Bailey Payne

  • My Approach to Rivers
    Well, unfortunately due to Covid getting a bit closer than I would hope, I have to self isolate! So it means I can’t get Fishing this weekend! Lucky I have the memory of last weekend firm in my head, and that lovely 2lb Roach! So a different blog from me, hopefully you enjoy! As a […]
  • Big City Roach
    Today I headed to a stretch of the River Chelmer (I guess it is technically the River Can) I have fished before, and didn’t have much luck, apart from losing a good Tench, I know there is good fish (Especially a shoal of good Roach!) there so went back with the idea of float fishing […]
  • River Exploring & Fishing
    In todays blog, I have some River exploration and some River Fishing, and yes, I am including two things because the Fishing was a bit slow! We go back to Wednesday morning, I had a quick sneaky look at the River Wid, this stretch of River I have caught some small Chub and Dace from […]
  • Rising River Roding
    Today I headed to my club section of the Roding to have another try after the rain hit, with me today was actually a reader, Ian, who wanted to learn a few River techniques, and see what River Fishing is all about. I’m not the best River angler, no where near, but I was happy […]
  • Rigged & Ready – X5 Max Travel Rod Review
    I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review the X5 Max Travel Rod by Rigged & Ready. I am really interested in Travel Rod’s especially one which on the label says it can cover such a range of Fishing, it really sparked my interest, as a Mini driver, I don’t have the […]
  • Chelmer Piking!
    Well today meant for something I haven’t really done before! Well two things I haven’t really done before! Lure Fishing, and Pike Fishing! Having never caught a Fish on the Lure or caught a Pike, this would be a good chance to do something new! Luckily fellow blogger Thomas Baird offered to take me out […]
  • River Chelmer – Hard Going
    I headed back to the River Chelmer, this time with the old man in the promise of some River Fish and a change from his usual match style Fishing at our club lakes. We shared a little weir pole Fishing half each, his approach started off with a little cage feeder with some groundbait and […]
  • Perch on the Chelmer
    Today I was back on the River after some Carp bashing last weekend, and I headed to a new stretch of the Chelmer for me, a lovely little weir pool and not a bad place to spend a few hours. It was only a 3-4 hour session so not long but proved eventful! And not […]
  • Drenched at Newland Hall Fishery
    Today we had a little bit of an Essex Anglers social! Myself, Tom, Joe and Paul headed to Newland Hall Fishery in Chelmsford to see how we could do. We booked this in advance so didn’t expect the rain that came down! Certainly wasn’t expecting a lot after the huge downpour we had and was […]
  • Back on the Pole
    With summer now coming to an end, I realised I hadn’t been out this year and fished for Crucians, which are one of my favourite species to catch, such a challenge to catch the shy little Fish! I headed to my club lake in Essex on the Pole with the aim of targetting Bream/Skimmers and […]