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Big City Roach

Today I headed to a stretch of the River Chelmer (I guess it is technically the River Can) I have fished before, and didn’t have much luck, apart from losing a good Tench, I know there is good fish (Especially a shoal of good Roach!) there so went back with the idea of float fishing with some maggot and bread. The Budget Angler had made me up some lovely trotting floats which I was eager to use and get a few Fish on, so thought this could be perfect!

The swim looked great, and had already seen plenty of fish topping and surfacing so was hopeful for a few Fish, while I was setting up my float rig and shotting it up with a load of number 6’s I was throwing in balls of blitzed bread and some offerings of maggot to try and get the fish feeding and competing in front of me. However the swans did take this as an opening for them!

The day started well, with quick bites coming from some small yet chunky Roach. Making great sport on the light Tackle Box 8ft quiver rod, but using the tip for float fishing, these small roach made some great sport!

In the mix of these lovely Roach where a few Dace too, including quite a nice size one! So was very happy with that!

The flood of bites eventually came to a stop, with impending rain coming and a girlfriend who very much didn’t want to be there, I decided to have a final 30 minutes or so on the tip, I took off the float, changed to the softer quiver tip and went on the bomb in search of maybe a few better fish on the deck. Using just a 10g flat bomb, 15inch hook length and some bread flake. And within seconds, my change of tactics was rewarded with certainly my new PB Roach!

After landing this, I was eager to get my rod back in and see if there was any others of this size, using bread again, I cast in eagerly, and then started packing up a few of the other bits. Having to wait a bit longer this time, the tip was still, until I noticed a few small knocks, and then still again, after a few minutes, the tip went round, after striking in, I could tell this was a much better fish, in fact, it started taking some line, I was debating what was on the end of my line, with what seemed a very good Fish, I wondered if it was a very out of season Tench maybe, or a small Chub, however when it surfaced, my heart was in my mouth, I couldn’t believe what I saw, by far, the biggest Roach I have seen in person and when the net slipped under it, I was ecstatic! An unbelievable warrior of a Roach!

I could not believe this Roach, a lovely Fish, not sure if I will be able to top, but what a session having 2 new PB Roach and one of them being an incredible Fish. I admit, I need to invest in some digital scales, however with the scales taking the net into consideration, the scales where shaking around the 2lb mark. I know I could stay and catch a few more incredible Roach maybe, and maybe even bigger, however with a cold and hungry partner with me, it was time to head back after I promised it was the last cast, and will be left to think what could’ve been! However this was a great 3 hours fishing on the River, and a very memorable one!

Budget Angler:

Tackle Box 8ft Specialist Quiver Rod:

Tight Lines all!

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