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  • Kickstarting Essex LRF
    LRF in Essex is fairly unheard of unfortunately, due to the muddy murky Thames, it makes lure fishing for mini species incredibly difficult. The marks that Devon and Cornwall have, just aren’t here, strong tides also makes life difficult. Overall, we just have smaller populations of those mini species. However, those don’t mean that it […]
  • BFS Perch Fishing – Exploring new Rivers
    Well, after my house move, I’m back fishing and continuing with Lures. Lure fishing has really won me over, from its simplicity and ease, a rod, net, rucksack and you’re off and can fit in sessions easily around a busy life. And boy, the joy and feel when you feel a fish smash a lure…words […]
  • Start of my Lure Fishing Journey (Perch)
    Regular follows of my blogs and videos will know, I haven’t done a lot of Lure fishing, until the last 6 weeks or so of 2021. And by god, has it taken me in. In previous sessions, I had started drop shot fishing with worms under bridges on the chelmer which held Perch during July/August, […]
  • Dusk Time River Roach
    This is probably my last after work session for the rest of this year with the nights getting quite dark when I finish now sadly! This session was a month or so ago of time of publish for reference. Headed out back to my favoured spot on the river chelmer, to continue my mission to […]
  • Tiny Essex River Throws up Quality Roach
    Well, I am almost like a broken record, bigging up the small essex river that is the River Crouch. I took a mate down there one evening to try and get him a few river fish, as it’s all very new to him, with my recent run on the Crouch, I was quite confident I […]
  • River Fishing for City Roach
    Well, back to the blogs, this is a session from a little while ago. I took my dad out for a session promising some good Roach after my success so far this season fishing for Roach on the Rivers. And with a possible 2lber on the cards, it’s difficult to turn this down! The normal […]
  • Ultralight Dropshot fishing for Perch – River Chelmer
    This session was a full on busy Perch session down the river chelmer, so far our luck had been great and we have really had some great sessions. With Rose catching loads of fish as well! Our setup is simple, a normal drop-shot rig, with a 5g weight, we use mainly worms, however sometimes can […]
  • River Chelmer – A Successful evening Roaching
    Today’s session is a quick after work trip down to the River Chelmer. Hoping to target some of the lovely Roach which reside in this stretch of River. I have personally caught them up to 2lbs, and heard of some 3’s. The approach for my River Roach fishing is to keep things as simple as […]
  • Good Chub from TINY Essex River!
    Well this after work evening session brings me down to the River Crouch again, a small river which has really produced some lovely fish for me during this season so far, including some very nice Roach and Dace. I have found that bread seems to be the best bait to get more bites and from […]
  • Dropshot for Perch on the Chelmer: A Ruffe End!
    Today’s blog is a bit of a wet session back down the River Chelmer, targeting Perch using the Dropshot technique. This time I had my dad with me again as he fancied a taste for some Perch. It really is great fun this type of fishing, a light rod (Fish Rig 180) and some worms! […]
  • Roach Fishing a Tiny River
    Well today’s blog is a quick after work session down a local bit of river on a lovely sunny evening. I was fishing with bread/worm in hope for a few good Roach and maybe the odd surprise. I have learnt this bit of river holds some great roach for the size of river, but also […]
  • Essex Tench Fishing
    Today’s session brings me back to Parsonage Farm, the BDAC water in Chelmsford, after some Tench. A lovely hot day (maybe a bit too hot for fish to feed properly!) and a few fish was on the cards, as well as a sunburn! My tactics for the day was my 8ft quiver rod and a […]
  • Rigged & Ready – Fish Rig 180 Review – The best telescopic rod?
    Today, something a bit different, a rod review, the Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180 (This blog as nothing to do with the Car, although a lovely car it is!), when I was first told about this rod, I was very intrigued and had to give it a go. It’s a semi telescopic ultra light […]
  • Tiny River, Big Surprise!
    I had a few hours spare one weekday evening, I decided to pick up my little River Ambush quiver rod and a tub of worms, with the plan of light ledgering some worm, and hopefully getting a bite on a tiny river nearby… The River Crouch, this river had really suffered with pollution spike after […]
  • Dropshot for Perch: Easiest way to catch?
    Well, in this session I make a big step in the right way on my dropshot learning road! I head back to the River Chelmer in Maldon, to fish around the bridges for the Perch. Using the dropshot technique, and worms and a variety of different lures on the hook, I head to get going. […]
  • Chigboro Fisheries – Tench Fishing
    This was a bit of a special session, not really for any of the Fish caught, however, myself, Joe and Tom, the first people I brought into Essex Anglers, went down to Chigboro, a venue which has big carp, bream and tench, so something for everyone, to celebrate a year since Essex Anglers was started! […]
  • Dropshot for Perch: Creature Lures & Worms!
    Something different from me today, I go to try and get the grasps of lure/dropshot fishing for Perch. I have previously tried, and failed, although so far only have 2 lure caught fish to my name, a Pike and a Trout. So I’m not the most confident when it comes to lure fishing and the […]
  • Maver Venue Seatbox Review: Is it worth it?
    Today we are looking at the pack-down seatbox from Maver, the Venue. An interesting seatbox aimed for those who are unable to store a full seat box. I’ve owned this seatbox for a few years now, and have got a good idea about it. Hope you find this Maver Venue Seatbox Review helpful! The box […]
  • Sunshine Tench
    Well, we have finally had weather with some resemblance of Summer! It’s been a long time coming and from cold it’s seemed to have gone straight to hot! And clearly the fish have noticed this change to, with mass spawning taking place. I headed back to Parsonage Farm Fishery, in hopes for maybe a few […]
  • Essex Tenching
    I continue my pursuit of Tench during the River close season in hope of a few green beauties gracing me with their presence on the Bank. On the beautiful lake that is Parsonage Farm.
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