Brian Holland

Being Complacent

Complacency is the word of this week, As the weather was nice on Saturday, I ventured to the local park lake with my stalking rod for a few hours.

Stalking I travel light.  One 6ft telescopic rod, a mat, and a net.  I have a rucksack which has only one alarm on a bank stick, a pot of pop ups, and a few bits of end tackle for a just in case requirement.

I walked around the half-frozen lake looking for any sign of carp especially in the margins. 

Around the margins are trees in the water making good hiding places for the carp to keep into and small reed beds on the side

At one end is where all the locals come to feed the ducks and other birds that hang out waiting in anticipation for their daily feed, as there were people there feeding them, I position myself as near as I could to them after noticing a few bubbles in the margin.

After putting in a couple of small handfuls of particles on a spot I lower my rig down. I was using a white 14mm pop up on a multi-rig. And then sat back.

After a few hours and the cold beginning to creep in, I decided to pack up. On raised the pop up I found out the I had been sat in clingy weed so was not fishing at all.

My rookie mistake, to rock up and assume that the margins were clear and not having a few casts to see what the bottom was like prior to lowering the rig and start fishing.

Why I did this I never know as I will always check the lake bottom prior to fishing.

With the assumption it was clear, I was complacent which negated any chance I had to catch a fish in the few hours I had.

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