Brian Holland

  • The River is Back
    As I retrieved the lure up through the margin it appeared. Suspended in mid water staring at the creature bait. I held the lure suspended for a single moment then gave a little twitch, with a movement of its tail it attacked, I stuck. Fish on. For a while I have need to increase the […]
  • We’re Gonna Groove
    So, I decided to book the Friday off work and get down the lake early, but with a communication breakdown with the wife I left later than expected, I eventually arrived at about 10, parked up and started walking around the lake looking for signs of fish in the morning sun. The main swims of […]
  • Getting Back on the Float
    ‘About having a float fishing day’ – this was a comment from my good friend Andy. Now I have not used a float in probably 40 odd years, I agreed, as I still have my teenage float rod and reel, so going into the dark depths of the garage to retrieve all the float gear […]
  • The Nine Pit Challenge
    Well after a night carp fishing which I caught a couple at stupid o’clock in the morning, I had already decided to make the Sunday a perch session on the lake. As I was packing up a knew I need content for a blog, why not turn this into a challenge.  On the club waters […]
  • Technology or Not
    When does fishing stop becoming fishing? The primitive idea of a hunter feeding his family food with the knowledge of the waters around him. Has technology now been so accepted in our lives and pastimes that we do not have hours, days and months working out a body of water and we now have succumbed […]
  • A Change in Tactics
    It has been a few hard months; I have stuck so far with the tactics that have continued to get bites during the winter months but alas this year it has been but a blank. I have even tried a bit of drum and bass (apparently the ultimate carp weapon) but this had no effect […]
  • Lake, Sea, River & Troll Bridges ?
    Well, if ever I know how to do something, I know how to blank. With warm breezy days and cold nights, the fishing has not thrown me much luck.  Due to my club being shut through out the month of April, I have been forced to seek other lakes to get my rods out on. […]
  • Pictures of the world that surrounds our fishing.
    Well, the last couple of weeks sorry to say have been uneventful on the fishing front. Even though I have been fishing I have managed to catch absolutely nothing, zero, nowt, a complete blank. All I have managed is to smack myself in the face with the rod result in a lost tooth and sticky […]
  • Lake Review – Hilton Valley Carp Fisheries.
    Well, this was a long time coming. Originally booked in the beginning of October 2020 then moved to the beginning of November due to covid and yet again moved to this easter weekend. Firstly, thankyou to the owner Darren Hilton for being so accommodating with the continuing movement of our slot. We had hired Caney […]
  • Looking for Spots during closed season
    Well with the river season now closed until June and the pursuit of my quarry now suspended it has not stopped me from going down to the river.  Instead of being armed with a rod and line I am now armed with a camera. Just because you can not fish does not mean that you […]