Brian Holland

  • When a river flows
    As I sit here on my club lake with still bobbing’s watching donut rings appearing over my spots, I am ever confident of sneaking one out before moving on to the river Chelmer tomorrow for a pike and perch session. Last weekend was a bit of a washout in more ways than one, an urgent […]
  • A Summer Tale
    It had been a good summer and I had been catching regularly so a new water was on the cards, I had heard of but never fished Chigboro and after a few chats with fellow anglers at work over the lakes there, mainly over the about of weed I was convinced by a colleague Ryan […]
  • The Five Hundred
    As I have previously stated the single pop up is my go-to starting point, but things went completely awry. We all blank its part of fishing especially carp fishing, but it gets to a point where we question the very essence of our abilities. Now when things do not go to plan, we look for […]
  • Addiction to the Single Pop-Up
    One thing that I must impress on the reader is that I will alter my fishing to suit the situation of the lake but first and foremost I will start with a single. To some of my fishing friends this is now a running joke. The humble beginnings started about three years ago when a […]