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  • The Best Species For Lure Fishing?
    With lure fishing we can catch pretty much every species that swims, from Grayling, Roach to Catfish. But which is best? The most common 3 are perch, pike and chub. Pike despite getting big, fighting hard and being pretty common they are only a winter and autumn species as its dangerous to fish for them […]
  • Lure Fishing What Makes It Tough?
    Lure fishing is the most exciting method of fishing known to man, with explosive takes when the rods in your hands and light tackle helping you to feel every bite and head shake. Theres often times when you will be able to just grab your rod, rig up a drop-shot, find a boat. boom, perch. […]
  • Zander Fishing At Bury Hill
    Today me and a few mates decided to go to bury hill to complete a dream we’d had for years. Bury Hill is an awesome venue with a stunning lake and big toothy angry predators! We decided to go early morning to increase the amount of hours with baits in the water even tho the […]
  • Why Fishing Into Dusk Is Crucial!
    Im sure we have all been told at one point that if you wanna catch lots and big perch you need to look at dusk and dawn and to an extent ive believed it however ive never really acted on it always starting my sessions early morning and fishing through the whole day. However ive […]
  • How To Catch Pike On Fly!
    Pike on fly is easily some of the most exhilarating pike fishing you’ll ever experience the impressive takes, the light tackle, the fact that you are the only drag just makes it such a raw method of fishing and we all love that! However using the correct gear is so important these fish fight hard […]
  • Why Navionics Is Crucial.
    Navionics should be an important part to every anglers tackle box. It works best when you have a large water you need to cover like lakes, reseviours, and the sea. Most of the time fish will be stuck to structure this could be anything. For example depth changes will hold fish. Navionics has a setting […]
  • Is The Ned Rig Worth The Hype?
    I saw the pressure and it just screamed perch! i grabbed my rod and went off to do a test that ive wanted to do for a long time, is the Ned rig really worth it!? is it as good as people say it is? So with the pressure low, spirits high, overcast weather and […]
  • Only 2 of These Have Been Caught On This Boat!
    So if you read my last blog know that been fishing with a close mate of mine who runs a charter boat, well today we left the rivers and went back to his prime, the sea! Whilst waiting for the punters to arrive we were talking and both know what to expect due to it […]
  • Lures VS Dead baits!
    So on this trip me and a mate decided to visit a small dyke very well known for its large perch and pike, well between me and a few mates its well known. I went with Dan Taylor a charter captain who fishes from Better Days in ramsgate marina. Hes recently got into the freshwater […]
  • The Best Bait To Use In The Margins?!
    So big perch was the aim. But i didn’t only catch perch. i set up my brand new sonik vader x RS and wychwood 65S with a good ol’ korda df hair rig with the chosen bait being king prawns! i picked the most perch spot i could think of however it didn’t produce in […]
  • The Prettiest Fish I’ve Ever Caught!!
    On the day before this i planned to meet up with a mate and go to a super well known mark that is crazy good for things like wrasse. I’ve always wanted to fish this spot as its the best wrasse spot near me unfortunately there is about a 20ft drop so you have to […]
  • How TO Catch Live baits!
    Live baiting can be a spectacular way to weed out the smaller fish and catch the nice size fish as well as dead baiting. Live baiting can sometimes be an essential way to find bigger fish and beat your PB. The best live baits for pike and perch are roach in varied sizes, the roach […]
  • How To Catch Live baits
    So, its October, predator season is upon us! however still to early to fish dead baits, could try lures but only if your happy doing 20k steps! so what the next best thing? LIVEBAITS! Livebaits work so well because once you start catching them you can be sure that there will be pike in the […]
  • Soo Many Fish! – SIB Fishing
    Whilst I am waiting for my new kayak to turn up I decided to have a trip with my mate on his sib and we ended up having a brilliant day! with loads and loads of fish showing! As we hauled the engine and equipment up the beach and pumped up the boat we were […]
  • Catching Baitfish On Fly
    So today was a day off from work and I decided to go out, ride to a local river and see what is lurking in the brackish water conditions, id heard story of nice big fish being carp, tench and pike but I wanted to see what the baitfish life was like first, not only […]
  • Big Chub CANNOT Resist This Lure!
    This was the last day of my two days off and I decided to pop back down to the new mark id found on my river where the sea trout was. I wasn’t expecting another trout but in the back of my mind, I was hoping violently hoping for it to happen. id armed myself […]
  • Chub Fishing With Crazy Surprise Catch!
    Today I somehow managed to get up at 6:00 to get down to the river to get the early morning bight, but today proved that whether it’s at 6:00 or 9:55 in the morning the bite is hot! I got down to the swim and got my waders on I jumped in and started walking […]
  • Ledgering Prawns for Big Fish!
    So on this day, I went out for an evening fishing trip from 16:00 – 20:00, I was out on my buddy charter that runs out of Ramsgate called “better days”. I arrived at the marina early to try and see if there was any mullet and if there was I was going to have […]
  • Chub Chasing
    So on this day, I took the heavier gear and some jerk baits around 10cm and smaller. I went to the clear part of the river it sits at about 2ft with deep holes of about 4ft chub central. I found a lot of shoals but being a bright day it’s difficult fishing and managed […]
  • Trout Fishing In Town Centres!
    So a while back I went fishing with a mate in a local town with a river that has prominent trout running through it. I was still pretty new to the ultralight fishing scene so was using a 4000 size sea fishing reel on a 1-7g UL rod don’t know what I was thinking! We […]
  • Catching My PB Carp On Fly!
    Here is my blog from my best carp fly session ever, I haven’t been out for carp in a while but will be going tomorrow to see if I can smash this PB! so sit back and have a read I hope you enjoy this little issue of my fishing! The session was meant to […]
  • Perch ADORE This Lure!
    For a while, now id had owned some NST green machine baby craws when I was learning about perch lure fishing after seeing a 4lb wild perch come up on them! now I have learnt more about finesse methods now and I can really put them through their paces. On the first impression, I was […]
  • How To Catch Carp On The Fly!
    A while ago I picked up a second-hand fly rod & reel for £15, an absolute bargain! After buying a brand new floating fly line for £17 I went to my local carp fishery with some bread flys. This was my second ever carp session and first-ever fly session, however, I managed to pick up […]
  • Using the Salmo Slider to find big chub.
    Last year I received a 7cm Salmo slider for Christmas after hearing this lure was a must-have for pike I decided to pick one up in real roach colour, and to say I’m impressed is an understatement! As I have learnt more and progressed through my fishing I have come to realise that its also […]
  • The Quadruple!
    An awesome and productive carp fishing session on a commercial lake. So late the night before id received a message from a friend who I hadn’t spoken to in a while. We got speaking and he said he had just started carp fishing, so me being eager to learn as much as physically possible I […]
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