Can’t win them all

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***Can’t win them all***

Last night I entered a two hour match, what a long two hours it was.
I will first explain the situation of the lake as its very different.
Normally when fishing for F1’s which a shoal feeders, you catch a few then they start backing away so you have to follow them to stay on them. Here it’s not like that. You catch one then nothing.
You really have to work for the bites here, you constantly have to be on your feet and make the right change at the right time. The right approach to the wind direction. I have seen the impact of the weather to what colour bait you use. Struggle to catch? Maggot is always good for a bite….. Not here.

Sounds crazy right?

I personally have found a 50/50 mix of Sonubaits supercrush green and 50:50 Method and Paste Green the perfect groundbait for my approach here. Not only does it mix well but it’s packed with micro pellets.
This is all loaded into a Korum Dura method feeder to a 4 inch Korum hook hair with bait bands in a size 14.
6mm Sonubaits band’um pina colada wafters in white and yellow is very trust worthy and find the the balance of a 6mm to a size 14 perfect.

Quick cast to the island and not a knock so baited up the margin (which being and over hanging tree is the perfect holding spot).
Not long after I baited up the margin there was a small patch of pin prick sized bubbles.
A small underarm cast and shortly after nearly losing my rod from the most violent bite, I had my first F1. Small but was very much welcome.
Now this is the bit which I explained earlier.

Straight back in and nothing, but the bubbles were still there, they were still in the swim.
When it’s calm I find white baits do the trick and when there is a ripple yellow baits.
But after waiting far too long a change from white to yellow instantly produced the next fish with 30 minutes to go.
Two fish in an hour and a half sounds bad but here it’s not. You can fish all day and blank on maggot.
I desperately needed more fish and with 15 minutes to go I got a very twitchy bite.
Fish on.
Then every angler nightmare, a hook pull right at the net. Maybe I should of waited for the bite to develop more.
Well that was it for that match, I know I could of chased silvers but it’s just not enough to get on the leader board.
First place had one carp at over 6lbs but fair play, he is a fantastic angler and had a stunning absolutely pristine dark scaley mirror.
Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for second place but still happy with 3rd place.
Every time is a learning curve but still very much enjoyed every minute of it.

By Peter Baker

Opportunist angler who makes the most out of every session regardless how long it is.
I believe that effort equals rewards.

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