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So this is my 2nd time coming to this venue my 1st wasn’t too successful lost a few decent fish and caught a couple of nice roach in a few hours.

I came down with my method feeder rod and my float set up! Using a worm kebab on the method and using worm or corn as bait on the float.

Cast out my feeder with the worm kebab and my float fished worm and straight away was into a decent perch! After I got him back in the feeder confidently bent round and I had a big lovely roach on possibly over a pound!

Went quiet for a bit and I set down my gear to change spots the bailiff came round and told me that a group of about 8 carp are swimming about in the margins near some reeds, I went over there with my float rod and hooked up a big lob worm, by the looks of them they weighed between 6-15lbs, I cast right in the middle of the group and after a few seconds it shot under! I was into a lovely scrap either a nice looking mirror weighed about 6lb+

Got him back and again was quiet for a hour with the odd tiny wasp caught on the float.

Was at the last half hour of my session when my float rod nearly came off it’s rest!

Again into a good fish and put up a good 5-10 minute fight when I got her In the net bit of a warrior with a chunk out of her tail and a few scars! Really nice fish going around 8lb+

All in all was a really good session again sadly no tench yet but I’ve seen them swimming and fizzing about and hear about 7lb+ being pulled out of there and a few golden ones too! So I’m the mission to catch my first tench I will be going back ASAP!

Tight lines to you all and I hope you have a great week!

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