Getting down to the lake at around 10am seeing a few fish top about and loads of splashes which is awesome to see!

Fishing tackle wise I came down with my 11ft daiwa paired with my shimano bait runner with 12lb mono And my other rod 

12ft sundridge proton feeder paired with my Shakespeare reel 6lb mono

As the day went by I had a few little roach on the feeder as I was using red maggots as hook bait and micro pellets on the method feeder in the margins I had a few little beeps on the big rod but nothing throughout the day besides one small run but lost the fish 

Decided to stick with the quiver feeding in a mix of pellets and maggots and what do you know the rod hoops over and nearly slides off the rod rest!

Struck in to what feels like a solid fish, big headshakes and ripping out drag I thought to myself could this be the big tench I was after?? After a good ten minute fight I bring her up and what a pretty fish not a mark on her and obviously not the tench I was after but at 15lb 8oz it was my first fish from cuton lakes and a big one at that!

After that I had a few roach and a 2lb bream (slimy bugger) but calling it a day and really proud of myself or that carp on just double red maggots! 

Hope you catch if you’re out and it’s not too long till the river season now where my mind will be on barbel and chub!

Tight lines!!

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