying/running around is also a bit surreal but makes for a very unique fishing trip, as with the last blog I will leave the web address for Carpdell at the end of this blog so you can go and take a look for yourself and I really do recommend you do so. 

Onto the fishing! With Chris giving us some information on the lake it was apparent that the Crayfish could be an issue and we would need to tackle this within our tactics, the lake isn’t huge so we had the whole lake covered from all the different swims we were fishing in so we did feel confident. 

After admiring the lake and surroundings with Chris (Free visit round the private zoo was pretty cool) we set rods into place and was heading into the first night, just after the light had faded my dad had a few single indications on his rod which was followed by a ripping take, after a very short battled he was met with a lovely 14lb mirror, the lake doesn’t have a huge stock but the stock that’s in there is awesome (Biggest fish is a 40lb+ Ghostie called Triple B (Big Bad Barry)) and the average fish being 18lb+ so this one was on the smaller side, so much so that it was actually the smallest fish in the lake and had the name ‘Fireball,’ this was quite fitting for my dad as he is a bit of a smaller gentleman. 

With the rest of the night passing uneventfully we was awoken by the sound of Moose bellowing (pretty cool!) We had a lovely cooked breakfast and set off for the rest of the day, myself and Jack used the day to wind in the rods and attempt to stalk on the opposite margin which has no pegs so is only fishable by either fishing to the margin from the other side or stalking, with that in mind the fish do tend to huddle up there as it is hard to get to them. 

Without any luck we returned to our swims ready for the next night, whilst we was sitting around having a nice social and admiring the bats flying around our heads my dad had another ripping take, this time from a spot advised to him from Chirs, one to two rod lengths off of a jetty to the left of his swim and then baited by myself over the top as soon as the rig hit the water to ensure accurate baiting, straight away you could tell this fish was a lot bigger then the last and it put up a very good fight, after a tough battle for my dad the fish hit the net and WOW! NEW PB! This was an awesome common carp known as ‘The all Front’ and at 27lb this was Dad’s new PB so this trip was now considered a huge success! 

With us all buzzing and happy for Dad we went to bed happy chappys, with the previous night going past uneventfully and us having to leave by 10am the likelihood of another fish was slowly fading, the night passed and with first light came a screaming take on Jacks right hand rod, Jack was fishing tight to a boat to the right hand side of his swim as this was a lovely feature within his swim where we thought the fish would go for some cover, again you could tell this wasn’t a small fish from the way it fought, after a lovely battle Jack had landed this awesome fish, after getting it out of the water and looking at it, unbelievably it was ‘The all Front’ common again! The very same fish my Dad had netted just over 8 hours before at the complete opposite end of the lake, I’ve heard of repeat captures of fish etc but within 8 hours at the other end of the lake is very strange! Even more surprisingly the fish weighed less when Jack caught it, weighing in at 26.8lb this was now Jack’s UK PB and again an awesome fish to have in your portfolio. 

Sadly, with that immaculate fish and story coming on the last morning of our trip we had no more fish to report, just a quick trip to the local Harvester for a well-earned cooked breakfast, we have since visited Carpdell again since this trip and I may touch upon that in another blog, we are hoping to revisit the lake again next year but obviously with the current state of the world who knows where we will be able to fish or not. 

Until next week, 

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