Cameron Harris

  • Perch ADORE This Lure!
    For a while, now id had owned some NST green machine baby craws when I was learning about perch lure fishing after seeing a 4lb wild perch come up on them! now I have learnt more about finesse methods now and I can really put them through their paces. On the first impression, I was […]
  • How To Catch Carp On The Fly!
    A while ago I picked up a second-hand fly rod & reel for £15, an absolute bargain! After buying a brand new floating fly line for £17 I went to my local carp fishery with some bread flys. This was my second ever carp session and first-ever fly session, however, I managed to pick up […]
  • Using the Salmo Slider to find big chub.
    Last year I received a 7cm Salmo slider for Christmas after hearing this lure was a must-have for pike I decided to pick one up in real roach colour, and to say I’m impressed is an understatement! As I have learnt more and progressed through my fishing I have come to realise that its also […]
  • The Quadruple!
    An awesome and productive carp fishing session on a commercial lake. So late the night before id received a message from a friend who I hadn’t spoken to in a while. We got speaking and he said he had just started carp fishing, so me being eager to learn as much as physically possible I […]
  • Kayak Fishing For Smoothounds
    Overview Smoothounds. Sharks of the shallow. Undoubtedly the hardest fighting fish inshore UK waters have to offer. And a personal favourite for me to target on the kayak. Smoothounds fight hard, run like steam trains and have the attitude to match their stylish looks. They can take you for a sleigh ride and give you […]