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Carp a Chuck

I headed out to my club lakes this weekend, with the aim of doing some Carp bashing. He has a diverse set of lakes all offering something different. And provides plenty of fun. Today I was on using a Guru method feeder with a sonubaits exploding fishmeal groundbait and crushed Bio Baits boilles in too. A mix of flavours, Garlic & Cheese, Krill and Limino 1.

IMG 20200822 092209

It didn’t take long for the tip to start smashing round, the Carp on this lake bite with such an anger it’s incredible! After a bit of a fight I ended up landing the first fish of the day, within about 3 minutes of the first cast, so I was off to a flyer!

IMG 20200822 093159
First Fish of the day, a clean common of a few pound

The Fish kept coming, and I only managed to keep track because I was using a clicker. I initially started on the Amino Krill boille and it gave me a few fish, however, the bites slowed up, and a switch to the Garlic & Cheese boille (usually my chub bait!) I ended up having another good run of Fish!

The run was then interrupted by something a bit different, after a timid bite and not much of a fight, a nice size skimmer popped up! A nice surprise of the day!

IMG 20200822 100803

I had been Fishing for about an hour, and had recorded 10 Carp, and the skimmer, so it was a fantastic start to the day and things were going well. It was at this point I noticed what looked like a fledgling bird, however it had a bit of size to it, not quite sure what it is, so let me know if you have any ideas!

IMG 20200822 104245
Mystery Bird!

The next hour went by and bites and Fish kept coming, at the two hour mark, I had hit 19 Carp and the lonely Skimmer I had in the middle. Was a fantastic mornings Fishing!

The Carp seemed to average out at around 3-4lb today, so with 19 on the clicker I predicted in the two hours Fishing I had about 60lb of Carp caught in total. It was one of those days which I probably could’ve ended up with over 150lb Carp. However, I decided to move lakes and change it up, and hope for some Barbel, I only had an hour and a half left of the day before I had to get home, so was hoping for just the one Barbel to top off the day.

However it never came, I went to the Barbel peg of the lake (I know a lot of people don’t like Barbel being in Lakes, the owner really looks after these Barbel and they are in great shape and there isn’t many places in Essex to catch them!), with two deep snaggy margins. Rotating margins and using the Limino 1 boille (Made for Barbel) I held onto my rod ready for the tip to swing round, and I wasn’t disappointed, it didn’t take long before something was trying to drag my rod and me into the lake, the Fish stuck into the snags and didn’t want to come out, and it didn’t! This occurred a few more times with the same outcome, me having to rig up again!

It soon came to the time to leave for me after this short session, but what an eventful session! Was great fun and caught a lot of good Fish! However, you will always remember the ones that got away more…

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