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BFS Perch Fishing – Exploring new Rivers

Well, after my house move, I’m back fishing and continuing with Lures. Lure fishing has really won me over, from its simplicity and ease, a rod, net, rucksack and you’re off and can fit in sessions easily around a busy life. And boy, the joy and feel when you feel a fish smash a lure…words can’t describe!

20220205 084317

I headed out to a new very local stretch to me, under 5 minutes from my door, and I’m on the river bank! This was my first trip for quite some time because of the house move. My BFS Setup, and of course the FFS Craw21, fishing Texas style. I was ready for some action!

20220115 094531

The new stretches I was exploring had lovely bends, slight depth changes, and a few little weir pools! Looked good for a fish, I didn’t really know much about this stretch in terms of whether many Perch where in it or not. So it was very much a good learning experience!

I tried the first little lead up to the a weir, and over some small bridges to no luck. And then walked upstream to a lovely little bend. Almost instantly I had a hit…a Chub! Was quite a surprise, my first fish after the move, a little chub smashing my lure. It was maybe around the half pound mark, but a welcome fish.

20220205 084314

I kept going trying some lovely looking swims, but to no luck, not even a touch, I eventually walked the other way to try the last weir on my list, and was straight away bitten off by a pike! A quick re-tie, and some birds nest admiringly! And I was off again and into a lovely chunky blackwater Perch!

20220205 084250

He couldn’t resist the Craw21!

The following week brought me back to a familiar stretch of River, one I have had a lot of luck from, but fancied trying with a few new lures from FFS. I was off to a good start with an initial tiny pike…been told we call these cucumbers?!?!

20220212 083942 scaled e1645096065906

Again, a welcome start to a session. Not long after, a chunky perch followed from the same spot! Clearly jealous the Pike got the Craw first!

20220212 084311

I did then have a tiny little wasp a bit later in the session, and then lost what felt like a much better Perch! But hey, thats fishing!

If you guys want to watch these sessions, links are below, enjoy, smash the subscribe button, and tight lines!

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