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Birthday Piking

Well, in my previous blog, you will know I was out Piking earlier this week on Monday. I had fellow bloggers and good friends Tom and Andrew with me, in hope we could team up for a few Pike!

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Socially Distanced photo of myself and Andrew

I did ask for some Pike related presents for my birthday, including some Pike Gloves (Always good to protect your fingers when handling pike!), some new suffix neon green braid and various tools to help unhook the Fish, so with a bit of luck, I could put all of these to the test!

I started on a bit of a colourful Roach lure in hope the Pike would see this better in the slightly cloudy water. However, I was clearly a bit rusty and maybe too relaxed from my birthday celebrations (Few Beers and a big roast!) and lost some concentration, as most of the day I spent decorating the far bank with various lures (Including one of Tom’s spinners…sorry Tom!). However, we all have those days!

Tom was the first of us to catch, managing a small Jack on a spinner.

Was chuffed for Tom to be off the mark, and it left us all hopeful of a few more bites, after a long muddy walk however, and some more lost lures, it didn’t prove to be! And between the 3 of us, this was the only Pike we could manage.

However despite the blank, and Tom rubbing it in, it was a nice day and catch up with a few good mates, and I’m sure next time I’ll be able to manage one!

Bit of a smaller blog than usual, however on Saturday, I head to a bit of a commercial lake to take on Joe in a small match with nothing but pride on the line. Place your bets!

Tight Lines!

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