Brian Holland

  • Lake Review – Hilton Valley Carp Fisheries.
    Well, this was a long time coming. Originally booked in the beginning of October 2020 then moved to the beginning of November due to covid and yet again moved to this easter weekend. Firstly, thankyou to the owner Darren Hilton for being so accommodating with the continuing movement of our slot. We had hired Caney […]
  • Looking for Spots during closed season
    Well with the river season now closed until June and the pursuit of my quarry now suspended it has not stopped me from going down to the river.  Instead of being armed with a rod and line I am now armed with a camera. Just because you can not fish does not mean that you […]
  • Why not listen to a Podcast
    So you have got bored on the bank waiting for the fish to attack your bait or you have a Journey to the chosen fishing spot. About putting on a podcast to while away the time. here are some top podcast to listen to. Please Note that the link are for apple podcasts Essex Anglers […]
  • The Lake, A Rant and the River
    Well, this weekend did turn out as expected. As this was going to be a carp blog, then it changed to a rant and then finally a lure blog. So, I will start at the beginning as if I started at the end it would make little sense. Star log Saturday. Well with a new […]
  • The Lure of the Sea
    Well with the end of the river season fast approaching and my club lakes are closing for a month I have been slowly looking at Lure fishing for Bass. I am not a sea fisherman by any accord and know absolutely nothing of the equipment required but I have bought a few lures in anticipation […]
  • The End is Nigh?
    Well, we all sat it anticipation as Boris spoke about his road map back to a resemblance of normality. It is looking like the 29th March that us as over night Carp fisherman are released once again the plunder the lakes for our quarry. With a little relaxation in the distance that can be travelled […]
  • Perception of Colour
    So, you have rocked up to the lake or river and you find fish and you select your bait, whether its Boilies, Pop-ups, maggots or lures you pick out your favourite colour and begin fishing. Have you ever taken the time to think is the colour I am fishing with is appropriate? Colour, what is […]
  • Being Complacent
    Complacency is the word of this week, As the weather was nice on Saturday, I ventured to the local park lake with my stalking rod for a few hours. Stalking I travel light.  One 6ft telescopic rod, a mat, and a net.  I have a rucksack which has only one alarm on a bank stick, […]
  • The Rant
    Well, I do not know where to start, we have to a blog each week about fishing or what we have been fishing for. As you can imagine at the present moment in time this can be hard with the restrictions in place due to covid, so we also look at the internet for inspiration. […]
  • There’s a Lure stuck in my Finger
    Please note that this blog contains graphic pictures of an injury. Well last Saturday I was to go lure fishing for perch at the lake down the lane from where I live, as I could walk there, I was getting prepared getting the tackle from my car, with everything out I decided I needed my […]