Best Essex Fishing Clubs

Here are our top picks for clubs to join with a great selection of lakes in Essex! In no particular order the best essex fishing clubs!

BDAC – Billericay Angling Club

The first club in our list is BDAC, they have a huge selection of venues offering a range of fishing, as well as an informative facebook group to ask questions. Along with a huge host of still waters, they have a huge selection of Rivers around the county to fish. This club definitely gives you a lot of venues for your money all catering for most angling disciplines.

CAA – Chelmsford Angling Association

CAA is another of the big clubs in Essex. Again boasting a big selection of lakes to fish, with a range of fish stock. Including some very big fish. They also give you access to most of the River Chelmer from chelmsford to maldon, arguably the best bit of River in Essex, with a huge range of species being able to be caught to some great sizes too.

CPS – Colchester Piscatorial Society

CPS offers a few great lakes, and some great stretches of the River Stour in north essex. With great fishing being caught from all, CPS is well worth a look and makes our top list.

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