Bailey Payne

  • The Wonder of Crucian Bites!
    In today’s blog, I am back at my club lakes; Hockley Angling Club. With my aim catching a few early April Crucians, and also adding a few more species to my tally in the species hunt, which has so far been appalling! However a day catching a few decent skimmers/bream and some Crucians mixed in, […]
  • Small Pond Mystery Fishing
    There is something about fishing a small local pond, they seem to hold a bit more mystery than other venues, mostly due to a lot of Fish being re-homed in them from people who no longer wish to keep them, this really can give a surprising variation of species in one of these little ponds. […]
  • Pole Fishing Basics 1: Tackle
    This will be the first of a small series talking about the basics of Pole Fishing to hopefully help a few beginners find their way in this discipline and see what it’s all about a bit more. When I started fishing as a kid, from as young as I can remember, I have always pole […]
  • Weird Fishing Facts
    The sport/hobby/passion that we all share and love, is full of different weird and wonderful bits of information! Some of them may surprise you, however it’s no doubt that with so many different types of Fishing to take up in the country it leaves a few weird facts to find! It’s estimated there is 2.9 […]
  • Farewell Rivers, for now
    Well, the end of the River season is now upon us, and for me, it’s been my first full season Fishing Rivers. And I think I have learnt a lot through this, and developed further as an Angler. With the help of people reading and sending advice I am incredibly confident for next season. Looking […]
  • River Cat-Fishing
    Today’s blog is split into a two parts, last weekend and this weekend of Fishing my little spot on my local River. With the milder weather here and spring now fully on the horizon, I was hopeful for a few Fish! I had been upstream ledgering this spot previously, however, due to missed bites I […]
  • Advanta Discovery RVS Rod River Ambush 5.5ft – Review
    After attempting to fish today in the -3c weather, with my rod tip freezing, made placing a bait very difficult, along with the freezing wind chill, I didn’t last very long. So today, I decided to have a look at the Advanta River Ambush rod, at 5.5ft its a tiny rod capable of getting in […]
  • River Cheese Paste Fishing
    Luckily, the rain held off enough for my local beat of the Crouch to be fishable this weekend! My Partner decided to come with me, and spent the time sitting in the car behind me reading a book, so I had a keen audience watching! I decided just to fish the one spot for a […]
  • Roving the local River
    As a lot of my regular readers will know, the Rivers I fish most often are the Wid, Chelmer and Roding. However with the new government guidelines on Angling and fishing local within your district it sadly means I can’t fish any of these venues. Staying within my district only allows me one River, the […]
  • History of Bait – Sweetcorn
    Hopefully starting a little mini series talking about the history of some Fishing baits, with positive responses I will continue the idea and do some other baits, of course if you are interested in a bait, let me know and I will research it for you. But today, we look at Sweetcorn, a bait to […]
  • River Roving
    Well, writing this now since entering lockdown and sadly this stretch of River is out of my district so I have to halt my exploration and learning of this not so new stretch of river to me. I have just re-joined BDAC, having not been a member since I was a kid, and have fond […]
  • Tackle Box Darent Valley 8ft Quiver Review
    I have had this Rod for a little while now, and used it in a few different situations and venues, so have been building this Review for a while, one of the reasons it has took so long, as I really wanted to really give it a test. And I have to admit, I am […]
  • Winter Method Feeder for Carp
    I headed out on a bit of a wet Decembers morning for some method feeder carp fishing at a commercial type lake. Stocked full of small Carp around 5lb. To make things a bit interesting fellow blogger Joe decided to come along and we thought we would make a bit of a competition out of […]
  • Birthday Piking
    Well, in my previous blog, you will know I was out Piking earlier this week on Monday. I had fellow bloggers and good friends Tom and Andrew with me, in hope we could team up for a few Pike! I did ask for some Pike related presents for my birthday, including some Pike Gloves (Always […]
  • Murky River Fishing
    Well, with my Birthday on Sunday, I booked a few days off for Fishing around it, Friday, I planned on trying some trotting with maggot on the centerpin, Saturday as usual, I fancied heading to my Roach spot and try for a few roach on a cage feeder with bread, and on Monday I have […]
  • Winter Fishing
    With us now firmly in December, Winter fishing is now upon us, cold rainy days and nights, frosty mornings. This type of weather separates Fishermen, with the smart who stay in and warm, and the mental who go out and freeze! However, winter fishing isn’t all bad. It offers a change in fishing, different species […]
  • Urban River Fishing
    Well, today with my isolation over, a session Fishing was needed no matter how long the session, even with this brief 2 hour session on the River. I headed back to where I caught that warrior 2lb Roach before I had to self isolate and this time went to use the Pole, in hope I […]
  • My Approach to Rivers
    Well, unfortunately due to Covid getting a bit closer than I would hope, I have to self isolate! So it means I can’t get Fishing this weekend! Lucky I have the memory of last weekend firm in my head, and that lovely 2lb Roach! So a different blog from me, hopefully you enjoy! As a […]
  • Big City Roach
    Today I headed to a stretch of the River Chelmer (I guess it is technically the River Can) I have fished before, and didn’t have much luck, apart from losing a good Tench, I know there is good fish (Especially a shoal of good Roach!) there so went back with the idea of float fishing […]
  • River Exploring & Fishing
    In todays blog, I have some River exploration and some River Fishing, and yes, I am including two things because the Fishing was a bit slow! We go back to Wednesday morning, I had a quick sneaky look at the River Wid, this stretch of River I have caught some small Chub and Dace from […]