Khan Emin

Blasford hill carping

So the day was going to be a chill one of showing my mate Daryl and his son how to fish, set them both up and myself with float rods (I bought my feeder too incase I wanted a tench)

Straight away as they both started casting in not even 2 minutes roach and Rudd left, right and centre and some being near the pound mark! Was really please to see them both catching loads!

Strangely enough Daryl caught himself a few gudgeon which I didn’t know were in the lake!

We caught a few perch and a small bream, but I decided to set up the feeder rod, flatbed feeder with a mix of meaty further ground bait and some small shrimp and krill pellets! With a hair rigged soft hookable shrimp and krill pellet!

10 minutes In the water the rod bent round double and I was into a very big fish which sadly got off, keeping itself to the bottom and got off the hook also bending it up.

Set up another hair rig, more pellets and groundbait and same large hookeable on the hair, waited a bit longer before I was in again on another big fish, as soon as he was hooked he went straight for the reeds, having to bully him out was a headache but what a fish when we got him in the net. 

Really thick set fish with a LOT of muscle, honestly my heart was pounding and Daryl and his son were shocked at the size of the fish.

Just a few pounds away from 13lb he’s my record carp! 

Really enjoyed this session and it’s made me wanna get on to the BIG carp. and now my mate and his son have the fishing bug to so that’s another good achievement.

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