Brian Holland

  • Beginners Guide to Perch Fishing
    So, you have decided to take up lure fishing and you have watched YouTube and hit the sites on Facebook on the set up that you would require and had endless advice on it from all the people on the pages and still none the wiser with all that information. Well, let us break it […]
  • First time making a lure during lock down 1.0
    During the first lock down in march 2020, I decided to have a go at making a lure out of anything I could find in my shed. And here is how it turned out. First I got a piece of wood. I marked out the shape of the lure in pencil Then I shaped it […]
  • Frozen
    Please Note that this fishing trip was done pre lock down 3.0 and as a blogger I follow the guide lines set out by the government concerning travel and fishing locally. Well arriving at the lake at about 3 pm to set up for a few nights fishing with a glorious sun dropping behind the […]
  • Riding the Storm
    It was boxing day, when most people are with family still full of the day before festivities for one, I go fishing. The storm was forecast but that was not going to stop me fishing. Torrential rain, 50 mph winds, what more could an angler want. After barrowing four times around to the swim and […]
  • The Man in the Mist (A Christmas tale)
    Come, come join me for what I am about to relate to you would be no surprise to the locals of the area. Essex is filled to stories of hauntings by ghosts, Witches inhabiting villages still to this day after being cast to the pyres by a certain Matthew Hopkin,  Draw up a chair by […]
  • One at the Club Lake
    With the cold nights drawing in I have changed my fishing from Saturday through to Sunday. The carp fishing taking main stage, as with all the rain lately the rivers and basically un-fishable. Over the last two sessions I have managed to lose a fish, on both occasions would this be the case at the […]
  • Tips for Winter Nights
    Its winter and temperatures are dropping, So you have decided to do a night on the bank, except for the change in style of fishing, keeping warm is essential as if you are cold you will not fish efficiently, you will not enjoy it and you could get hypothermia (not good). Here are my tips […]
  • Mugged off under a full Moon
    Full Moon: A lunar phase when the moon appears fully illuminated from the earth’s perspective. Mugged Off: To be disrespected and or insulted and made to look a fool. i.e. when a fish picks up and moves your bait without hooking itself. Bacon Sandwich: Rashers of Cure Pork Strips placed between two slices of bread. […]
  • Quick one on the Stour
    Waking up at 4.30 on Saturday to be on the road at 5 to get up to the river pant for a mornings perch fishing with Russell and Andy was the easy bit, arriving in the dark and tackling up under a head torch. I was ready to head down to the river. Getting down […]
  • Sentimental
    As I sit here with all the modern trappings for carp fishing, costing hundreds of pounds. Nothing is sentimental and can be replaced at a click of a button. Even if you think you cherish it you don’t unless you have had it handed down and it belonged to someone who had sadly passed away, […]