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started off the morning at totham pit getting there for 8:30am trying to walk around to get a idea of what the situation is, found a couple of decent swims and then me and my mate decided to stay at the best ones in our heads, he ward carping and as usual I’m after anything with teeth or that will go for a lure but I decided to float fish a lob worm as I’ve heard of a few good perch coming out of that water but if the accidental carp was to take it no worries as I was using 8lb line and boy was I lucky to be using that as I waited for that float to dip for around a hour chucking out the odd few maggots ect the float started bobbing very oddly then slowly slid away I struck in and I thought I was into a large eel as it was a very strong fight but as I got him closer it was a very nice jack pike only a few pounds but a welcome fish to my net and luckily hooked in the scissor but with only a size 10 hook! So fair to say I was very lucky!

Decided to get out my heavy rods, for my ledger setup

Shimano fx Xt reel with 30lb mono 

30lb treble trace

Bait: half a large bluey

And the same for my pike float set up!

Only had to wait about ten minutes before the ledger rod was off and wasn’t she a beast! Really good fight and back and forth head shakes and a bit of jumping what a lovely fish! Sadly I had no scales but she had to be low double! And then ten minutes after I released her she was sulking in the shallows my float started sliding away and I was in again this time her big sister decided she wanted a chomp again really nice fight as she graced my net the size of her head and body had me in awe! Cleaned the leeches off her flanks and got her straight back 

Caught 3 more on the float good jacks but I was hoping for the mother! Then last fish before I left answered my prayers and she was a mighty one and a gash in her tail but she swam off fine as she was released!

Honestly one of my favourite fishing sessions ever with the big 3 definitely being double figures fish! But aside from that I had a blast of a day!

Tight lines to you all if you’re out at all!

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